Cover myself with Gold! | 24K Gold Soap by Soapababy

How exquisite! Haha! Yep, cover my self in gold. I'm just kidding. Today I will be reviewing this cool homemade soap that has real 24k gold leaf in it! I am not even joking on that! This is the Soapababy Gold Bar Soap. 100% natural and homemade. They are made in small batches as they are very exclusive. So I also film a demo on how this soap gives my skin hydration and protection all day long. So watch below video to see live comparison on how this soap is a must try to beauty lovers out there!

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The Soapababy 24K Gold Bar is made out of 24k Gold Leaf, Bird Nest and Korean Red Ginseng. Compare this soap to the other gold bar soap in the market which only contains 1x or 3x Gold Left in it and already cost RM50 and above. The Soapababy Gold bar contains 70x more 24k Gold Left, 20x more bird nest and 8x more korean red ginseng in it and it is blended with Sandalwood essential oil. It smells so relaxing and fresh.
As shown in the video, after doing the layering technique, after 15-20 minutes the MOISTURE LOCK effect will appears on your skin. This is where your skin has been layered and protected with moisture. As you can see my left arm (the one that I layered with the soap 3 times) holds up the droplets and the right arm does not. This soap is recommended to be use 2 times daily, perfect showering time! I find that this bar will not easily finish. The soap is pretty solid and it foams up very well. Store this inside a small container in your bathroom for more protection. I love to use this during my shower! I feel that my skin are well moisturize for long hours after showering.
This 24k Gold Bar soap (110g) retails for RM190 each and it can last for months
(approx and tested 160+ times for your face or 60+ times for your whole body)

Soapababy Gold Bar (RM190/pcs 110g)
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  1. This looks great <3

  2. OMG It's so pretty I have one maybe I letak on my bedside table jadi decoration je LOL ahahahahhah!