Mentholathum launches Botanics Skincare Range

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Recently Mentholathum launches a new range called Botanics. It is inspire by the nature of the earth. So these skincare are pretty much infused with lots of goodness from natural herbs and flowers. In this range it consist of 3 types of cleanser and sheet masks. Comes in many type of range for all skin types and skin problems. Here are the ranges you can check out:

Mentholathum Botanics Face Wash
Consist of 4 different options which are Hydra Whitening Wash, Deep Cleansing Wash, Hydrating Wash & Pore Refining Wash. Comes in a basic tube packaging. If you love the uplifting scent of a lemonngrass and want something that helps to deep cleanse your skin, try the Deep Cleansing Wash that has a mian ingridient of White Tea and Olive Tea. Best of Oily and Combination skin, or also try the Pore Refining Face Wash. For all skin types, try out the Hydra Whitening one. Give your dry skin some boost with the Hydrating Face Wash, it is infused with Calendula and Jasmine. These retails for RM14.90 (100g) each.

Mentholathum Botanics Foaming Face Wash
In this range that features a pump bottle that dispense foams out kinda cleanser has 2 type of range you can choose which are Oil & Blemish Control and Whitening Foam. For all skin types try the Whitening Foam Wash. If you have Oily and combination skin, try the Oil & Blemish control. These retails for RM25.90 (160g) each.

Mentholathum Botanics Pump Wash
Choose from Deep Clean Face Wash or Moisturizing and Brightening Face Wash. It comes in a pump bottle, super convenient and easy to use. The Deep Clean Face contains Ylang Ylang & Tea Tree Extract that helps to control oil, prevent from blemishes and soothing. Has a Lemongrass scent that gives your skin feel relaxed. The second one which is the Moisturizing and Brightening are formulated with Roseship Oil that is rich in Vtamin C and Pearl Extract. Best for all skin types. These retails for RM25.90  (150g) each.

Mentholathum Botanics Sheet Mask
Wide variety of sheet mask you can choose from. They have Soothing (Lavender), Pore Refining (Rosemary), Anti Oxidant (Pomegranate), Brightening (Roseship Oil) and Hydrating (Aloe Vera). These sheet mask are infused with herbal essences that are enriched with Hyaluronic Anti Oxidant and Roseship are suitable for all skin types. If you have dry skin, go for the Aloe Vera. For Oily and combination skin, go for Rosemary. If you have sensitive skin, try the Lavender for a soothing effect. These sheet mask retails for RM6.90 each only!

These are available at your local pharmacies such as Watson, Guardian and many more. More info go to :
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