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Salam everyone! One of Malaysia's most searched skin problems is acne and oily skin. It may have to do with our hormones and our humid weather. Finding excellent affordable skincare to treat these problem can be a bit challenging. And most people who suffer from this skin problem are teenagers & young adults. Recently, Fanbo, a brand from Indonesia, launched a range that will help you with these problems. The Acne Solution Skincare Line! And guess what, for all 4 items (from Step 1 - 4) they are only below RM50.00!
Step 1 -  Fanbo Acne Solution Facial Foam, effectively cleanses oily and acne-prone skin. Usually, products with tea tree oil ingredients have a very strong tea tree oil scent to them. If you don't like the scent, but wanted to try a tea tree skincare range, this is for you. This cleanser helps your skin feel much cleaner and fresh. It really removes all the dirt and oil from your face. It lathers pretty well and does not feel too dry after washing. 
Step 2 - Fanbo Acne Solution Face Toner, refreshes and removes excess dirt, oil, and sebum. After cleanse, use a cotton pad or use your hands to apply this toner. It has a slight thickness to the liquid and I love how it does not leave a sticky feeling after application. This helps your skin to be well prepared for the next skin hydration absorbtion.
Step 3 - Fanbo Acne Solution Moisturizer Gel, controls oil secretion & soothes skin. If you have oily skin, choose a gel texture moisturizer. This kind of moisturizer feels much lighter for oily skin types of people. A gel texture moisturizer also helps soothes the skin and does not leave a heavy sticky feeling on the skin. This moisturizer is perfect. Even though I have dry skin, this feels very hydrating on the skin. Love the squeeze tube too! So convenient. 

Step 4  - Fanbo Acne Solution Acne Gel, relieve acne redness and swelling. After your moisturizer has finally been absorbed, give about 1-2 minutes. Apply this acne spot treatment to any new acne on your face. It helps to reduce the redness and swelling of the acne, so it will heal better and prevent it from becoming a dark spot or scar. Basically, you are done! This routine can be applied during the day and during nighttime. Extra steps during the day if you dont like wearing makeup but want something to keep your face matte and shine-free all day as well as treat your skin while wearing it, add the next step to your daytime routine. 
Step 5 - Fanbo Acne Solution Loose Powder - This loose powder has a sheer translucent color to it (Image shown are in code 02 Translucent) , so it may fit all skin tone shades. It is also Non-Comedogenic and it helps to control sebum & gives you a matte shine & smooth skin finish. 
All of Fanbo Acne Solution products are formulated with ingredients that are Tea Tree Oil, Hydra Solution SA, Silver Active & Pro Vitamin B3.

Get the whole set (Step 1-4) for only RM45.00!

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