A visit to Guardian | Confident Creation

As a woman we need to be confident, and beauty products help me in that. By keeping myself neat, clean and well groomed, it helps me face my day glowing in confidence. Yes, us girls or even men need to care for ourselves and this includes our face, skin, body; and each part of our body has its own care and needs which we have to cater for. That is what they say, there is no such thing as an ugly woman, just lazy ones! By having the right makeup and beauty products to help you is also an essential. So where do we go to get our essentials? To a place where I call, beauty heaven! Guardian!
There is nothing like a great therapy for me to pay Guardian a visit. Like seriously, I am not even joking. Just walking pass the store, checking out new stuff and playing with some makeup are my kind of joy. Whenever I need to wait for someone in the mall, I will choose to go to Guardian and take a stroll and maybe (hehe) walk out with some stuff. That is just me. *guilty pleasure*. Guardian has a wide selection of beauty products and brands. From makeup to skincare, body care and even health care.
My favorite section? You guessed it! The makeup aisle! This is what I call therapy. I will walk around the makeup section, checking out new products, deals and play with some makeup. Having my hand full of lipstick swatches on the back of my hand is normal to me. I know you guys can relate. This is where I get inspired to try new makeup looks which bring out a different persona, depending on my mood. Sometimes I feel extra feminine, sometimes I feel sassy and edgy; all with the help of makeup!
I will pay Guardian a visit at least 2 times a month to stock up my cleaning essentials such as wipes and makeup remover, because keeping your skin clean is important to feeling beautiful too! It is easy when everything is in one place and there are always new products in for me to try out. Of course along with that there will be also "unplanned" purchases such as things that makes me squeals. haha! Look at the hello kitty plasters. I NEED that! Guardian always have cool edition of beauty products and I have seen a lot of Hello Kitty products from there. I also bought some wipes with Hello Kitty on it. Hello Kitty wipes? Hey! I need that! Having cute things that makes me happy helps me feel good to ok! I’m sure you know what I mean. Hehe.

I am always on the hunt to find new skincare that my skin would love because choosing the right skincare for your skin is important to help us feel beautiful from within. So I make sure to spend time walking around the skincare section and learning about each product, reading about the ingredients and what skincare each brand is offering. At Guardian, there are tons of skincare brand and types I can choose from. As we grow older, did you know we need to change our skincare based on what our skin’s need? Guardian provides all types of skincare for all ages and skin types. Just take your time and learn more about them!
Also, I love how Guardian always brings brands that is hard to find locally! For example I was so happy to see that Cathy Doll is now available in Guardian. They also have more new brands such as Catrice, Canmake, Touch in sol, Dr Morita and many more!
These Cathy Doll products are too cute! And they are super affordable! I have been loving some of their products and I love how they did not break my bank! hehe. Well, this post makes me feel like I need to pay Guardian another visit and do more shopping! Also, check out below info, Guardian has something for you guys!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The Guardian's makeover event is back this year! An event that strive to bring out the best in us! CONFIDENT & BEAUTY! As an annual event, this year expect bigger and more fun activities! I have been there before with my fellow beauty lover friends and it is amazing! We had a makeover session; we got tons of freebies, shopping (so many exclusive deals that you don’t get to see every day!) and many more! This year, they will be having the makeover session again and it is exclusively by A Cut Above Team, Photo session, and there will be also a Hijabista Model search going on during the event! This time they are expanding to more locations, Johor, Putrajaya & Penang. Yay! Check out below poster for the locations.
See you there!

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Remove Acne Scars with NewMe Essence

