Judging for McDonald’s Story Telling Contest 2017

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Hi everyone! I am so happy and honoured that I get the chance to be the judge for the McDonald’s Storytelling Contest 2017 live audition again! Last year was a blast and this year is even more exciting! The live audition was held at Pelangi Indah McDonald’s. Along with me are Teacher Nicolas & Teacher Pramesh.
A total of 6 contestants were shortlisted for the live audition. The contest is open for kids from age 6 to 9 years old. They are selected from the first round which was held though Instagram video submission. Family members and friends gather to give full support and watch their live audition being held there. I was so excited and just in love with how they put a whole effort on the costume and props.
The live audition begins and each contestant was given 5 minutes to tell their story and perform their show. Some of them tell their story in English and some of them are in Bahasa. Judging and scoring are based on their body language, voice mechanism, stage usage, and props. This is such a great opportunity for them as they also learn about self-confidence.
Everyone did a really great job and I had a really great time watching their audition. Each contestant tells such an amazing story with morals we all can learn. 
After that, Ronald McDonald makes an appearance with a little storytelling show! The kids had such fun time while they also get to participate in Ronald McDonald story time.
 After that, each contestant was given a certificate and token of appreciation.
The contest also offers prizes worth up to RM 100,000. There are 11 Consolation Prizes worth RM2000 to be won and they all get the chance to win a holiday for 4 paxs to Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park or Shanghai Disney Resort or Thailand Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark! The grand prize is to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea! I would love to go there too! I find that the prizes are amazing! I'm excited for them. 

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Gorgeous and Affordable Bouquets from A Better Florist

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Nothing says “I love you” like a beautifully crafted bouquet. I personally love it whenever I receive a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers. It makes me feel extra special.

So, if you’re having a difficult time finding the perfect gift for your significant other or a loved one, you can’t go wrong with flowers. Each kind of flower can convey different meanings so you can say “I love you” with roses or “get well soon” with lilies and gerberas. No matter the occasion, there’s a perfect flower for it. You just need to find the best florist in Singapore and best flower delivery in Singapore.

Unfortunately, finding the perfect florist can be quite a challenge. Sometimes you get beautiful flowers on time, sometimes they arrive wilted and late. While there are a lot of florists and flower delivery in Singapore which you can try out for yourself, I can personally recommend A Better Florist if you want to save time and get value for money. Their main strengths are their affordable yet stylish hand bouquets, a fast and reliable delivery service and an awesome customer experience.

Sending light and love to your loved ones should be a happy and memorable experience, so A Better Florist makes this possible. Their simple and hassle-free approach to the entire transaction can immediately be seen from the website. Their products are carefully chosen and crafted by experienced florists so that each bouquet, basket or hamper can be used for several occasions, be it a birthday, an anniversary or even as a graduation gift.
The beautiful mix of fresh blooms sourced straight from Malaysia’s famed Cameron Highlands ensures the high quality of A Better Florist’s products. And because they source the flowers themselves, cutting out the middlemen allows them to offer more affordable bouquets to customers.
Apart from the superb flower bouquets, their other arrangements cater to special occasions like flowers for babies and new moms, grand opening flowers for businesses and corporate events, sympathy flowers for commiseration, and fruit basket delivery for healing and wellness. Just like their flower bouquets, their fruit baskets are picked fresh and ensure high quality produce to hasten recovery of unwell or grieving loved ones.

Ultimately, A Better Florist is not just the best florist in Singapore, they’re also the best flower delivery in Singapore. In fact, they’ve recently expanded their operations to include Hong Kong flower delivery and Dubai flower delivery. And just like in Singapore, they’ve already impressed customers internationally as they’ve been called best flower delivery in Hong Kong, best florist in Hong Kong and best florist in Abu Dhabi and Dubai by various influencers and media outlets.

Splurging on gifts for your significant others does not have to equate to buying expensive and branded items. Flowers can offer more sincere greetings and intangible magic that can brighten up their day effortlessly.
A Better Florist
Price range: $29‒$139
Specialty: Handcrafted bouquets
Delivery fee: Free for standard same-day delivery
69 Boat Quay
Singapore 049857
Phone: +65 3163 1525

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Life as a mom | #FutureReadyMalaysian

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I was scrolling through my Facebook and realize I’m at the age whereby when you are entering the “women” stage, your news feed gets pretty much flooded with news about kids, toddlersand stuff like that. Day by day, I get worried by how fast my son is growing up. I can’t even believe that he can mumble the ABC song right now! He is only 1 year 3 months old! Haha! Kids these days are so advanced, not like back in the days. You can show them a few steps on how to play with their toys and they can independently play with it. As busy as I can be, I always try to have time for my son to ensure that he has enough support for his learning and growing process.

