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Salam & hello everyone!
Last few weeks I was invited to the Benefit Push Pop Party event launching the new flagship store opening in Sephora Starhill! Its another boutique from Benefit Cosmetics since their first boutique launch a year back. You can read his post to have a look of their first flagship store (link). To celebrate, Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia hosted an awesome Orange Black Party called the Push Pop Party with lots of surprises! The concept of this store is a shop-in-shop boutique. It is located inside Sephora starthill upstairs. Like previous event hosted by Benefit that most likely promoting their iconic signature of that vintage cute theme, this time along with celebrating and introduction of their best seller mascara They're real! to bring out the sexy spirit of Honest Leah to life with cheeky entertainment! Yes, I mean it! Really cheeky! Haha! As you can see in picture below, the store is located beside MUFE store up from the stairs.

 From the left side entrance of Sephora Starhill you will see a stairway up. This lead to the boutique. Pretty cute stairway does it! Then this lead you to the boutique. Arent the boutique just gorgeous? Oh yes, I am a fan of this kind of ambiance! How I wish my room were like this! Weee! Now lets scroll and droll down to a lil tour of the boutique!

Below are the Holiday Sets that I have mention in my previous post! You can see full details along with the price here (link)

And here are the whole boutique tour. Lots of makeupsssss!
Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia store Sephora Starhill

Top 5 best seller from Benefit!
1st - Benefit Porefessional Face Primer
2nd - They're Real Mascara
3rd - That Gal Face Primer
4th - Benetint Lip & Cheek tint
5th - Stay Flawless Face Primer

During the event, They were some entertainment but I was a lil shy to join. hehe... because it includes some cheeky topless man. hahaha! sorry i cant join, let the other girls have fun with them, I cant! Then I get my self entertain, I was offered a free brow waxing! It was my first ever brow waxing! Haha! Look at the right picture, some ouch face! It was not that pain at all, I was just shocked. Haha!

This conclude some sweet memories in my 2013. During the event we were also give some introduction and speech from the backbone of the company. Guess what? I meet face to face personally with Annie Ford Danielson! She is the Benefit's Global Beauty Authority and daughter of Co-Founder Jean Ford who flew all the way from San Francisco to share her tips and tricks. Why am I excited? Beign such a big fan of Benefit Cosmetics and an obsession of their makeup, got to meet the person back from this company? Arent this just awesome? Role model i could say! She is kinda like related to my big dream that I am working on right now! She is such a friend and wonderful person!

Along with that during the event their were activities such as sign the "human guest book", also some confession telling by writing it and posting it on the wall of the boutique, from what i can remember is the most funny confession someone have posted is "I come here only for the food" haha! funny! and some small games and they walk away with Benefit Cosmetics products!

She represent one of the iconic girl for Benefit Cosmetics. Look at the statue, she is like the live version of it! So cute! Haha!

DJ during the event, she seems familiar, but I don' t remember her name. I think she is kinda like the top DJ in Malaysia.

They were also VIP's such as Benefit South  East Asia's general Manager Ms Karen Raghavan, Sephora's VIP's White Card members and Malaysia celebrities such as Sazzy Falak, Serena C, Vanessa Chong, Pamela Chong and Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen.
As mention, the party theme black and orange is together as an celebration of the best seller mascara, They're real mascara. I heard so many good stuff about this mascara, aaa! I can't wait to try it! 

Overall I had really fun during the event! Lots of cheeky laughing with my girl, Sabby! Thank you for accompany me darling! Hehe. We were not left home empty handed. Sream for such an awesome goodie bag, a full size POREfessional and They're real mascara. Also some cute goblet "ribbon saying" (not in picture). What could I ever ask more? I love it! Thank you Benefit Cosmetics for the invite! <3

Are you a fan of Benefit Cosmetics? What do you think of their newly launch 2nd boutique?

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  1. Awesooooooooooommme la Benefit Cosmetics 2nd boutique tu! Goodie bag pun sangatttt best! Uuuhhh... Sooo jealouss. :D

  2. hey! how far is this store from kuatan.. i am a foreigner and my brother is there for his internship and i want him to buy the primer for me.... do u know any good cosmetic in malaysia and cosmetic store there?? thanks

    1. this is located at Kuala Lumpur. It is quite far from Kuantan (approx 200km) . Kuantan is at Pahang. Most cosmetics stores are located in Kuala Lumpur. You should pay Kuala Lumpur a visit!

  3. do u know any beauty shop in kuantan? my brother is in buket gambang resort city for internship... so want him to buy good primer for me... any suggestion near kuantan?? thanks

    1. im not sure about that, most cosmetics stores are in Kuala Lumpur.