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As a woman we need to be confident, and beauty products help me in that. By keeping myself neat, clean and well groomed, it helps me face my day glowing in confidence. Yes, us girls or even men need to care for ourselves and this includes our face, skin, body; and each part of our body has its own care and needs which we have to cater for. That is what they say, there is no such thing as an ugly woman, just lazy ones! By having the right makeup and beauty products to help you is also an essential. So where do we go to get our essentials? To a place where I call, beauty heaven! Guardian!
There is nothing like a great therapy for me to pay Guardian a visit. Like seriously, I am not even joking. Just walking pass the store, checking out new stuff and playing with some makeup are my kind of joy. Whenever I need to wait for someone in the mall, I will choose to go to Guardian and take a stroll and maybe (hehe) walk out with some stuff. That is just me. *guilty pleasure*. Guardian has a wide selection of beauty products and brands. From makeup to skincare, body care and even health care.
My favorite section? You guessed it! The makeup aisle! This is what I call therapy. I will walk around the makeup section, checking out new products, deals and play with some makeup. Having my hand full of lipstick swatches on the back of my hand is normal to me. I know you guys can relate. This is where I get inspired to try new makeup looks which bring out a different persona, depending on my mood. Sometimes I feel extra feminine, sometimes I feel sassy and edgy; all with the help of makeup!
I will pay Guardian a visit at least 2 times a month to stock up my cleaning essentials such as wipes and makeup remover, because keeping your skin clean is important to feeling beautiful too! It is easy when everything is in one place and there are always new products in for me to try out. Of course along with that there will be also "unplanned" purchases such as things that makes me squeals. haha! Look at the hello kitty plasters. I NEED that! Guardian always have cool edition of beauty products and I have seen a lot of Hello Kitty products from there. I also bought some wipes with Hello Kitty on it. Hello Kitty wipes? Hey! I need that! Having cute things that makes me happy helps me feel good to ok! I’m sure you know what I mean. Hehe.

I am always on the hunt to find new skincare that my skin would love because choosing the right skincare for your skin is important to help us feel beautiful from within. So I make sure to spend time walking around the skincare section and learning about each product, reading about the ingredients and what skincare each brand is offering. At Guardian, there are tons of skincare brand and types I can choose from. As we grow older, did you know we need to change our skincare based on what our skin’s need? Guardian provides all types of skincare for all ages and skin types. Just take your time and learn more about them!
Also, I love how Guardian always brings brands that is hard to find locally! For example I was so happy to see that Cathy Doll is now available in Guardian. They also have more new brands such as Catrice, Canmake, Touch in sol, Dr Morita and many more!
These Cathy Doll products are too cute! And they are super affordable! I have been loving some of their products and I love how they did not break my bank! hehe. Well, this post makes me feel like I need to pay Guardian another visit and do more shopping! Also, check out below info, Guardian has something for you guys!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The Guardian's makeover event is back this year! An event that strive to bring out the best in us! CONFIDENT & BEAUTY! As an annual event, this year expect bigger and more fun activities! I have been there before with my fellow beauty lover friends and it is amazing! We had a makeover session; we got tons of freebies, shopping (so many exclusive deals that you don’t get to see every day!) and many more! This year, they will be having the makeover session again and it is exclusively by A Cut Above Team, Photo session, and there will be also a Hijabista Model search going on during the event! This time they are expanding to more locations, Johor, Putrajaya & Penang. Yay! Check out below poster for the locations.
See you there!

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