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Hello, everyone! More online shopping recommendations from me! Recently I discovered an online concierge who helps you buy stuff from UK or US merchants easily. I find that USKOOP is a little different from the usual type of buying website. Will show you more down in this post soon. Wanna give more info about USKOOP to get you understand more on what they are.
Basically, USKOOP helps you get products from a merchant that usually does not ship to your country, and Malaysia is one of the countries that usually is not in the list. They are linked to merchants in the US and UK who sell authentic and quality products. Your purchase is managed by them to ensure more smooth experience when purchasing online. So you don't need to go to different web sites to buy and arrange to ship separately. So there are 2 options on how to use USKOOP. Let's find out more! First of all of the course register a FREE account with them -

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

This is the very unique about USKOOP. So for option 1, all listed linked merchants such as Amazon, Addidas, Forever21, Nordstroms & much more are integrated with this button. What you do is, drag the button on your right-hand side (see image, highlighted in green) to your bookmarks bar. This button is where you click on the product page you wish to see the price in MYR + Shipping fee to you. Is that easy! So you won't be surprised by shipping fee that you can't get away with after your products have been purchased. 
If you click the button on the merchant that is not listed, this page will appear. See above. But don't worry, we will get to that part later in option 2. 
So here is an example. I went into Nordstrom website and browse over to this product. So what I do, upon looking at this page, click on the USKOOP button that you have dragged on your bookmarks bar. 
You will then be directed to USKOOP web page and it will load up some information for you to see the price in MYR + Shipping fee to Malaysia.
So here is how it looks like. The product is now stated in MYR price (price shown are a total of the product price in MYR & Shipping fee to Malaysia). If you agree, then click Buy for me. It will add to your cart for your preview before proceeding to your payment. From here, you can also add more products from other merchant and total up in one cart. How easy is that? Shipping fee or buy more can sometimes reduce the total in some situations. Will show more o how I proceed with a purchase using this option later after I explain the option 2 as below.


 If some of the webste you wish to shop are not listed, dont worry! Use Option 2. Here's how. Go to the page and you will see below screen.
What you do is copy the URL of the product and describe the product. Then submit. After 1-2 working days, you will receive an email with a link where you can view the product just like in Option 1. The total price (product + shipping fee in MYR). Proceed to Buy for me if you want to purchase it
 . . . . . . . . . . . . .
So I basically went to Walmart website. I browse through the product and click on the USKOOP button. After agreeing to the price, I click Buy For Me button and below is my total cart.
 Here is an overview of the cart. I choose 2 Milani foundation in 2 different shades.
You can also get discounts and offers if you have some coupon (psst stay tuned until the end of the post! I have a free RM150 coupon for you :*) After all good, proceed to check out. 
Here is my total and then I proceed to make my payment. I use my Visa Maybank Debit Card to make my purchase. So in this part did you realize that you can make payment easily, some UK or US merchant does not accept our local cards. So from here, USKOOP help to handle your purchase.
 The after successfully made my payment, my order confirmation appear. You can go to your account overview and check the status and order no.
Here is also an email confirmation to my shopping with USKOOP. So now, USKOOP will wait for my parcel to arrive in their warehouse.
 I can check the status using the Order No like below. Can't wait for my shopping purchase to arrive!

I hope you find this post helpful! Don't forget to join my giveaway in my Instagram. Link here:

Giveaway starts from 6th July 2017 - 16 July 2017

2 winners will be picked and announced by early August.

You could walk away with RM150.00 USKOOP Voucher that you can use to buy anything like what I have shown you above at USKOOP! 

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Halal Skincare? Korean Secret to Flawless Skin

Annyeonghaseyo! How you guys doing? Recently I have shared my recent fav skincare product in my IG. Some of them are from this range that I will be sharing about today. Korean women & men I could say! Have the perfect skin always! After watching Fight For My Way K-Drama. I could not resist admiring Kim Ji Won skin. They take care of their skin very seriously and it is one of the most important things in their everyday routine. Those crystal clear skin are just mesmerizing. But some of the products they use may not be safe of Halal right? I got the solution dearies! Syahirah Skincare has now come out with their new skincare range, Korean Secret! Comes in 2 range, Hydra Soft & White Glow. Hydrating skin results in a healthy and glowing skin.

