C Queen 12pc Luxury Makeup Brush Set


Salam & hello everyone! Are you looking for a good makeup brushes? Well, let read my review on our own home grown brand makeup brushes!

This brush set comes with a travel container that you can use as a makeup brush holder! First expression, SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIE. Yes, the brushes are so soft. This sets comes in 12 piece of brush to all you need basic makeup brushes. Super convenient. If you are a beginner, this is just super awesome for you. Now I will review each brush and explain what is the use of it.

From Left to Right :

Large Powder - Use it for powder application. I also use it for blending my whole face especially if I applied to much of a blusher, this helps to blends out. Its soft but a bit rough to my opinion. But the roughness helps to really blend in the powder and make it look natural. Its super big too. Fit my whole cheek area.

Duo Fibre - Most commonly called as stippling brush. Use it for liquid of cram products. It also works like a buffer brush but not that dense. Application looks more of a air brush and light coverage looking. I also love to use this for my blusher when I need a  nice natural application. I love to use this brush to dap on my cheek and it give me this nice subtle looking color. Made out of synthetic bristle.

Foundation - A traditional foundation brush. It is quite good, not that streaky when applied. Use it in downwards motion to apply cream/liquid foundation. I also love to use this ti blend in my tint cheek products. It helps smooths and blend in the color perfectly.

Large Angle Contour - Perfect for blush application as well as contouring products. The angle shape make a precise control on the cheek. One of the most reach brush I use in this collection. Perfect for a quick run blush application.

From Left to Right :

Tapered Blending - Must have eye brush. Use this for blending. Its the key to that perfect eyeshadow. Blend blend blend and this  is the tool. Works perfectly on my crease to blend 2-3 colors softly. I love this!

Large Sahder - I use this to conceal my under eye area. In patting motion this works quite well with cream and liquid products. The size area also just nice because it act like your finger. 

Eye Shading - Best use for packing up eyeshadow on the lid which is one of the first step in eyeshadow application. It picks up powder shadow super easy and helps to holds up white padding it on your lid. Super sift and easy to use.

Medium Angle Shading - Convenient to use for the inner corner application. Soft as it is help to pick up eyeshadow nicely.

Concealer - Maybe this is use to apply concealer specially on the face area (covering spots and pimple) . rarely use this one. The material is like the foundation brush but this is kinda like the smaller version.

Pencil - I love this brush, love to use it for my lower line. Works like a pencil, obviously. It also helps to blend in eyeshadow on small details part of the eye.

Small Angle/Eyebrow brush - Use this everyday for my brow. Its not stiff but perfectly hard to help brush and line my brow. Love this! You gotta have this one too!

Eyeliner - I don't really use this one because I don't have cream eyeliner. I probably use this for that. Also you can use it to apply lipstick. It works well on that too.

Name : C Queen 12pc Luxury Makeup Brush Set
Price : RM228.00
Where To Buy : C Queen Facebook page (link)

More info go to :

This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

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November 2013 Favorites


Salam & hello everyone! *Sigh* November is ending as well as 2013! Aaaaaa! Well, I am quite excited for 2013 to end. I really can't wait for 2014. So many thing I am planning to do. Phew. 2013 is an awesome year and I am looking forward for more awesomeness for next year. Now back to my monthly favorites, what I have been loving this month? Hm.. Let's check it out!

1. Pixy Gentle & Moist Cleansing Lotion 
I have a full review here, (link). This is basically just like other makeup remover with water base. I lovee this kaeup remover because its not oily and it helps removes my makeup with ease! Its refreshing and handy too. I bring this to my recent trip to Langkawi. Its very travel friendly!

2. L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Think Pink
I also have a full review and swatch for this lipstick, you van read it here (link). My new love! I never been loving a lipstick like this. I have so many lip balms and though of start collecting lipstick and this what I have started. Where have I been all these years? This lipstick is amazing! Its hydrating as well as pigmented. Many color option to choose from too! I love this!

3. Mary Kay Khol Eyeliner in Blue Knight
My option other than black. Dark blue liner are awesome too! Also, this have been review in this month, you can read it here, (link). I love how the color payoff are amazingly gorgeous! Its stays and just pretty! yes! That is all I can say!

4. Pixy UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit SPF 15 in Natural Beige
Oh I have been loving most of the product I review this month! Come read this powder review here, (link). I love how light it feels after application. The color is super natural and the powder is fine. Love this!

5. Beauty Blender
Got this from The Fashionette. It is also works as my stress ball. Haha. Its super fluffy and marshmallowyyy! Super soft! I love to use this if I am feeling of wearing light makeup. Its makes my makeup application faster and neat. Love this!

What is your favorite this month?
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What to eat to fight those dark spots and keep skin fair?


Salam & hello everyone! What do you eat for your skin goodness? Today i am gonna tell you my favorite 4 fruits that helps to maintain my skin from darken, and fight those nasty dark spots! Eating can also help to maintain your skin health. I choose fruits! Why? Because it taste good and it have all the best benefit you can ever get! Here are the four fruits that help to fight those dark spots to keep skin fair!

