C Queen 12pc Luxury Makeup Brush Set


Salam & hello everyone! Are you looking for a good makeup brushes? Well, let read my review on our own home grown brand makeup brushes!

This brush set comes with a travel container that you can use as a makeup brush holder! First expression, SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIE. Yes, the brushes are so soft. This sets comes in 12 piece of brush to all you need basic makeup brushes. Super convenient. If you are a beginner, this is just super awesome for you. Now I will review each brush and explain what is the use of it.

From Left to Right :

Large Powder - Use it for powder application. I also use it for blending my whole face especially if I applied to much of a blusher, this helps to blends out. Its soft but a bit rough to my opinion. But the roughness helps to really blend in the powder and make it look natural. Its super big too. Fit my whole cheek area.

Duo Fibre - Most commonly called as stippling brush. Use it for liquid of cram products. It also works like a buffer brush but not that dense. Application looks more of a air brush and light coverage looking. I also love to use this for my blusher when I need a  nice natural application. I love to use this brush to dap on my cheek and it give me this nice subtle looking color. Made out of synthetic bristle.

Foundation - A traditional foundation brush. It is quite good, not that streaky when applied. Use it in downwards motion to apply cream/liquid foundation. I also love to use this ti blend in my tint cheek products. It helps smooths and blend in the color perfectly.

Large Angle Contour - Perfect for blush application as well as contouring products. The angle shape make a precise control on the cheek. One of the most reach brush I use in this collection. Perfect for a quick run blush application.

From Left to Right :

Tapered Blending - Must have eye brush. Use this for blending. Its the key to that perfect eyeshadow. Blend blend blend and this  is the tool. Works perfectly on my crease to blend 2-3 colors softly. I love this!

Large Sahder - I use this to conceal my under eye area. In patting motion this works quite well with cream and liquid products. The size area also just nice because it act like your finger. 

Eye Shading - Best use for packing up eyeshadow on the lid which is one of the first step in eyeshadow application. It picks up powder shadow super easy and helps to holds up white padding it on your lid. Super sift and easy to use.

Medium Angle Shading - Convenient to use for the inner corner application. Soft as it is help to pick up eyeshadow nicely.

Concealer - Maybe this is use to apply concealer specially on the face area (covering spots and pimple) . rarely use this one. The material is like the foundation brush but this is kinda like the smaller version.

Pencil - I love this brush, love to use it for my lower line. Works like a pencil, obviously. It also helps to blend in eyeshadow on small details part of the eye.

Small Angle/Eyebrow brush - Use this everyday for my brow. Its not stiff but perfectly hard to help brush and line my brow. Love this! You gotta have this one too!

Eyeliner - I don't really use this one because I don't have cream eyeliner. I probably use this for that. Also you can use it to apply lipstick. It works well on that too.

Name : C Queen 12pc Luxury Makeup Brush Set
Price : RM228.00
Where To Buy : C Queen Facebook page (link)

More info go to :

This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

Do you like makeup brushes?
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  1. Seriously dude. camera iP5 mmg cantik.
    And I'm still struggling to kumpul brushes T_T

  2. Sekali pandang mcm Sigma. Hehe. Harga pun lebih kurang je kalau beli Sigma time sale. :D

  3. really enjoyed this post!! I am a beauty enthusiast as well! :)

  4. When you said the large powder brush was a bit rough in texture, it reminds me of the same brush that I purchased from Coastal Scents. They both looked exactly the same but I can never tolerate rough brushes on my face. It's making morning routine becoming stressful. :p

    So I tossed it aside and use it to clean my laptop instead. haha.

    1. yep, its a bit rough. i find it is quite nice to blend my powder but does not really gave me this pleasure on applying it. omg, good idea! haha!

  5. Assalamualaikum..
    may I know your opinion for Zoeva brush?

    1. Waalikumusalam.. they are good! definitely worth trying :D