SU-MAN Essential Discovery Collection Review & REN Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift Review

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Hi everyone! It's fun to know that you can easily get the most raved and premium skincare with just a click. Recently I discovered a website that helps bring all the cult beauty premium skincare in Malaysia without you needing to think of the currency exchange that usually put a hole in your pocket! Haha! brings a wide range of products, over 1000 options, free delivery with orders above RM150, free samples on orders above RM100 and the most important part, they’re 100% authentic! So I get myself into it and tried a few skincare. Check out my review below!
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SU-MAN Essential Discovery Collection
In this set, it contains products that are simple and essential. If you didn’t already know, Su-Man is an A-list celebrity facial expert which shows a great promise in her products. All of the ingredients contain powerful peptides and natural active ingredients. Read my review of each product below.

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Su-Man Purifying Cleansing Oil
The first step, of course, cleansing! For dry skin, I tried this gel to oil type of cleanser. The products come with a twisted lid on the bottom. This is a luxurious aromatic cleanser that helps to remove grime & impurities without that drying feeling, It is made out of wintergreen, rosehip oil and dragon's blood extract. I squeeze a few drops of this and gently massage into my skin. I absolutely love the fact that it can effectively remove my waterproof mascara. After massaging it in, I rinse it with warm water. It does not leave any greasy feeling or stickiness. 
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Velvet Skin Brightening Serum
For my usual skincare regime, I sometimes exfoliate after cleansing. But I'm gonna talk about this serum first. First I love the packaging, the easy dropper bottle makes it easier to apply the product.This serum is formulated with advanced anti-aging properties that help to brighten and softens skin. Blended with hyaluronic & tranexamic acids, omega oils, ceramides and dragon's blood extract. After using it, I do feel that my skin feels soft and supple. It does not leave any sticky feeling too which is a plus point for me. You will need to shake it well before use. The cloudy pink sign shows that the properties have been activatedfor optimum results. 
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Exfoliating Facial Polish
Twice a week I do exfoliate my skin and I love trying out new ones. This one is the Exfoliating Facial Polish that helps to renew dull skin. It has a soft fine bead that helps improve your circulation when you massage it into your skin. It contains camu camu and white lily extract to buff away dead skin cells. The great thing that I find in this is that it made my skin firmer and brighter after use. 
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REN Keep Young and Beautiful: Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift
Long hours in front of the computer and lack of sleep, that's me! I'm trying out this REN Keep Young and Beautiful: Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift for my dull and tired eyes. This lightweight serum does as it promises and gives a youthful lift to tired eyes.Well, need that! I tried this for some days, I love how it quickly absorbs into my skin and does not feel "watery" or sticky in my eye area. I found that it gives a nice hydrated base under my eye upon concealer application during my makeup routine. Love the pump tube too, easily dispense out the product for easy usage.

Of course, this is only a few of the products available at! You can find many more trending beauty products in the links below :

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