You guys ask for it, and here is it! I know lots of you guys are asking me what product is great to treat your acne scars. Recently I discover this product that effectively helps to treat your acne scars. It is the New Me™ MicroAlgae Essence. Made from France and now available locally here! So I am going to talk about this product today and why you should give it a try.
The New Me™ MicroAlgae Essence with France Epidermist 4.0 ® can help provide skin with an overall treatment for your skin. What is Epidermist 4.0? It is a MArine Exopolysaccharide secreted by a planktonic micro-organism from Aber Benoit. Sounds so science! Haha! This is their main singnature ingridient that does the magic to your skin! It helps to give your cell a full optimization renewal, helps to lighten scars & dark spots, helps to prevent from acne growth, smoothen back your skin and your pores will also look visible by time to time.
This essence comes in a glass jar with a pump on top. Easy to use and all you need it about 1-2 drops of this and apply this all over your face or concentrate on the areas you want to treat. The texture of this essence are not too thick and not too watery. Just nice and absorb immediately to my skin. I like to apply this on the areas of my cheeks right after my cleansing routine as I want this to absorb first to my skin treating my acne scar.
My thoughts and verdict. I have been trying this product for 5 days now and I can see a slight changes to my acne scars (dark spots). I don;t have a major acne scars on my skin but I do have a lot of dark spots. It is slightly reduce and I can see that this might help to visibly remove my dark spot by a continuous usage. I like the watery texture and it feels like apply water to my skin, massage it in and it absorb immediately. **So kepada sesiapa yang mencari product nak hilangkan parut jerawat, jeragat dan ada masalah dengan pori, boleh lah try product ni ya! Boleh digunakan bersama dengan product skincare yang korg sedia pakai. Sab suggest kan pakai ni selepas basuh muka and toner, sebelum pakai moisturizer korg. Oh ya, product ni diperbuat dari tumbuh-tumbuhan, tiada sebarang jenis extract binatang digunakan. So safe to use for Muslim ok!

Normal price RM179.
Product launching promo price  : 
1 for RM95 , 2 bottle RM160 . 3 bottles Rm220 . Free postage.


More info / Order contact them at :
WeChat : NewMeSkinCare
Phone : 0173252390

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Sponsored video: Dine with Boboiboy at The Old Town White Coffee

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"TERBAEKKKK !!!!!" Have you watch this movie? It's awesome! Who is your favorite character? Yaya, Ying, Tok Abah,Gopal, Ochobot? Boboiboy The Movie is a Malaysian animation movie featuring Boboiboy and his friends fighting against evil! Along with that OLDTOWN White Coffee are also excited to announce their collaboration with Boboiboy The Movie with delicious meals for the kids to enjoy. Featuring 3 delicious combo meal your kids can choose from. JUNIOR Macaroni with Tomato Paste also comes with some fries and tidbits if nuggets and salad, JUNIOR Dry Egg Noodles that also comes in variety of fish balls & JUNIOR BBQ Chicken Rice that also comes with rice and veggies. All meals are served with a cup if Ribena Fizzy drink and a free exclusive Limited Edition Boboiboy watch. The watch also comes in 2 different styles they can collect which are Ochobot & Oake design or the Boboiboy & Terra design.

Each meal are priced at RM17.90 and for the combo price they are priced at RM21.90. The watch are also available for purchase without the combo meal for RM8.80 each. All price are excluded GST 6% charge. Your kids going to love this! I think I love these meals too. Can I order it for myself? The BBQ chicken looks really good! Also do check out for the participating outlets for these meals, they are all listed in their website below. Watch above video for their movie preview too! Get excited!

More info check out their official website : http://bit.ly/1YsxzXG
This post has been sponsored by Old Town White Coffee

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8 Pointers for Home Shoppers in Penang

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If the thought of living in a laidback and relaxed atmosphere appeals to you, then packing up your bags and moving to Penang might just be the best decision you can make. With wonderful local scenery to take your mind off the crazy crowds of the city, with no traffic in sight, it’s exactly what you need to get your home buying instincts out in the open. If you seriously want to consider moving to Penang, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind.

