Maybelline Baby Lip Balms Review

The not so new Maybelline Lip Balm. Hehe. I just bought them after hearing so many rave towards it. And how can I resist on such a cute lip balm in a cute colorful packaging. So I grab some. At first I bought the Lip Balm in the flavor of Cherry and Berry. After using it, I fell in love with it! I just cant stop applying it on my lips! So I grab another 2. So that completes me. ;)

What it claims to be :
Lip Balm with SPF20
Instant 8HR Moisture Rejuvenate Lips In One Week
Enriched with Centella Essence
Direction of use : Reapply when lip are exposed to strong sun, wind, or cold for maximum protection
Adult strength care for baby soft lips.

So here the review

Individual pictures! Which one you like? 

Maybelline Baby Lip SPF20 Lip Balm in Anti - Oxidant Berry
Maybelline Baby Lip SPF20 Lip Balm in Cherry
Maybelline Baby Lip SPF20 Lip Balm in Relieving Menthol
Maybelline Baby Lip SPF20 Lip Balm in Energizing Orange

Pros : I like scented product. Especially when they smell good. Each flavours came with different smell. I like Berry smell the most. It gives you this kinda good feeling when applying it. And it taste good! *Fun to apply with but not to eat OK?

The price is affordable with such a lot amount of product. The packaging is superbly cute!

Cons : Only available in clear shades. In the US, They are available in different shades, and the packaging are much more nicer. Tsk tsk. Why la~

Maybelline Baby Lip Balm
Price : Watson RM10.90
Where can I get them : Watson

My Rating : 4.5/5

USA Packaging for these babies - Picture credit to - Vibrantdoll
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Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter Review & Full Swatch

Butter! Its Lip Butter from Revlon. It have been all over blogs and review videos. So I have grab some for my self. So what is it exactly?

Its a lip balm that acts like a lipstick. A medium coverage color with high shine finish.
Its made out of an ingredient with a gel formula enriched with Mango, Shea and coconut Butter to keep your lip hydrates.
Its not fragrance free, a hint of vanilla smell to it.
From my opinion, its a lip tint that hydrates your lip.

I went to Watson and purchase it. I manage to picture some swatches from Guardian. There are actually 25 shade in total. But we only have 8 shades here in Malaysia.

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter Swatch in Warm Light

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter Swatch in Cool Light
What I say about each shade :

Macaroon : A warm brown undertone Red shade. Much more pigmented than Cherry Tart.

Sugar Plum : A plumy color with a lil bit of red tone. Much of a sheer coverage. A just nice coverage.

Strawberry Shortcake : Sweet Pink shade. More to a cool undertone. Look super weird on my yellow skin tone. ;p

Lollipop : A pigmented fuchsia color. Reminds me of NYX Black Label Lipstick (116) Orchid.

Cherry Tart : A red tint color. Not to sheer, not to pigmented. Pretty similar to Macaroon.

Fig Jam : A nude brown color. Just nice coverage. Similar to Brown Sugar but lighter.

Peach Parfait : Most popular shade of all. A peachy tone color with a lil bit of gold sparkle. I think it fits most Asian skin tone color.

Brown Sugar : A gorgeous brown color, but may fit a person with darker skin tone.

So, I only bought one. I choose the Peach Parfait Shade. Planning to get more.

I have a lil bit problem with the closure. I find it hard to open sometimes. 


Review :
Revlon Lip Butter
Price : RM25.00
Place to get : Watson or Guardian

Pros : (AGAIN!) The packaging attract me the most. I like lip product that have different packaging for different shade. The price is awesome. The coverage is just nice for everyday wear. It hydrates my lip pretty well. But I usually wear a lip balm before any lip product. But still, in like how it looks like on my lip. Really loving it!

Cons : The price is affordable, but you will only get around 2.5-3cm of product. Pretty small. We only have 8 out of 25 shade here in Malaysia.

Overall :
 photo 3halfstar_zps27499512.png

Ok, its bed time! Good night everyone! Dont forget to leave a comment below!
What shade do you like or planning to buy?

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UPDATES : New Layout... AGAIN?!

Hi guys... this is the only post i can update about.. been busy busy busy again. I wanna post some reviews, but my camera is somewhere... hm... so i decide to revamp my blog again. I dont like my old layout because it is so complicated. i does not appear vey nice on IPad and mobile. actually i want to hire a professional designer... but im scared it does not meet my requirements. and it is one of my 2012 resolution. so after a few research, i decide to do it on my i did that? thanks to Lyssa. An awesome cute blogger! Check out her followers! Awesome! 80% of the things in my blog is guided by her tutorials. But it is in Bahasa (Malay language). So im sorry. :( Her tutorials are easy to follow. Thanks again lyssa! You save my RM300! :p Pictures and image are made by me. By using Photoshop CS4. Awesome software i could say!

Design and them are inspired by Paul & Joe cosmetic art concept, Cath Kidson, vintage flowers & obviously CATS! I love cats if you can tell... :p

And my color them are pastel baby pinks and baby blues! I just love it! 

But i am still working on the background of my side bar. Which i may do it tomorrow. Do you like it? I wanna hear your thought and comments! Thanks for reading! I hope to post another blog post very soon! I have a lot of post plan coming up. Love ya! Gotta run! Busy again! :(

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