2015 Plum Planner Review & Supplies Haul


Well hello there! Assalamualaikum & hello hello! 2014 is about to end and I make sure that I post this before it ends! At last I have done editing my haul video for the Plum Paper Design Planner that I recently purchase and some supplies I got for the planner. As you know I am a sucker for cute things and anything pretty. If you are interested to know more about the Plum Paper Planner, do watch the video above! Hope you enjoy the video and do let me know what you think about it! I will try to improve the quality of the video as well as how I must not be too awkward when talking in from of the camera.

I already start decorating the planner. I can't wait to go through everything and start marking special dates in the planner. Will do an updated video or post on how I use it maybe? :D

. . . . . . . . . . .

2015 Planner bought from : Etsy seller Plum Paper Design
Stickers & Pen Holder bought from : Stickerrific
Passport Holder bought from : Lelong.com Seller LiFesta 
Stationeries bought from : Popular Bookstore
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Is this Online Store Good or Bad?

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! Soooo... I know that you guys are excited as I do. I did a little haul in my Instagram. i showed you guys what I got from an online store that I discover from Shop Venture! Read my previous post to understand better - ShopVenture got me discovered! Anastasia for me! And if you have read it or use it, you must have familiar with what is Shop Venture!
So here is a quick guide of what ShopVenture is. ShopVenture is a website where you can discover list of Online Stores all over the world. It's like a beauty blog but not about reviewing beauty stuff but they show you reviews from real people and real experience they have in certain Online Stores. You can submit your thought and review about shops that you have shop before. So others can read and use it as a guide whether to shop or not in that particular shop. So now it's my turn to share my experience with this Online Store that I knew from Shop Venture! You can review any shops you want to, it can be a shop that has listed in Shop Venture or you can add in that particular Online Shop in ShopVenture so others can discover it.


Of course first of all you have to register an account. Don't worry. It's completely free! As you can see in picture above I already log in to my account and then I press the Review a Shop tab.

I love the feature, it gets me less than a minute to understand on how I can just simply send my review in it. So since Beauty Bay is already in Shop Venture, I just key in the name of the shop and click on it. You can also add new shops too. I got nothing else to explain because I bet you already understand this! Submitting review is super easy! Also in the below part, you can just simply rate the shop by clicking on the circles

So want to know what I think about Beauty Bay? Above picture as shown are the stuff I got from Beauty Bay? Read my review herehttp://www.shopventure.com/shops/beauty-bay-reviews

Also they are running another giveaway! Simple subscribe to they newsletter and you might walk away with Pomme D'Ellie ebin tote worth $420 SGD / RM900 walauweh!!

Below are their previous giveaway winner! Jellyyy! That Kate Spade bag is so cute! So you would not wanna miss this giveaway ok! Sharing is caring. Simply share your thought on any online shop you have experience. 

. . . . . . . . . . .

Hashtag : #ShopVentureLove

Don't forget to tag #sabrinatajudin #shopventurelove in your review ya!
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The Perfect Black Jubah | Elyana Dress Zolace


Let’s get into fashion items for now!  Have an exciting new website that I would like to share with you. Being a beauty junkie does not stop me from loving fashion pieces too. But I might say that when it comes to fashion items, I prefer to wear something simple and comfortable. I am very choosy when picking up things I wear and I usually love black dress because it makes me look slimmer and it always look nice. That is my trick! Hehe.

I have been on a hunt for that perfect black jubah. Since I wear hijab, I just fell in love with jubahs. I love how easy and comfortable it is to be worn in any day and any occasion. These days there are so many shops selling jubah. But I am very skeptical about how the jubah is made especially on the material part. Glad I discover Zolace. It is an online boutique for muslimah fashion lovers like me.