From what I can remember when we were young, many of our parents focused on our IQ or education but not EQ, our emotional intelligence development. But these days, it’s clear that both IQ & EQ are equally important. As a parent, I will need to make sure my son is well-prepared for the future. When choosing a milk formulas for my son, I read the label carefully and compare the ingredients. I noticed something new in Enfagrow A+ that is different from other milk formulas. Not only does it have the highest level of DHA, it also offers MFGM in their formulation. It’s a new breakthrough ingredient that I and many mothers out there are really excited about!
Now both IQ & EQ are important. If my son has high IQ, gets straight As in school, but has low EQ and cannot emphatize or get along with others, what’s the point? A good balance between both mental and emotional development is important. The good news for all mothers out there is that there is a new breakthrough in pediatric nutrition. Research shows that MFGM, which is found abundantly in the brain, helps support EQ development. Now for me, that is interesting and unique. It is also very helpful in helping me prep my child to be future ready. We do not only focus on the IQ part (education) but also on how a child behaves. For me, that is veryimportant. After doing some research, studiesalso show that MFGM was shown to help support emotional behavioural regulation in children. And Enfagrow A+ is the 1st brand to launch MFGM in the market. I believe that whatever my child consumes does have an effect on how he will behave. 
Just like other moms, I want the best for my son. Especially in these first 5 years of his development, time flies so fast, I will need to be ready and always support his needs by making sure he receives the right guidance to grow, supported by proper nutrition. During these first 5 years, a child brain triples in size and undergoes rapid development and will slow down when he/she reach his/her adolescence. So I am on his critical years! 
Now I understand and do believe that both cares towards my son IQ & EQ are fairly important. The world is constantly changing, the technology and the new level of education that my son will face. I believe that by raising my son and teaching him about how to behave is the best way to make sure he will be able to cope with his future challenges. He has to be confident, know his self-worth, have his beliefs and of course his Ps and Ts! (Please and thank yous!). Attitude is important, and really, as a mother, all I hope for is that my son is emotionally resilient.

If you’re a mother, you can give Enfagrow A+ and its new formulation a try! Get your free sample for your #FutureReadyMalaysians here:  https://www.enfagrow.com.my/get-your-free-sample-now-my

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Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion Line Review

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It is all about flowers when it comes to Mamonde. A well knows Korean brand that has a wide range of flower inspired products. The latest one is these Brightening Cover Cushion Line. In this line, it is inspired by the properties of Peach Flower and Narcissus plant. Did you know that in the spring, Peach Flowers measured about 3 cm in diameter and has five petals? It has a light pink to purplish color and seen blooming in solitary or in a pair of short branches. 
In this line it is categorized in two type, Brightening Cover Powder Cushion & Brightening Cover Watery Cushion. Both are made with a different finish and skin type. Specially made to give your skin a tone up skin and coverage with a bright, moist and smooth looking complexion.
Mamonde Brightening Cover Powder Cushion - It s formulated using Peach Flower. This is best for people who have oily prone skin. It has a semi matte finish and the coverage is awesome! It has 2 shades to choose from, 21N & 21C. 21N Medium Beige has a light beige tone while 21C is a Medium Peach tone, perfect for people who have light to medium skin tone. As this is perfect for people who have oily skin, it has a matte finish and keep the oil in control and give your skin a healthy dewy finish without looking oily. Each retails for RM90.00

Mamonde Brightening Cover Powder Cushion - It is specially designed for a light fitting natural cover with supple and glow finish for people who have dry skin. As it names, watery - it provides hydration to the skin and won't leave your skin looking patchy. The coverage is pretty good too. With is Narcissus extract, this won't leave your skin feels dry and tight. It comes in 2 shades too, 21C Medium Peach and 21N Medium Beige. But I find that the shade looks different from the Powder type. It looks much fairer but compares to the coverage, Powder type are more of a true color finish while this is sheerer which will provide true to skin finish. This also retails for RM90.00 each.
From top/left to bottom/right: 21N Medium Beige (Powdery), 21C Medium Peach (Powdery), 21C Medium Peach (Watery), 21N Medium Beige (Watery).
The Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion Line can be purchased through Mamonde Beauty counters at AEON 1 Utama PJ, Aeon Mid Valley Megamall KL, AEON Bukit Indah JB, AEON Tebrau City JB, AEON Queensbay Mall Penang, Parkson Gurney Plaza Penang & Parkson Suria KLCC. More info go to :
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Mamonde.MY/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mamondemalaysia/
Website - http://www.mamondegarden.my/
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The Body Shop Hair Care in Fuji Green Tea & Ginger Review

