January 2016 Favorites

It's been a while I know. Well better have it back then not having it back! It's my Monthly Favorites again where I show you on what I have been loving for the past month! I have quite back on my feet, there has been a an improvement in my recovery since the 1st trimester I have been facing. Sickness and not feeling very well. But oh hey, let see what I have been loving.

1. The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Cream
My current day moisturizer. Love this cream so much! I have review the whole range before and you can check it out here. I love this moisturizer, it's hydrating, it feels so nice on my skin, my skin does not feels dry and it does not feel sticky at all. Also I found that it has been a very good moisturizer to be worn under makeup. It holds up my foundation pretty well and the cream are just so easy to blend on my face. Love this!

2. Zoella Blissful Mistful Body Mist
The only scent I can wear while pregnant. i am not even joking. I have been very sensitive towards smells since I got pregnant. I hate most of my perfume. Not really hate but sniffing them makes me nausea and dizzy. I once told you guys that this body mist is not strong enough. But since I got pregnant, this is the only scent I have been wearing and I can bare. So hey, I almost finish this out and now I am worried. Where can I re purchase this! Grr! Superdrug are not available to be shipped to Malaysia. But they ship to Singapore. How ironic!'

3. NYX "butt naked" Underneath It All Palette
I got this palette for my birthday from my mom. The whole December I have been away from home and currently continuing to the January now I'm back, I have been reaching for this palette over and over again. I love the shades it have in this palette. It is not something I usually have in my makeup stash. The pigmentation is amazing and I just love it!

4. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
This is by far the best face primer I ever had! I always get compliment on how my foundation looks great and smooth. It does not clog my pores, glides smoothly on my face and makes my makeup application easy. This is the sample size, I might considering buying the full size later this year. I recommend this primer!

5. L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara
My Lash Sensational from Maybelline has dried up and I continue using this one. I love this mascara so much. Love the volumizing effect and how it makes my lower lashes long and thick. It is like what it says, Miss Manga. I love thick lashes and this mascara does it all. 
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SAS RevonLIPStion Lipstick by Sophie Paris Review

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Son Altesse Sophie also known as SAS is one of Sophie Paris Makeup Line range. In this line they also have face product such as Luminizer, Foundation, blushes, eye products such as brow pencil and many more. Sophie Paris is direct selling company which offers wide variety of products from fashion to beauty products. Launch in Malaysia in 2012 and have been spreading widely nationwide. Their products can be purchase through their authorized registered members and outlets. Today I will be reviewing their RevonLIPStion Lipstick. I have 6 shades with me here and let's get on to what I think about them.

They come in this dark silver like packaging, and they look pretty sleek! It is describe as a Long-wearing, stay true color lipstick and glides on smoothly  without the heavy feeling on the lips. Maybe because of the what, one of the lipstick are already melted on the middle. As I swatch it, it already broke. It is very creamy and does not feel drying on the lips. The color is true to what you see though the tube. There is no overpowering scent to these lippies. Some of the shade are opaque in just one swipe and some are pretty sheer. The colors are pretty bright to my preference as I am into nudes and dark plumy shades right now. Would not normally rock these but they do look gorgeous. 
From Left to Right are : SASRL2 Pretty, SASRL3 Lively, SASRL4 Yummy, SASRL6 Spicy, SASRL5 Trusty, SASRL7 Frisky. I could say the first shade Pretty, Lively and Yummy are pretty sheen compare to the other 3 shades. The pigmentation is okay, would need a few swipe for more opaque finish and they are not matte. They are more to a cream-sheen finish I could say. Among all my favorite is Lively and Trusty. They retails for RM35.00 (WM) / RM42.00 (EM) each. You can choose from 7 shades in this line and they are available at all participating Sophie Paris agent and outlet nationwide. More info go to : http://www.sophieparis.com.my/
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Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss Review | Now in Malaysia!