Pointers to Consider
1.       It’s going to cost you.  According to The Malaysian Insider, property prices in Penang are about 5=five times higher than the area’s median income. That means you need to be financially ready for this before you proceed any further. If you’ve got a little money saved, you’ll need to research on financing options available to you to make sure your funds make the cut. There are plenty of other lending options aside from banks. Make sure you do your research before you decide on anything.
2.       Your credit history matters. Lending institutions are going to take a long, hard look at your finances. If you’ve got a terrible credit history—massive credit card debt, unpaid loans, etc.—say goodbye to that bank loan. While there are other options, they’re likely going to rate you a higher interest rate. That’s because your credit history makes you a policy risk. To keep that from happening, do everything you can to avoid getting a black mark on your credit history. Also, make sure all the information is accurate. Simple errors in your information could delay the loan approval process even further.
3.       Buy a home you can afford. Assess your financial capability. Be brutal about it. Know how much you can afford to pay. Combine that with the financing you got. Then find homes in Penang Island that are within the range of your price. There’s no use looking over homes that are way above your price range. It’s a waste of time plus only serves to whet your appetite for something you wouldn’t be able to afford anyway. By keeping to the homes you can afford, you won’t have to struggle with your buying decision if you find an expensive home that’s completely impractical for you and your wallet.
4.       Choose convenience, says The Malay Mail Online. If it’s a toss-up between buying a home in the city—in prime location—with a higher price tag than owning one—situated an hour or two away from the city—for so much less, which one do you go for? Most people, especially those who can’t see past the glorious thought of owning a home think buying a home anywhere is worth it. It’s not. You’ve got to factor in convenience, travel time, commuting stress. So go for the choice that offers you the greatest convenience. It’s a great investment for the future. If you go with more affordable option, be prepared to shell out more of your money for commuting expenses as well as effort and time for your daily commute.
5.       Take advantage of property finders. To get the best run of choices, go through online listings. Finding a Penang property for sale with Property Guru is easy. Real estate websites like this are often simple to use so navigation isn’t a problem. For any self-respecting home shopper out there, it’s the kind of invaluable tool you shouldn’t miss out on using.
6.       Read the fine print thoroughly. Know what you’re getting into before you sign anything, and that includes reading over your final contract. Contest any terms, conditions or clauses that sound fishy or suspicious. Call attention to anything you don’t understand or would like to clarify even further. This more you understand what’s happening and what the legal ramifications of the contract are, the better informed your choices will be.
7.       Get out of debt. If you’re still making ends meet or still paying off your credit card debt, then do something to put an end to that as soon as possible. Look for other opportunities to earn cash so you can pay off your debts faster. When you buy a home, it’s important to start with a clean slate. Bringing on any debt can send your finances in even more of a downward spiral. So clear your debts off the table first. Then, you can start thinking about how to buy a home.
8.       Make sure you like the home. While your financial capabilities hugely affect the home you can buy, make sure you pick one you like. If nothing strikes at first glance, learn to look past the staging to the home underneath. Appreciate good architectural bones. Your home doesn’t have to be a mansion to be likable. You only need to imagine yourself in that space to feel at home.

In Conclusion
Home shopping can be stressful, but there’s no reason to feel overwhelmed. With the right tools and perseverance you’ll find your ideal home in Penang in no time.
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Cover myself with Gold! | 24K Gold Soap by Soapababy

How exquisite! Haha! Yep, cover my self in gold. I'm just kidding. Today I will be reviewing this cool homemade soap that has real 24k gold leaf in it! I am not even joking on that! This is the Soapababy Gold Bar Soap. 100% natural and homemade. They are made in small batches as they are very exclusive. So I also film a demo on how this soap gives my skin hydration and protection all day long. So watch below video to see live comparison on how this soap is a must try to beauty lovers out there!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Soapababy 24K Gold Bar is made out of 24k Gold Leaf, Bird Nest and Korean Red Ginseng. Compare this soap to the other gold bar soap in the market which only contains 1x or 3x Gold Left in it and already cost RM50 and above. The Soapababy Gold bar contains 70x more 24k Gold Left, 20x more bird nest and 8x more korean red ginseng in it and it is blended with Sandalwood essential oil. It smells so relaxing and fresh.
As shown in the video, after doing the layering technique, after 15-20 minutes the MOISTURE LOCK effect will appears on your skin. This is where your skin has been layered and protected with moisture. As you can see my left arm (the one that I layered with the soap 3 times) holds up the droplets and the right arm does not. This soap is recommended to be use 2 times daily, perfect showering time! I find that this bar will not easily finish. The soap is pretty solid and it foams up very well. Store this inside a small container in your bathroom for more protection. I love to use this during my shower! I feel that my skin are well moisturize for long hours after showering.
This 24k Gold Bar soap (110g) retails for RM190 each and it can last for months
(approx and tested 160+ times for your face or 60+ times for your whole body)