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Yesterday I talk about the Banana Hair Care range from The Body Shop. Today there is more! There are also in the version of Ginger and Fuji Green Tea. If you have dry hair & scalp. You should try the ginger hair shampoo. It leaves your hair refresh and smooth. Blended with potent ginger from Sri Lanka, birch bark, white willow extracts and Community Trade Honey. The scent is a bit disturbing to me haha. It reminds me of my confinement days. You know, ginger all day every day. But it is quite fresh and light. This retails for RM39.00 each for 250ml product.

This shampoo is enriched with revitalizing Japanese green tea. My favorite! It smells so good!  No wonder it smells so refreshing! This shampoo os perfect for you who have normal hair. Also, it contains Commodity trade honey from Ethiopia. Now, something new and exciting. Have you ever heard of hair scrub? Interesting right. This Fuji green tea hair scrub is made from blends of Japanese Green Tea, mint menthol, salt crystals and community trade honey from Ethiopia. How to use it, simply massage into the scalp to stimulate blood flow and removes impurities. This way it is much more effective in removing stubborn dirt such as the pollutants, hair styling products and much more. They are all not formulated with silicones. The shampoo retails for RM39.00 and the Hair scrub is RM89.00.

You can find more info and other ranges at The Body Shop Hair Care page - https://www.thebodyshop.com.my/bath-body/shampoo
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The Body Shop Banana Truly Nourishing Hair Care Range Review

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Who says you only need to eat right when your hair also love some fruits and veggies? The new hair range by The Body Shop got me craving for some banana dessert! In the Banana Nourishing line, it offers from shampoo, conditioner to hair mask. Great for people who have normal to dry hair.
The first one is this shampoo that is enriched with delicious ripe Community Trade Organic Banana Puree from Ecuador. Yes, it smells really like a real banana! This shampoo helps to clean and leave your hair with it sweet tropical scent. This helps to give dull hair a shine and hydrated. They are also formulated with no silicone. This retails for RM39.00 each for a 250ml product.
Option one, use a conditioner to help maximize the benefits. I always use conditioner after shampoo. This usually leaves my hair much softer and the scent will last longer. I leave this on to my hair for 5-10 minutes then rinse off. This also helps tangle my dry hair and leave it soft and silky. Other option you can try their hair mask which is more concentrated. Use this 1-2 times a week to maintain soft silky hair. This conditioner retails for RM39.00 each.

Check out more info and also shop online all the Banana range from The Body Shop online here - https://www.thebodyshop.com.my/shop-by-range/banana
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ZN IV DD Cream Moisturizer Review

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Daily Defense Cream is a combination benefits of BB Cream & CC Cream and perfect for pre mature skin. I got to try this product from a friend of mine and surprise by how good it is! It is made out of antiseptic and extract leaf of melaleu cagyputi. This DD Cream also protects the skin from sun damage as it has SPF of 50. This is a DD Cream from a brand called ZN IV.
I love the sleek clean bottle design it has. Comes also with an exclusive box too! The texture of the DD Cream is pretty creamy and what I love about it is that it gives full coverage finish. Also finish of satin, not too matte, not too dewy. Very hydrating on the skin too! The DD Cream last about 5-6 hours on my skin. Apart from that it does not leave my skin patchy or cakey although it has a full coverage finish.
Did you know that ZN IV is under the management of ZN Beauty who cooperates with MTDC, Atecs Pit & University Malaysia Terengganu to produce the perfect formula for this DD Cream. 

More info / shop : 
Whatssap - 018 329 2671 
COD - Puchong/Seri kembangan Area
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1940's Pin Up Girl Inspire Makeup using drugstore products | KARMARTS MALAYSIA

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Hit rewind! I am going to do a 1940's inspired makeup look today! What I see in 1940's pin up makeup is that the look usually emphasizes on those arched dark brows. Paired with a natural eye shadow with a deep crease and a winged eyeliner. Clean fair porcelain skin with a light contour. Topped with a red lip to complete the look. Watch my video below on how I created this look using all products from KARMARTS MALAYSIA! Below the video, I also did a short review on each product used in the video.