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Yes ladies. This is also a public announcement! Physicians Formula is now available in Malaysia. You can get wide range of this brand at any participating Watsons. Today I will be reviewing one of the product that yu can get in stores right now. This is the pH Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss. Got this as a PR sample and though giving my thoughts on it even tho I am not a lip gloss person. But their is something unique about this that you need to know. This product said to be the first ever lip gloss with pH power Complex. Which means a "technology" where the color of the product will turn into your natural shade or according to your warm body. If I say that right. Within 6 seconds, it will turn into a shade that definitely will flatter your natural skintone. What cool about this lipgloss is that first, it has a mirror, convenient for touch ups and also a LED right. Haha! 

The button is located on the top of the cap. So you party animal out there, this might be for you. Or maybe just a quick touch up in the car or other dark areas. I guess the packaging would be a great attraction to any lip gloss lover. I personally don't really wear this product as much as I try to. It has a smooth a less sticky feeling and if you looks closely, it has a nice silver sparkle in it. This lipgloss retails for RM50.80 each and have 3 shades option.

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Behind the scene | How do I blog?

Ever wonder what really happens before every blogpost? Wrapping up the last part of how I #makemagiceveryday with Windows 10 and Intel! I have been seriously blogging since 2011. Today it is now 2016! Crazaay! My blogging process pretty much change after time to time and I find new productive and easier way along the journey. How can I possibly imagine that by typing behind my laptop that sometimes I could not even imagine a life without it? It has been with me every single day without I realizing it. 

So! Enough jabbering! Let me show you what happens and how every post happens. Hope this will inspire you to blog even more maybe! So my blog is mainly about beauty products. Some products were sent to me and some are from my own purchase. So I like to list down on the idea or draft on what post should be up soon or drafted in Excel. I like to list it on my planner as well as on my excel list where I record all posting that I have done.

Move along I will do the first task which is picture taking. Sometimes I use my camera and sometimes with my phone. Pretty convenient when using my phone is that I could just send it to my OneDrive. From there I can get access to all of my pictures easily. I delete any pictures that I think I would not use and remain the ones I need to edit. This is where filing and folding up these files are important. As you know creating a folder and sorting out this using Windows is amazingly easy right. Then I edit my pictures using Photoshop. Sorting out is important. This way I can easily get access to the files that I will want to work with first. 
After editing I will work on my blogpost draft. Word comes in handy when I don’t have access to the internet. So I will type in my blogpost and will publish it later. Also the vocabulary and grammars are highlighted faster and more accurate there for a typo person like me. haha. It is very handy as my English is not perfect at all. 
Continue by arranging and uploading the pictures in my blog. After previewing it, I will publish it! That is the highlighted simple process I do when I publish a blogpost. How about you? How your computer has helped you to reach out and express yourself? I can't imagine what my life would be right now with all of the easy access to the internet world and doing my work with all of the Windows10 features and power of Intel. I hope you find how I #makemagiceveryday helpful and inspire you to make your own magic too! Visit the Make Magic website for more info!
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2016 Shopping Wishlist


I was a bit bored and I thought of doing this post. As you know I am a person who always have my wishlist updated. Haha. Of course, being a normal person who always have something to own or buy. Well I love shopping and I am not guilty about that. It makes me happy, who doesn't! So I made a 2016 shopping wishlist. So I can keep track on what to save for or else I will be spending on things I would not even really want to have. Here are some of the things I really would love to own this year. Most of the are pretty pricey so it would be a great target goals this year for me to work harder and stay motivated.

1. Dive into the Mac Lipsticks craze.
I never own any Mac lipstick and I think it is about time. As I felt more adult, I think I am into lipsticks nowadays. I wanted to start collecting Mac Lipstick as they always have wide varieties of shade selections and they are classic. I heard good reviews about them and they have tons of shades that I think I would love. So, I might be starting to buy them one at a time and collect them from now own. Share with me your favorite Mac lipstick if you have! Would be a great recommendation for me.

2. Own the Frends Layla Headphones in Rose Gold.
Gosh I have been wanting this since last year Zoella shows hers. It is this pretty splurgy headphone that well, obviously looks super pretty with its white and rosegold detailing. Also I love how this can be folded and it came with a  pouch to keep it safe. This can be bought at most designer online stores. It retails around RM600++ as for the currency now. So... A RM600++ head phone? I might be splurging on this if I have some surplus money or probably a birthday treat.