Soapababy Gold Bar (RM190/pcs 110g)
Whatapps (016 4849116)
Email (soapababy@gmail.com)
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Getting ready for the hospital visit! | Gin & Jacqie Hanna Baby Bag

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Oh gosh! How time flies. I am already in my 3rd trimester and yes.. The day is just around the corner and I am pretty much excited at the same time pretty nervous. It is my first time and I don;t know what to expect. I have been talking to my belly everyday and I just can;t wait to see him! I wish my pregnancy and labor will be smooth and nothing bad will happen. Amin! So it has been 32 weeks I think this week. 32-33 weeks pretty much. So it is time to pack that bag! It is called a hospital bag. The essential I need during my labor and my baby. His first clothes, mittens and such.. awwww! This bag would be the bag I will grab when "the time calls!". XD So, I was looking for a baby bag and I found this Hannah bag from Gin & Jacqie. It is just perfect and let me show you why you mom to be or mom with babies need this!
This Hannah Bag Bag comes in 3 color options and mine is in Pink. It comes with a detachable strap and a small pouch. The material is made out of a very high quality canvas like material (Printed 600Denier) It has a measurement of 35cm x 27cm x 14cm. The strap lenght is 18cm with a metal closure.
It has 3 vertical slots with a lot of compartments as you can see from the picture above. There is so uch space and slots I can use to organize all my baby stuff in there. The inside is made out of a easy to wipe/wash material. The pouch it came with has a zipper on it. You can use it for many things and store it in the bag or simple hang it like a key chain on the bag it self.
I use the pouch to store some diapers that I need to bring. A a paranoid person, I would not likely to just throw in the diapers with the other stuff. I don;t want the diapers to get dust on it. I find the pouch is very helpful to store some diapers in it. This way the diapers are well protected and will not expose to dirt easily. Yes to that! I store the bag along wth the other stuff in the bag. The pouch fits 6pcs of newborn diapers perfectly. Just nice!
There are also some slot on each side. Perfect to put 2 baby bottles on each side. Below is how it looks like when I have put all of the baby essential. Still got a lot of space! 
Now my hospital baby bag is ready! This bag can be also use after I give birth for my baby everyday essential when going out. I really love this bag and really recommend it to all mothers out there!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
And get this Hannah Bag for only RM70 ( normal price RM180 )
Valid from Valid from 22 March - 25 March

More info/shop :
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My Pregnancy Supplement | Umil Milk Booster Review

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I have reach 7 months this month and now it's time to get into a new phase. Being able to provide my own milk for my baby is a dream. I always want to be able to provide that as I know how much mother's milk great are. It is a gift from Allah that every mom dream to have. No everyone are lucky to provide them and I am also not sure how lucky I am so, I will need to start get some nutrition and supplement to help me produce it. I am very skeptical about supplement. What I will consume when I am pregnant because I know it does not affect my self only but another body that is inside me. So I need to choose wisely. So I found out about Umil Milk Booster! A drink supplement that helps to keep mom to be healthy and energize, continue after giving birth it will help tpo provide more breast milk and a whole lot of benefits for both mother's and baby.
What it does and helps : 
Help mother's to produce more milk 
Help mother's hunger through out the day and feeling energize all day 
Reduce allergies to baby 
Provide full nutrition to mother's and baby 
Help to keep your stomach and digestion healthy 
Reduce the risk of Jaundis and baby cholesterol, 
Keep mother's strong bones during labor 
Keep mother's skin looking healthy 
Help produce more milk and faster 
Make mother's milk more quality and thick 
Help to tighten back mother's cervix/vagina after giving birth
Help to maintain slimmer body after giving birth 
and many more!
Each box contain 600gram of powder with chocolate flavor. Now can I talk about how delicious this drink are? I am not even joking. It taste like real chocolate drink and if you don;t like the taste of milky stuff, this does not take like that. t taste like real chocolate and not too sweet. It is just perfect!
It is recommended to drink this 3 times a day. Before your breakfast meal, Lunch meal and Dinner meal. It comes with a scoop. So how to prepare this drink? Simple add 170ml of warm water and add 2 scoops of the powder. Mix well and done! Don't forget to drink lot's of plain water through out the day too okay!
The ingredients in this product are Cocoa powder, non –dairy milk powder, sugar, chocolate flavor, foamier, whey powder halal, fenugreek powder, dactylifera powder. No worries this product is verified by KKM & it is certainly Halal. Each box retails for RM80.00 (Semenanjung) and RM85.00 for Sabah & Sarawak. They are also combo price where you can get 3 box of these for only RM200.00! More info check out below links!