First I prep my skin with some mask and essence. First I use the Cucumber & Aloe Vera Serum Mask and the Aloe Vera & Fresh Collagen Eye Mask for 15 minutes. After that, I prep my face using the Milky Splash Essence. This essence gives my skin an instant hydrating and softening effect. Now my skin is ready for makeup application.
For the base, I am using the Cathy Doll CC Cream SPF50PA++ in Beige. I add up some warmth on to y face by mixing it a bit with the dark color from the Highlight + Sculpting Cushion. I am also using the Cathy Doll Speed White CC Powder Pact to set everything.
I am also using this Ice Cream Magic Blender to blend in the CC Cream and Highlight + Shading Cushion.
For the eyes, I am using the Cathy Doll Nude Me Eyeshadow Palette in 01 Nude. For the eyeliner I am using the Baby Bright Black Charcoal Pen Eyeliner and topped my lashes with the Baby Bright Deep Forest Mascara. For the brows, I am using the Cathy Doll Realbrow AD Tattoo Tint. 
For light contouring on the cheeks, I am using the 3D Face Foard Nefertiti Contour Kit. Added a bit of blush using the Baby Bright Shea Butter Sheer Blush in Fushia Pink.
Finishes the look using the Nude Me Liquid Lip Matte in Burgundy Red.

Shop & More info check out these links :
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Shamanuti Skincare Range Review

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A well known natural skin care called the Shamanut. It is a modern skin care line that promotes botanical ingredients from the heritage of Americans. They are carefully formulated to create these luxurious skin care and effective skincare that also allows the skin to breathe and have calming sensation. It has a simple lab looking packaging that I love. I tried their best seller skin care and below are my thoughts <3

Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser (30 ml)
This cleanser was rated the Best Cleanser by Petite Vour. This Charcoal base cleanser is formulated with Activated charcoal to detox your skin, Lemon & Sugar Cane as a gentle exfoliant for your skin and much more such as Citic Acid as a PH Balance for your skin. The activated charcoal also helps to neutralize acidity and absorb impurities naturally from your skin. This cleanser is perfect for people who have sensitive skin and very effective in reducing acne, rosacea, and eczema. Also, did you know your man can use it too as a shaving cream and deodorizing body wash? Cool! 

I find that this cleanser does not really foams but effectively clean my face from all the dirt. My face feels fresh and matte. I love that feeling! My husband tried it and said it does hydrate his skin even after shaving. Also, he said the zit he got a few night ago reduced faster than before. The one I got here is the travel size. It also comes in a big full-size pump bottle.

Shamanuti Seaweed Toner (30 ml)
Toner that comes with a spray bottle always excites me. It is hassle free. This seaweed toner ain't no ordinary. It is formulated with anti bacterial properties such as Black Willowbark. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory from dead sea salt, essential oil blend, North Atlantic Kelp, & Tea Tree. It also has emollients from the dead sea salt & Polysorbate.

It said that this nutrient and mineral rich toner adjusts pH and refines the pores. It will nourish and hydrate the skin while removing any residual makeup or cleanser. I usually just spray this all over my face and some times I use a cotton pad to gently wipe outwards after cleansing my face. It leaves fresh relaxing scented feeling after using it. My skin feels much hydrated after using this. 

Shamanuti The Essential Serum (15 ml)
Now let's get into the star of the whole set I tried. I'm loving serum right now and this has been one of them. It is the Shamanuti Essential Serum. It is a concentration of active ingredients such as Sweet orange, Lemon, Rose, Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, Bilberry, Coenzyme Q10, Cranberry, Pro-Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Citric Acid, Sugar Maple, Meadowfoam Oil, Carrot Oil and many much more. It helps to improve your skin firmness and tone your skin. But do take note that this product may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Use a sunscreen for prolonged or intense sun exposure. They recommend Shamanuti Tinted Moisturizer offers light daily sun protection as does Shamanuti Crème No. 1.

This serum is pretty light on the skin actually despite   how concentrate it is with so many ingridients. It takes about a minute to settle in to my skin. i use this after toner.

Shamanuti Pumpkin Enzyme Masque (118 ml)
Pumpkin! The scent of this mask is like real fresh pumpkin too. Do take note that this Pumpkin Enzyme Masque contains some light spice ingredients for the purpose of increasing circulation. There is where I experience a tingling sensation. This mask is packed with natural antioxidants, enzymes and has over 100 beneficial nutrients. This helps to increase the rate of cell renewal, transforming dull complexions to bright and healthy skin. 

I usually use mask pack after toner. I apply a thin layer on to my face and after 5-10minutes. Rinse of with room temperature water. 

I hope you enjoy and find this post helpful. Do check out below links to learn more about Shamanuti Skincare Range.

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