Is this Online Store Good or Bad?

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday! Soooo... I know that you guys are excited as I do. I did a little haul in my Instagram. i showed you guys what I got from an online store that I discover from Shop Venture! Read my previous post to understand better - ShopVenture got me discovered! Anastasia for me! And if you have read it or use it, you must have familiar with what is Shop Venture!
So here is a quick guide of what ShopVenture is. ShopVenture is a website where you can discover list of Online Stores all over the world. It's like a beauty blog but not about reviewing beauty stuff but they show you reviews from real people and real experience they have in certain Online Stores. You can submit your thought and review about shops that you have shop before. So others can read and use it as a guide whether to shop or not in that particular shop. So now it's my turn to share my experience with this Online Store that I knew from Shop Venture! You can review any shops you want to, it can be a shop that has listed in Shop Venture or you can add in that particular Online Shop in ShopVenture so others can discover it.


Of course first of all you have to register an account. Don't worry. It's completely free! As you can see in picture above I already log in to my account and then I press the Review a Shop tab.

I love the feature, it gets me less than a minute to understand on how I can just simply send my review in it. So since Beauty Bay is already in Shop Venture, I just key in the name of the shop and click on it. You can also add new shops too. I got nothing else to explain because I bet you already understand this! Submitting review is super easy! Also in the below part, you can just simply rate the shop by clicking on the circles

So want to know what I think about Beauty Bay? Above picture as shown are the stuff I got from Beauty Bay? Read my review here

Also they are running another giveaway! Simple subscribe to they newsletter and you might walk away with Pomme D'Ellie ebin tote worth $420 SGD / RM900 walauweh!!

Below are their previous giveaway winner! Jellyyy! That Kate Spade bag is so cute! So you would not wanna miss this giveaway ok! Sharing is caring. Simply share your thought on any online shop you have experience. 

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Hashtag : #ShopVentureLove

Don't forget to tag #sabrinatajudin #shopventurelove in your review ya!
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  1. OMG Sab ! I love contest recently so the giveaway definitely my thing! I would go subscribe because it's free ;)

  2. the review must be in english ke Sab? Most of the time i blog in Malay >_<

  3. Menarik jugak kan. Suka baca review mereka! ;D