Mary Kay Glossy Lip Stain Fall 2013 Color Fairytales & Fantasy Collection


Salam & hello everyone!
A few last post I have reviewed one of the collection in Mary Kay Fairytales & Fantasy Fall 2013 collection. Here is another post about on of the collection that i the lip glossy stain. Consist of 2 colors, one dark and one more of a nude pink color.

Name : Mary Kay Glossy Lip Stain in Enchanted Mauve & Mulberry Forest
Price : RM48+
Where to buy Mary Kay Beauty Consultant (Refer here for list of Beauty Consultant)
Availability : 2 colors as above.
Made in : USA
Net Weight : 4.2ml

Sleek packaging! Comes with a elegant design box. Super pigmented and hydrating. The color payoff long for hours! No overpowering smell or I can say no smell/scent at all. Perfect for you who don't like scented lip gloss. Its not a semi/sheer lip gloss. Its like combining lipstick, lip stain and lip gloss. All in one.Awesome staying power and moisturizing too! It is not sticky at all and doe not feel like you are wearing lip gloss that kinda feeling.

The applicator is a lil stiff. Its like a brush applicator but stiffer like a plain plastic. I don't know why. A lil hard to remove since it stain you lips a big because it is really pigmented. I need to re-apply 3 time to get full coverage on my lips.

 photo 4halfstar_zps006b9d7c.png
It is a pretty amazing lip gloss. I love the color especially Mulberry Forest although it look more like a very deep blood color. I think its a perfect lip color for that enchanted evil look! hehe.. And it stains like no body business. If you kinda move around your lips and it gets out of your "lip area" means your skim, it will stain.


This product were send to me for product review purposes
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  1. Mulberry Frost is really like a killer :D so deep tapi cantik! Enchanted Mauve pulak sangat sweet ^_^

    1. killer kan! kalau nk buat vampy look im sure i grab this!

  2. Deep blood color!! Ai loike! perfect vamps look!

  3. Mulberry forest looks nyummy...kene grab nie...

  4. Alamak, cantiknya warna dia. Pastu glossy sangat! Mesti bila pakai rasa macam Angelina Jolie takpon Megan Fox. Hikhikhik.


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