KIWI - It is packed with antioxidants that also aids to collagen production. Collagen helps to slow down skin aging. Collagen also helps to increase the time of your skin healing. Dark spot sometimes cause by poping pimple that causes scars. This is where we need more collagen to help heal it. Bonus, it is high in fiber that helps to relieves constipation.

STRAWBERRY - Packed with Vitamin C! Said that by only taking 7-8 pieces of strawberries, already help you to maintain that amount you need a day of Vitamin C! Vitamin C also helps your skin to produce more collagen. It helps to whiten your skin and another bonus. It contains xylitol which aids in preventing tooth decay.

ORANGE - The fruit that is popular of its richness in Vitamin C! You got to know that it also rich in Vitamin A & B which also help to contribute to a healthy and radiant skin. The vitamin contest is easily absorb to your body!

LEMON - My favorite! I love making lemonade and lemon sauce! I love soury drink! Yummy! Also, it smell gooddd! Also, Lemon is rich with Vitamin C, its relieves stress and boost the body immune system. The best part, yes! It helps to brighten skin! Its content of citric acid perks you up from tiredness and breaks down oil inside out! What can you ask more to a beautiful skin baby! 

Well... That is a lot of fruits. How about we combine all of them and make a great snack to our hot hot weather here! Let me show you how to make this fruity icy delish Popsicle! Yummy I tell you! Seriously!

It's me & Ms Rosy favorite hot day snack! Yummy beauty snack for us! It taste awesome! The natural sweetness of the kiwi, strawberries and orange makes this popsicle fun to eat!

Take care of your skin care health inside and out! Now next you need a good skincare that helps to fight those dark spots! L'Oreal White Perfect contains all good sources of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and Tourmaline Gemstone. As well as Pro-Exfoliatine that helps to smoothen the skin surface. Now your skin is white and rosy! That perfect healthy looking skin!

Don't forget to check out and be with Ms Rosy! 
Who is Miss Rosy? You can check out my post here (link) to find out more!


More info and contest details go to :

***Product were given for review purposes and this post is dedicated and sponsored to L'Oreal Paris Malaysia
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MIVVA November 2013 | BFF Sleepover Kit


Salam & hello everyone! Owh its 29th already! Tomorrow is the last day of the Benefit Mini Giveaway! Woot woot! Can't wait to pick the winners! I wish I can do Giveaway everyday, its fun to give people gifts! <3 Well, back to the stuff, I have receive another MIVVA Box for the month of November, and this month theme is BFF Sleepover-kit! Let see what is inside this month kit.

1. STAGE Nail Color | RM35
They are featuring dark red color in the catalog but I bet there are more colors than this. I don't really use nail polish due to wudu' purposes but I am once a nail polish fan. Sometimes I do play with nail polish. Aa, I miss the moment where I can play nail polish with my girls. In my box I receive a nail color in the shade Winsome. Its a dark metallic red-maroon color. The texture is not tacky at all, the application is smooth and I can say reminds me of OPI. Good stuff here, and what points up its a full size item.

2. Facial Essences Collagen Mask | RM198.80 for 15g
At first I am like, WOAH! RM198.90 for 15g? Its a price for one mask is it? But, I never thought of buying a 3 figure ringgit mask. Haha, this better be good. I never use it yet. It claims to be a mask with Hyluronic Acid and various Botanical extracts in mask. It ensure your skin with long time moisturizing. 

3. ONL Dermost Moistay Fresh Gel Cream | RM44.90 for 60ml
Claims to be a pure hydration for skin with much sebum. Gel cream contains 100% spring water in its base. 1x pcs sachet of skincare. Never tried it yet. Em...

4. ONL Dermost Moistay Cream | RM144.90 for 60ml
Another sachet but this one I got 2 pcs of them. It is a spring water cream for balanced adjustment of oil and water. Hydrating and calming cream with soft touch for intensive moisturizing and adjustment of oil/water balance. Basically a cream for your face just like moisturizer.

5. NEULA 5 in 1 Oil Control Face Lotion | RM22.90 for 30ml
I heard of this brand where some people raved about its pimple gel. I was hoping to get the BB Cream actually. hehe. In this month box you either get this one, the cleanser or the BB Cream. I got the moisturizer. Said to be a anti pimple, oil control, pore minimize, rejuvenate and soothes moisturizer. Its a full size item. 

6. Antipodes Joyful Hand & Body Cream | RM149 for 120ml
Sorry, there is no image of this product, was told not to take a picture of it since it comes in sample bottle and they don't want people to get confuse with the actual product. I seriously don't know why because I don't think its a harm, but I have seen other bloggers post the picture up. :( Sad actually because of all items in this box, I actually really like this one. It smells divine! I hope I can find a perfume smells this good. I also saw Essie Button review this. Its original package comes in a aluminium kinda tube. But seriously, this smells really good, if I have some extra cash, I really wanna buy the full size one.

They also include the net for shower. Glad its pink! I like! Lastly, they are having the grand finale for the year end and conjunction for the Xmas box! I bet its gonna be big since its a special month to them.