The dress I am wearing above is called Elyana Dress in Black, and I pair it with their Plain Chiffon Tudung Bawal in Light Salmon Pink. When I first got my hand on the garments, I fell in love instantly. I love love love the quality of the dress and the Tudung Bawal. I am a person who hates Tudung bawal because of the slouchy material they use to have. But Zolace tudung bawal is made from this high quality material that is easy to style and wear. I can style it like the usual style people use to wear with Tudung Bawal, but I can also go with my usual daily style that I love. Now let me talk about the dress. I just love the dress. It fits me so nicely, and the most important part is that it is not see through. I don't have to go through the hassle of wearing layers of inner inside, which I personally hate because it makes me feel uncomfortable all day long. The Elyana Dress comes in many different colors too!  Jubah like this are also perfect to be worn for special occasions such as going to kenduri or even dinner! Love it!
Elyana Dress Muslimah in Black RM85.00  |  Elyana Dress Muslimah in Orange RM85.00  |  Elyana Dress Muslimah in Fuchsia RM85.00  |  Top of the Classic Dress Muslimah in Deep Red RM89.00  |  Top of the Classic Dress Muslimah in Sea Green

Now let me talk more about this website you NEED to check out. It is ZolaceMalaysia Muslimah online Boutique that offers you from top to toe awesome pieces! If you wanna go casual and go for a pants day, check out their muslimah long blouse and palazzo pants. Their blouses are super nice. Love the fishtail cut on the back so it keep the “butt” area protected. Hey, palazzo can never go wrong. Have you tried one? Palazzo is the best thing to wear when you are going outing or something. It is just the most comfortable thing to wear. Not to mention that it also keep your aurah covered! Remember to cover up, and not wrapped up! Hehe. Put a little bit of twist and go for that feminine style, pair it a long skirt they have! It always gives you that sweet feminine look. Going back to the tudung that I mention above, love love love their wide option of Chiffon Tudung Bawals. Price wise, RM25 for each? Super affordable. Trust me; you are going to love it! Also to bag lovers they also offer cute sling bags to choose from. Not forgetting our traditional pieces, they also have wide variety of Kurung Modern

Sleek it Out Baju Kurung Moden in Blue  RM129
Accessories! They also offer wide variety of accessories from necklaces, earrings annnddd the very popular trend right now. The Gold Belt.  

Charming to the Core Earrings RM32.00  |  Chain Linked Necklace RM29.00  |  Emblazoned with Beauty Necklace RM39.00  |  Gold Metal Bow RM35.00  |  Clusters of Charm Earrings RM29.90

And not forgetting, ehem, ehem to those lovely wives out there, too shy to go out and buy that "fancy" clothes for that night? They also offer cute and sexy lingerie for you to buy. Now, no one will know your name secret! Hehe *wink*

I would say that I am very satisfied with Zolace service. Free Shipping with minimum order to MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE & BRUNEI! The shipping is fast and how affordable the price that they offers for all of their fashion items. The accessories mostly do not exceed RM30.00, so many options to choose from too! For their dresses and tops. They are extremely versatile and just perfect for everyone. If I were given 3 words to describe Zolace, it would be Awesome, Affordable, Top Notch Quality! I guess that is counted as 5! hehe

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Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts in Peachy Keen


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone . It seems that you guys a very excited for this. Glad I can make the review as fast as I could. I receive a few items from Makeup Revolution. Makeup Revolution is a UK base brand that recently has landed in Malaysia. A lot of YouTubers has talk about this. And if you look through their products closely, it might reminds you to a certain other high end brand in terms of the packaging and concept of product. The different about their product and the product that they look similar to is, that they are amazingly affordable. As low as RM8. I’m not kidding. There will be more Makeup Revolution review coming up! So let start with this one first! Today I will be reviewing this really beautiful blush from their I Love Makeup range. 

What I like about it. Of course. Got to admit. The packaging. Just so cute. If you look closely I actually accidentally dropped it and the blush break into 3. Told you I am a super clumsy person. Glad it can be combine back and does no break into pieces. I love how it has 3 different shades. And you can get different shades of the each stripe. The texture is smooth and a little goes a long way. Again I love blush that comes in card box packaging. I find it is more durable and cute! Also this blush has a dome 3D shape, it makes easier to be swipe with my blush brush. There is also a fine gold flex in it, and I find it looks super pretty! But make sure not to apply it too much ok!

