The Body Shop British Rose Range Review

*Try to talk in a British accent but failed* Haha, well hello everyone! Today I am featuring a hella good smell product from The Body Shop. These are a new range from them and they are called British Rose. They are launch in the year where The Body Shop celebrate their 40 years anniversary! These ranges are inspire and celebrate from the place where the ingredients are hand picked, air dried and infused on site into fresh mountains water. They are carefully extract in what these ranges has to offer, only high quality rose essence for your body loving care. The roses are grown organically on a farm in Herefordshire. I love the scent of these products. It is not too string and does not have that cheap rose scent. The products I got here are Body Essence, Body Butter and Body Scrub. They also have shower gel, EDT & Hand Cream in this range. Check out the full range here - ( And also some makeup range you can check out. Here are my thoughts on the products I tried.

British Rose Instant Glow Body Essence | RM129.00
This is by far the lightest body product I had. It is describe as a essence lotion for the body. So that make sense. In a nutshell it is like an essence/serum for your body but helps to gives hydration to your skin. I freaking love this product because on how it absorbs into my skin and feel so good on my skin. My skin feels soft just like using powder. It said that it gives your skin a glow, so I look closely to my skin haha, and yes I notice a very fine "shimmer" on my skin. Not really visible but I can see a few of them reflect when I move my hand. The texture of this essence are just like a face serum with a pearlize white appearance. As it touches your skin, it turns to a peralize pink. Comes in a pump bottle which a plus love for me.

British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter | RM89.00
A dewy hydration product for your body. It also has a glow enhancing rose essence. But compare to the essence, the essence abosorb faster than this one. Although to that matter this still does not leave my skin sticky at all. It has the usual bdy butter texture, creamy and bouncy to the touch. Great for all over the body or as a hand cream. Comes in a plastic jar with black and pink accent. Lovely!

British Rose Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub | RM105.00
Of course, this has to be my favorite. An exfoliating product that has a gel texture with bits in it to give you that smooth relaxing scrubbing moment in the shower. I'm not sure if the bits are made out of roses but it is said that this body scrub is textured with real rose petals. It leaves my skin smooth after rinsing it off. I would need a full scoop of these for all over my body so this might be empty in no time. It comes in a black plastic jar.

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  1. I just saw this range in the store earlier! Didn't manage to smell them though! Nice post and the way you describes are lovely xo