To subscribe and more info go to :
Offcial Website : http://www.mivva.com/
This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

Did you subscribe to MIVVA Box this month? What items you like most?
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Luau Party with Kinohimitsu


Salam & hellooo everyone! My November have been rocked by The Butterfly Project event again! After posting on why i want to party with Kinohimitsu on this Luau Party, you can read the post here (link), I get to the invite list! Alhamdulilah! Woot woot! Thank you so much for the invitation! Last Wednesday I am with the other 49 butterflies from The Butterfly Project have been invited to the Luau Party. A Hawaii theme Party, imagine grass skirts and floral tribal decorations! It was held at Villa Manja Spa located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It was my first time going there. I bet Tammy from Plus Size Kitten, that this is her favorite place to do Spas! Because I often see she going her for some pampering treat! I got to say, this place is exquisite! Totally out of my imagination. The house is decorated with antique, "Balinese" decoration. The ambiance is also calming at the same time quite eerie if I went there alone. hehe. Its meant for relaxation right, so the surrounding is very peace and quite. I went there with Sabby, Liza and Innanie! Again, Thank you Sabby for the ride! <3

Then more butterflies arrive! Left to Right : Sabby, Liza, Lily, Innanie, Mieza, Arissa

Let's look at the inside! The inside no need more decoration because the place is beautiful enough and really suits the party theme. Of course! Featuring Kinohimitsu Products and also featuring the new product from them called the Bio-Booster. Look at the second picture. Do you wish your living room was like that? I bet my cat would love it cause got fish in there. So pretty! Hehe <3. Then of course the food! It was delicious! I love love love the chicken grill. Forgot to take picture of the food! More focusing on eating! hehe. The food section is located outside, and we also given a card to go to 4 booth to claim our goody bags! Yeah! From testing the new Bio-Booster powder, Spin & Win section, cupcakes and more!

 Akak sporting nak amik gambar! Hehe. She is serving the Kinohimitsu drink for us! 

This is the spin & win section! The big prize is a RM300+ voucher to Villa Manja Spa! I was so busy eating. Haha. Three lucky girls already got it all!

There were a lot of activities in the party! Sorry for not taking lots of pictures, my iPhone does not cooperate in dark lighting. *cry*. There were also fun games and activities! One of them is "fill in the bottle with water with sponge". Ok I just created the name my self where the title is self explanatory. hehe. Below are the winners for the best dress contest! Congratulations ladies! Of course! Some dancing performance is a must!

One of my favorite moments are capturing the fun with my girls! I love 123cheese.my setup! I think the idea of having this is genius! Would love to have it on my wedding day. Can I? In sha Allah. hehe. I love how the provide you the props and the lighting are just super nice! Lets have a look at all of the pictures! Thank you girls for making my night awesome! Cherish every moment of it!

Night is ended with a great group photo! Thank you everyone for making this happen! Goody bag? Awesomeness! I have start drinking them! I am loving the Diamond Drink from Kinohimitsu! I think I wanna consume them for my daily beauty supplement. Thanks to this event to let me try it out or I would have just missed this! Aaaa.., I think thats all! 2013 is ending beautifully. Words can't express my gratitude for all this blessing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. :') The Butterfly Project, Kinohimitsu, 123cheese, and all of you.

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Yadah Bloom Mascara Review


Salam & hello everyone! As promise, here is the another mascara from Yadah that I said I wanna review after I have review the other mascara called the Highlash mascara, you can read it here (link). If you have not read my previous post, as I mention, Yadah will be launch a few new product in conjunction for this coming Christmas. These products will be available in December together with the YES sale that will be happening in Sasa Malaysia.

This mascara claims to give you more superior lash volume and length without smudging and it is water resistance. Also it claims to be remove easily with luke warm water, contains ample cellulose to enrich your lash, free from Paraben, artificial fragrance and animal derivatives. Formulated with Yadah signature ingredient that is the Opuntia Ficus that said to nourish your lash. It is also safe for sensitive eyes.

Packaging wise, this also comes in a box packaging with details on it. The tube is made out of hard plastic. The wand is easy to hold and control. The comb of this mascara is curved a bit. This helps you to control better for that curling result for your lash. Compare this to the Highlash Mascara, I like this one better. This mascara claims to be a volumizing mascara, and really does. It does not clumps like the Highlash ones (It does a bit but it looks volumizing to my opinion)  and this does lengthens, volumize and curls! This also does not have funny scent to it. Easily removes with makeup remover and I am not sure about the warm water because I haven't tried that. I don't have a water heater at home, haha. This also works great on my bottom lashes. Note to this, I do curl my lash before and after using mascara to enhance the appearance of curled lash. The mascara helps to make it curler and thicker. I recommend this to anyone who have long lash but want that curled and volume lash look.

Name : Yadah Bloom Mascara Review
Price : RM35.00
Availability : (In December 2013)
Where To Buy : Stores - Sasa Malaysia, Online - Zalora.com.myHermo.my and MIVVA.com
Net Weight : 9g
Made in : Korea

You can also check out Sasa Malaysia YES sale! Starting today till 1 January. So check out these awesome deals if you wanna grab some Yadah products! You can read my previous review on Yadah product here (link)

More info go to :
Offcial Website (Korea) : http://www.yadah.co.kr/

This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

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