More info/order :
Contact : 019 – 3000 793 / 019 – 6473 938
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UD X Gwen Collection Review

Nanananananana... What's up guys! As promise, I wanted to give you my thoughts on these new products that just arrive here in Malaysia! It has been all over YouTube internationally and it finally arrive here. It is a collaboration between Urban Decay & the legend... (wait for it...) DARY, Gwen Stefani. First product that was launch were her eyeshadow palette that looks like the blush palette that I am going to show you guys but that palette instead of a white circle, it has a black circle. I have seen the palette in Sephora and it is so gorgeous and I wish I have it! Ok back to this one, along with the blush palette, they also release 5 new 24/7 lip liners shades and 8 new lipsticks.

This Urban Decay Gwen Stefani blush palette comes in a #so #gwen theme, black and gold packaging. This palette is limited edition, take note ladies! The packaging is made out of a high quality plastic that does not feel tacky at all and on the side it has this metal plate embossed logo. Super sleek. The closure is magnetic and feels sturdy and nice when holding. In this palette it consist of 6 cheek color shades. What I like about it is that the versatility of shades it has in this palette, not only you can use it as a blush, but there is also a highlight shade (Angel) and a natural blush shade that can be use for contouring (Lo-Fi). Some of the are shimmery, satin and matte.
My favorite shades has to be Angel, Lo-Fi, Hush and OC. I will show you on how I apply these shades on my cheeks in my video below. The blush are very buttery, easy to blend and pigmented! Does not feels chalky at all. This palette was describe and stated by them that it has 4 x 0.09 oz Blush in Cherry (light pink satin), Easy (deep rose with gold shimmer), Angel (champagne-nude shimmer), Hush (medium pink with gold shimmer), 1 x0.09 oz Bronzer in Lo-Fi (soft bronze matte) & 1x 0.09 oz Highlighter in OC (soft pink with peach shift). I thought Angel was the highlighter. Meh. This blush palette retails for RM30.
From Left to Right : Cherry, Easy, Angel, Lo-Fi, Hush, OC

I got one lipstick and a lip liner in the shade Wonderland. The full collection are as below shown. The lip liner retails for RM78.00 each. Come in 5 new shades with same formulation as their permanent 2/7 lip liners line. Only the design of the pencil is different to suit the theme.The lipstick is RM85 each. The shade Wonderland that I got looks like a true red but actually it is a Bright red with pink undertone. From my opnon the finish is more of a satin finish. They are super hydrating and pigmented. You can see it on how I apply it on my lips. Smooth and super pigmented!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

[ Product used in this look ]
Face :
Maybelline Baby Pore Eraser Primer
Too Faced Born This Way Liquid Foundation in Vanilla
MAC Minirelize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus
Urban Decay Naked Concealer in Fair Medium
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Naked (nose contouring)
Urban Decay Blush Palette in shade Angel, Lo-Fi & Hush

Brows :
Anastasia Brow Pomade in Medium Brown
MAC Eyeshadow in Cork
Breena Beauty B216 Brow Brush

Eyes :
Fresh Kon Contact Lens in Misty Grey
Urban Decay Eden Primer Potion
UD Naked 1 Palette eyeshadow in Half Baked, Sidecar, Buck & Darkhorse
Breena Beauty B212 Eyeshadow Brush
Breena Beauty B211 Fluffy Blending
Breena Beauty B215 Pencil Brush
Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner in Black
False Eyelashes Code SL-100 from IG shye.shopperr

Lips :
Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm
Urban Decay 24/7 Gwen Lip Liner in Wonderland
Urban Decay Lipstick Gwen in Wonderland

You can purchase Urban Decay products online through Sephora.my
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