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Germs! Something that we know but we don't really pay attention 24/7. Especially me. I can be paranoid sometimes but when things are just all over the place, I just forgot about it and ending up sick. Especially now since I have move back to Johor. I am always surround by my cats. Who never stops to follow me around and keep asking me to hug them. This is seriously serious. Haha. So how do I keep my self from these germs? I can't be spraying sanitize all over my body for every seconds. Come on!

I am very excited about this post because I am about to knock you off before you even want to go into the bathroom and take your usual shower. Why? You need to read this and you will be running out the house with your towel and get you some Dettol. Ok I'm just joking. But seriously, I just discovered something and it totally open up my eyes about how important is to choose a body wash! Did you know that to understand your pH balance is super important? As you know our skin has many layers and as a simple explanation, we have this certain level of skin layers that serves to protect our body from harmful germs. Like a wall if you get what I mean and it is called Acid Mantel. This is a very fine and invisible protective layer on your skin. It works as a guard to your body. Our skin pH balance is neutral which is in a rate of 4 to 6. Germs are neutralize by this and in result it wont harm your health. 

In a very busy lifestyle going here and there. Especially these days when we are always with our phone. We are exposed to harmful environmental changes such as UV rays and pollution. We can't see these germs flying around and it would be impossible to not be exposed to the outdoors and such right. So you need a "shield". So the new and improve Dettol pH Balance Body Wash is formulated to suits your skin need. It has the same pH Balance level as our skin. It provides moisture and antibacterial properties to keep your skin healthy and away from germs! Not to mention, it makes you smell goood!

It comes in 4 different variants to choose from. My favorite is got to be the orange citrus scent, Re energize! Laaav it! It foams up nicely and it smells so good. *sniffing it again right now*

Still don't trust me? Well, I am going to show you that Dettol is proven that it has the same pH level as our skin. Witness yourself in my Demo and test video below. Dettol pH Balance Body Wash is proven that they are formulated to protects your skin without giving you all those acidic or alkaline ingredients. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Demo & Test on the Dettol pH Balance Body Wash
Watch below!

In the video shows you how Dettol Body Wash is good for your skin. I compare the Dettol Bodywash with my everyday body wash. Oh my. Now you know! How shocked I am to know about this. All this while I have been giving my skin harsh chemicals! Below is the result! Shocking right. I told you that you will be running out your house and get yourself some Dettol. Haha!

Here is the clear view of the result. As shown above this demonstration is done on my damp skin. My skin pH level is neutral. Same goes to the Dettol but not the Brand X. Its super alkaline! Geesh!

Ok go get yourself some Dettol pH Balance Body Wash. BUT WAIT! I dare you to took the Dettol challenge! Go to  and you can get yourself a RM5 OFF Voucher for you to purchase the 650ml Dettol Bodywash. You're welcome! Hehe. This voucher valid from 1 November till 31 December at any participating Guardian stores near you.

Name : 
Dettol pH Balance Body Wash in Original, Skincare, Re-energize & Fresh
Price : RM6.90 for 250ml / RM15.90 for 650ml
Where to buy : Guardian

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  1. Love watching your video sab ! A lot better than the previous video harum malam..

  2. hahahah sian Tubbie jadi mangsa Sab! muka pasrah je masuk blog :)

  3. Tubbie is the star, hahaha !! comel sangat Tubbie ni, geram tengok. By the way, since korang semua dok promote Dettol pH balance ni Mieza pun dah start pakai Dettol pH balance. Now dah 2 botol habis, the yellow one. Mieza mcm ada OCD dgn sabun badan, nk yg anti-bacteria je. before this Dettol buat my skin a bit dry but now since dah ada pH balance ni mmg sumpah tak dry langsung, rasa lembut je kulit. suka Dettol ^_^

    1. yep, sab also dah macam tu la. im always expose to my cats. which is not healthy. need something like this to get me protected.

  4. Dettol nowadays has improved alot in their scent! i even love their handwash. Simply amazing. Gonna give this a hit next time. Need to finish current bodywash first :D

  5. your cat is so cute! can't handle it hahahah

  6. All this time, it's either affordable Watsons shower gels or addictive The Body Shop shower gels.. after reading posts on this product, maybe I really should get one of these. Tak kan laa hari-hari nak yg wangi je. Hehe
    thanks for sharing the love!
    Mira |

    1. tp Dettol pun wangii! hehe. also oits anti bacterial and ph balance! try this out!