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Salam & hello everyone! As promise, here is the another mascara from Yadah that I said I wanna review after I have review the other mascara called the Highlash mascara, you can read it here (link). If you have not read my previous post, as I mention, Yadah will be launch a few new product in conjunction for this coming Christmas. These products will be available in December together with the YES sale that will be happening in Sasa Malaysia.

This mascara claims to give you more superior lash volume and length without smudging and it is water resistance. Also it claims to be remove easily with luke warm water, contains ample cellulose to enrich your lash, free from Paraben, artificial fragrance and animal derivatives. Formulated with Yadah signature ingredient that is the Opuntia Ficus that said to nourish your lash. It is also safe for sensitive eyes.

Packaging wise, this also comes in a box packaging with details on it. The tube is made out of hard plastic. The wand is easy to hold and control. The comb of this mascara is curved a bit. This helps you to control better for that curling result for your lash. Compare this to the Highlash Mascara, I like this one better. This mascara claims to be a volumizing mascara, and really does. It does not clumps like the Highlash ones (It does a bit but it looks volumizing to my opinion)  and this does lengthens, volumize and curls! This also does not have funny scent to it. Easily removes with makeup remover and I am not sure about the warm water because I haven't tried that. I don't have a water heater at home, haha. This also works great on my bottom lashes. Note to this, I do curl my lash before and after using mascara to enhance the appearance of curled lash. The mascara helps to make it curler and thicker. I recommend this to anyone who have long lash but want that curled and volume lash look.

Name : Yadah Bloom Mascara Review
Price : RM35.00
Availability : (In December 2013)
Where To Buy : Stores - Sasa Malaysia, Online - Zalora.com.myHermo.my and MIVVA.com
Net Weight : 9g
Made in : Korea

You can also check out Sasa Malaysia YES sale! Starting today till 1 January. So check out these awesome deals if you wanna grab some Yadah products! You can read my previous review on Yadah product here (link)

More info go to :
Offcial Website (Korea) : http://www.yadah.co.kr/

This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

Have you tried Yadah Eye product?
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  1. Sab, you use what brand of eyelash curler ek? I tried a few curlers they don't give me proper curling effects haha :3

    1. I use no brand eyelash curler. They works just nice to me, and sometimes when I need precises curling, I use the Koji eyecurler. I have a review on it here : ^_^

      it is much more comfortable and wider. which helps to curl the roots of the lash mucch more easier.

  2. Cantik weh! Tak clump langsung! And ko pakai contact lens apa eh cantik gilos

    1. Freshkon Urban Grey, ada review dia (link- http://www.sabrinatajudin.com/2013/08/freshkon-mosaic-urban-grey-glasses.html)

  3. i have try many mascara but not suit with me.kebiasaannya ada smudge under my eyes.macam essence black mania.sab can u suggest the best mascara yg boleh nmpak i nye mata.sbb sikit sgt la ;(

    1. maybe you can try fiber base mascara. most commonly find in korean cosmetics mascara. why, because susah nk smudge sebab mascara fibre ni dia salut lash kita rather than coloring it. you may find it is easier to remove and bila kita remove tu dia keluar dr lash kita mcm "sock" if you get what I mean.