What I don't like about it. I think none. So far I have been loving this blush although is shimmery. I don’t really like shimmery blushes but this is just too pretty to resist. A little goes a long way. So if you take the product too much you will ends up looking like a clown of course. Or maybe the design of the blush. They have different pinks for the Blushing Heart range but the box looks similar. I love product that have different packaging for different shades. Easy to identify and looks nicer when storing. Nah, that is not a big deal anyway.

Overall & Recommendation. For the price wise and to the design of the blush. It's a heart shape! How can you not say its not pretty. This is a must have for all beauty junkie lover. I never tried the Too Faced Sweetheart blush yet, but they definitely look similar and the texture is similar to base on my experience swatching it in Sephora. Baked blush are usually shimmer and they are smooth and highly pigmented. If you love baked blush/shimmery blush (most of them have shimmery finishes) with a cheaper price than the Too Faced one. This is a go. I look forward to collect the others too! The Goddess of Love looks pretty! Shades available are as below!

Name : Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Blush in Peachy Keen
Price : RM 39.00
Where To Buy : Makeup Revolution official Malaysia Online Store (link)
Made From : London, UK
Net Weight : 10g
**Disclaimer - This product were send to me for product review purposes

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Batiste Dry Shampoo Review


If the YouTube community say yes. I’m influence. Despite how cute and adorable each bottle are personalize. I’m in love by the concept it has. I guess you guys know about this and yes I will be reviewing the famous Dry Shampoo ever in the market now. It is Batiste and you know what? It is now officially available in Malaysia! Makes it more convenient and great is that its available official online through Health Hub. So I am very excited that I got to try all 7 variants that they offer. Including the colored ones! So there will be lots of picture here and in depth explanation of each variant. Excited? Let’s get it on!

What is Dry Shampoo?
In a nutshell dry shampoo usually comes in an "aerosol can" spray bottle like this one. It spray out this kind of fine dry powder to help soak up those dirt and excess oil leaving your hair just like after washing. Most dry shampoo has fragrance in it so it also leave your hair smell good. It’s perfect for a quick on the go step if you don’t have time to wash your hair alternately.

You might be wondering why I would want a dry shampoo when I am wearing hijab. Actually people who wear hijab need this! It is a must have product for all girls out there whether you are always wearing something on your head or not. Haha. I don’t know about you but I find it difficult to wash my hair every day. The time consume especially when you have long hair. Phew! Talk about those blow drying and towel dry session! It gave me muscle! Also there is an info telling me that you are not advisable to wash your hair every day. The natural oil of your hair is going to help moisturise your hair naturally. But sometime when the weather get humid especially in Malaysia. That greasy feeling. Just annoying! My hair feels itchy and uncomfortable. Hate it!

When talk about dry shampoo, Batiste is one of the most recommend brand out there! Don’t believe me? Try Google Dry Shampoo. The first thing you will see is Batiste Dry Shampoo range. There are so many type out there but right now Health Hub is carrying 7 most love variants from their collection. Here I got from left to right: Wild, Blush, Cherry, Original, Light & Blonde, Medium & Brunette, XXL Volume. The first 4 on the left has different scent. The other two which is the Blonde & Brunette series has hint of color and the last one which is XXL Volume has a volumizing effect for your hair.

How to use Dry Shampoo?
This is my way of doing it, I usually will comb my hair first, then I will lift up section of my hair from the bottom. I will lightly spray it to the roots. Then I just use my had to massage it in. Lastly, just comb it in place. Bamb! I just took a shower in a few seconds!

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

So here are all of the Batiste Dry Shampoo. I will explain each scent of the variants and let you know a bit more of each of them. First of all the scented variants.

Wild - Sassy & Daring
Uuu sassy! Reminds me of grav3yardgirl. Haha! Has a sweet and rich scent to it. Have an oriental like mandarin orange scent to it. If I am not mistaken.

Blush - Floral & Flirty
Make me feel super girly. Has a floral sweet fresh dewy and a little musky scent. Remind me of going into Lovely Lace store. Haha.

Cherry - Fruity & Cheeky
Love this one! Have a sweet cherry candy scent. Sweet but fresh. 

Original - Clean & Classic
Has a fresh linen scent. May sound weird but I love fresh linen scent! A little citrus y scent with hint of lemon. Very fresh and nothing sweet. 