It is a skincare that approved by Halal by Jakim! All of the skincare range are made from selected hydrating ingredients from the Jeju Island in Korea such as Tri-Flower Essence: Ginseng, Chamomile & Green Tea Flowers. The skincare is also made from Korean Technology to give you the Korean Secret to a flawless skin.
The range that I choose is the Hydra Soft Range. I have dry skin so this is perfect for me. This range features hydrating benefits for your skin from the Tri-Flower Essence. What is Tri-Flower Essence? It is the combination of Ginseng Flower, Chamomile and Green Tea that provides hydration for the skin. Along with that, it provides Antioxidants for youthful skin & helps brighten the skin too. In this range, it contains 5 products that are Facial Cleanser Gel, Facial Scrub, Alcohol-Free Facial Toner, Moisturising Facial Cream and Beauty Cream. It is the perfect regime for your everyday use to a healthy skin. It's blue themed with white flower packaging are so chic and cute!
First of all is cleansing. In the Hydra Soft Range, they are 2 types of cleanser. One is a Cleansing Gel and another one is the Facial Scrub. You can use both for that Double Cleansing benefits Korean used to practice in their routine! A well-cleansed face are a perfect canvas for skincare application you know!

The Cleansing Gel has a transparent gel like texture that lathers nicely onto the skin. This helps to remove all dirt and impurities from the skin. It is hydrating and does not leave my skin to feel dry at all. The Facial Scrub is my favorite because it also helps to remove waterproof makeup on my face. It has a very soft exfoliation beads that help to remove dirt effectively. I like to use this first when my skin feels dry, then continue with the cleansing gel for a double cleansing effect using a circular motion. This way I felt that my skin feel much cleaner and fresh! The Facial Scrub priced at RM13.00 (100g) & The Cleansing Gel is priced at RM12.50 (100g) only.

After cleansing, you will need to prepare your face for your skincare application for a better absorption. Next up is Toner! This is the Alcohol-Free Toner. This helps to minimize pores and help refresh the skin. It comes in a sturdy glass bottle and the texture of the toner is watery and very cooling. You can use a cotton pad and use a wipe out motion to apply this. This retails for RM13.90 each (100ml).

Also, have you heard about the Korean 7 Skin Method? That is also known as 7 Toner Method where you layer the toner with a cotton pad for 7 times onto your skin. This toner is suitable for this method due to its lightweight texture. Your skin gets to absorb more of the hydrating ingredients and in the result, your skin is well prepared for the next skin regime that is a moisturizer.
Then moisturizer. This is the Hydra Soft Moisturising Cream. This helps to provide you with the perfect amount of hydration. This moisturizer can be used both day & night. Make sure to apply it the correct way by gently massage it onto your skin in outer motion. It comes in a glass jar and the texture of the moisturizer is like a gel. I love gel moisturizer because it absorb much quicker and it does not leave a sticky feeling on my skin. It is an alcohol-free and very lightweight on the skin. It has a refreshing floral scent too! This retails for RM24.50 (45g).

The finishing touch! The Hydra Soft Beauty Cream! It is like a tinted moisturizer as it has a skin like shade to the cream. It claims to be a makeup foundation to help cover blemishes, freckles, blemishes and even out skin tone. The texture of this cream is pretty lightweight and the coverage is sheer. You can see from the image below, it gives out the natural finish and your skin looks much brighter without the white cast effect. This retails for RM12.50 (16g) only.
It comes in a handy car that you can bring along anywhere for touch up after your prayers. I love to use this after the moisturizer! A great natural everyday tinted moisturizer too!
All Syahira Korean Secret Range are now available at all participating Supermarket, Hypermarkets, and Pharmacies nationwide.
More info check out these links:
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