Now for the grey capped Batiste. This series focus more on colour and effect. If you are looking for a non over powering dry shampoo with different effect. Try this range!

Light & Blonde - a hint of colour
Probally not for me. haha. Beause it is made for blonde people. Fine. You go have more fun then Just Kidding! This dry shampoo has a hint of yellow in it. Has a light fresh scent to it.

Medium & Brunette - a hint of color
Love this! Ya lah.. I always want a hint of brunette to my hair. Since I cannot dye my hair. This is a great product to give me just a little hint of chocolate colour to your hair. My hair is pretty black so it dies not really change the whole colour to my hair. The scent is similar to the blonde one.

XXL Volume - dry shampoo
This is perfect for that flat hair day situation! My hair is quite thick, so a little goes a long way for this. I find that the other dry shampo also gives volume but this one gives more. Has a similar scent to the blonde and brunette ones. Lightly spray this on the root and lightly tease your hair. There you go, a volume effect hair! Great for creating those flip fringe style or bun hair style.

Recommendation & Overall thoughts. This is a great product to have in your beauty products must have list. Whenever you are in a hurry and your hair feeling greasy. This is a great product to help out. I would not recommend you to use it every day and please don’t switch this method to your normal hair washing routine. If you keep on layering this (keep on spaying it for days and days. not cool man!), It will dry up your hair and leave white residue to your hair (For the non-colored ones) . Spray this at least 15 cm away from your hair. This is not an alternative to your regular washing. This does not help to remove the products (hair gel/hair styling products, dirt) It only helps to soak up the excess oil and greasy feeling on your hair instanly. Good to be use in between when you have wash your hair. It does leave my hair fresh and I have no problem on the days when I feel my hair is greasy and uncomfortable when wearing hijab. Also for the price tag, I find it is super affordable. Not overpriced. I love how it gives me different scent to choose from. i love good smelling hair! The smell last the whole day too! Also this makes a good decoration in your room. Haha! Must have!

**Take note that currently Health Hub are not able to send Batiste to Sabah & Sarawak.
They are also currently looking for partners who are interested - send them an email at cpshealthhub@gmail.com or pm them at www.facebook.com/batistemsia

Name : Batiste Dry Shampoo
Price : RM 24.90 (Introduction Price)
Where To Buy : Health hub (link)
Made From : United Kingdom
Net Weight : 200ml

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .


In a collaboration with Health Hub, Official distributor for Batiste Dry Shampoo. Health Hub are also a place where you can find products not only Batiste but other products that has been rave and love all around the world such as the Magic Egyptian Cream and Crazy Rumors Lip Balm! They are bringing more and more products in! So you need to follow them! You can also easily use the contact us button to send thhem a request/feedback on products you would like them to have in their website.

And.....They are having a giveaway! And you could win :

- 1 x Batiste Original 200ML
- 1 x Egyptian Magic Cream 59ML
- 1 x Thayers Unscented Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera alcohol-free toner 355ML
- 1 x Yes! Nurse Hand Cream 50ML
- 1 x Crazy Rumours Lip balm ( random flavour)

13 ways to enter and it is super easy! Enter all 15 steps for a higher chance of winning!

Health Hub - My Beauty Box Give-away' Contest


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This. 14th December.

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Mark your calender for this 14th December which is this Sunday because you are going to Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam and experience yourself the event of the year everybody has been talking about! It is the Youth United Festival presented by Honor 6.

There is no entry fee. All you got to bring is yourself and your passion about Music, Art, innovation Food, Sports & many more! Live Bank, performance, lucky draw, sports activity, shopping bazaar!, and celebrities meet up! It's going to be a whole starstruck moment baby! So before I go all over the places because there is so many thing I want to tell you and I am freaking excited about. Here what you need to know.

Performace from Bunkface, Kyoto Protocol, Hyper Act, Elizabeth Tan, Hunny Madu, Faizul Sany, Azhael, Aisyah Aziz and many more!

Put on that cheer spirit! There will be 32 Futsal team competing in the Intervarsity Futsal Challenge. Along with that there will be a friendly match with the celebrities such as Fahrin Ahmad, Azrul Zaidi, Roy Azman and many more

Come on down to the Celebrity booth. You will get the chance to meet Intan Ladyana, Sharnaaz Ahamd, Raja Farah and many more!

Hundred of students will race out on the best time in the Youth Game booth. There will be a racing challaneg on the famous game, Asphalt 8. Prizes such as smart phones and gadgets from Honor 6 to be won!

Withness yourself works by these students. From fashion design, photography, painting & illustration (love!), entrepreneur, sculptures, print graphic and electrical electronic stuff. This would be a blast. trust me. It is in the YouthZibition booth generated by Harian Metro Gen Y. You are also encourage to come down a vote for them.

Check out who is the ambassador and icon for the Honor Youth Icon!

There will be. TEN! 10 10 10! Top Food trucks are going to be there. Also Top 10 Most wanted KL Food Booth. You surely don't want to miss. You know those Pisang Cheese, Babarittos, naachos Region and many more. Melts!

Youth United Festival 2014

14th December 2014
Stadium Malawati Shah Alam
10am – 10pm
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Dettol pH Balance Body Wash Review


Germs! Something that we know but we don't really pay attention 24/7. Especially me. I can be paranoid sometimes but when things are just all over the place, I just forgot about it and ending up sick. Especially now since I have move back to Johor. I am always surround by my cats. Who never stops to follow me around and keep asking me to hug them. This is seriously serious. Haha. So how do I keep my self from these germs? I can't be spraying sanitize all over my body for every seconds. Come on!

I am very excited about this post because I am about to knock you off before you even want to go into the bathroom and take your usual shower. Why? You need to read this and you will be running out the house with your towel and get you some Dettol. Ok I'm just joking. But seriously, I just discovered something and it totally open up my eyes about how important is to choose a body wash! Did you know that to understand your pH balance is super important? As you know our skin has many layers and as a simple explanation, we have this certain level of skin layers that serves to protect our body from harmful germs. Like a wall if you get what I mean and it is called Acid Mantel. This is a very fine and invisible protective layer on your skin. It works as a guard to your body. Our skin pH balance is neutral which is in a rate of 4 to 6. Germs are neutralize by this and in result it wont harm your health. 

In a very busy lifestyle going here and there. Especially these days when we are always with our phone. We are exposed to harmful environmental changes such as UV rays and pollution. We can't see these germs flying around and it would be impossible to not be exposed to the outdoors and such right. So you need a "shield". So the new and improve Dettol pH Balance Body Wash is formulated to suits your skin need. It has the same pH Balance level as our skin. It provides moisture and antibacterial properties to keep your skin healthy and away from germs! Not to mention, it makes you smell goood!

It comes in 4 different variants to choose from. My favorite is got to be the orange citrus scent, Re energize! Laaav it! It foams up nicely and it smells so good. *sniffing it again right now*

Still don't trust me? Well, I am going to show you that Dettol is proven that it has the same pH level as our skin. Witness yourself in my Demo and test video below. Dettol pH Balance Body Wash is proven that they are formulated to protects your skin without giving you all those acidic or alkaline ingredients. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Demo & Test on the Dettol pH Balance Body Wash
Watch below!

In the video shows you how Dettol Body Wash is good for your skin. I compare the Dettol Bodywash with my everyday body wash. Oh my. Now you know! How shocked I am to know about this. All this while I have been giving my skin harsh chemicals! Below is the result! Shocking right. I told you that you will be running out your house and get yourself some Dettol. Haha!

Here is the clear view of the result. As shown above this demonstration is done on my damp skin. My skin pH level is neutral. Same goes to the Dettol but not the Brand X. Its super alkaline! Geesh!

Ok go get yourself some Dettol pH Balance Body Wash. BUT WAIT! I dare you to took the Dettol challenge! Go to http://goo.gl/bZM9fq  and you can get yourself a RM5 OFF Voucher for you to purchase the 650ml Dettol Bodywash. You're welcome! Hehe. This voucher valid from 1 November till 31 December at any participating Guardian stores near you.

Name : 
Dettol pH Balance Body Wash in Original, Skincare, Re-energize & Fresh
Price : RM6.90 for 250ml / RM15.90 for 650ml
Where to buy : Guardian

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