3. Complete single eyeshadow palette collection.
I want to start owning makeup that I really use and love. So will be slowing down on the eyeshadow palette I want and start investing on a good single shadow that I really use. As for now I have listed some Make up Geek eyeshadow that I want and I want to organize them in the MAC 15 empty palette. So, if I got to complete at least 2 of them, it would be a great accomplishment!

4. Have my first ever designer bag.
This might be the biggest one. I have been eyeing some some designer bag. Some of them are overly priced and I think so far Kate Spade bag are pretty decent to be owned. I saw they have open a new boutique here in Malaysia. I want to have my very own designer bag that I would mind splurging in. It would be the Kate Spade Small Cedar Bag. For now I want the one in Mulled Wine. They have in other colors. Let see if I can motivate my self on owning this bag. It is such a cute bag!

5. Try out some NARS products.
NARS are only available in KL. I stay in JB so its a bit hard for me to get their stuff. But if I have the chance to go back to KL and do some shopping, I would love to buy all of the NARS product that I have been wanting since years ago. Would love to try their products as they are one of the brand that people swear by as one of the best brand to splurge in. Looking forward for the foundation, blushes and bronzer.

6. It;s about time. Have a new phone.
I have been using my iPhone 5 for about 2-13 years now if I am not mistaken. It's getting old and I would love to have a new phone. Let see which model I can afford when it's about time. Of course I wanted the latest one, in rose gold but ya. They price. Urgh. I could buy 2 Kate Spade bag.

7. Convince my self to own some BBW candles.
The number of how many times I refuse to bring the candles to the counter and pay is countless. The selection of BBW candles here in  Malaysia is pretty sad to be honest, there are not much of a choice like what we usually see in the YouTube community BBW hauls. I'm pretty jealous but maybe they will bring more and I would love to own some and use it as a decor for my own home as we are planning to move into our new house. Would be a great decor and props for photography too!

8. Have some Martha Steward craft paints.
I have collected some and would be nice to have just a little bit more. I love these paints as they are multi purpose and I have wide list of DIY projects I wanna make with these paints. Lining up these paints and by looking at them are also therapeutic too haha! Of course I wanna do more crafty things this year. Been neglecting my hobby for quite sometime.

9. Have a new dressing table and makeup organization storage.
As we plan to move out I would love to reorganize my makeup section Wanna get rid of more stuff this year and only keep things I really use and not empty like what I did for the past year haha. Wanna get the Ikea dressing table, and maybe pair i with a large mirror on the front and a small drawer to keep other extra things. 

Well that is all I think. What is your biggest shopping wishlist this year? It is great to have goals and target so we can keep track on what we want and have some motivation to move forward and be better in doing things. Till next time!
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Maybelline BB & CC Cream Review

Today I will be reviewing these essential makeup products from Maybelline. When you are just starting makeup. BB Creams and CC Creams are a great choice to start with. They usually very natural and easy to wear. What is the different between BB & CC Creams? BB is basically a short form of Blemish Balm and CC is a short form of Color Corrector. You get the idea here. BB Creams usually helps to keep your skin healthy and CC Creams has more benefits towards giving you that perfect and most natural even skin tone. Best seller BB creams from Mayelline which is the Clear Smooth BB Cream. Comes in 2 shade options, Fresh & Natural. Mine shown here is in the shade Natural. 

The Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream is true to its colors. It is enriched with natural minerals that helps to transform your skin tone looking smooth and natural. The coverage I could say light - medium. A bit bailable but you will still need a concealer to get that perfect natural look. It is easy to blend and does not feel cakey. Less oilier feeling compare to the next one I am reviewing, the CC Cream. I recommend this to anyone, it might work for Oily skin.

The Maybelline White Superfresh CC Cream helps to give you that natural fair effect instantly at the same time protects your skin from harmful UV rays. When you squeeze out from the tube, it looks white, but as you blend it on your skin, it will turns into your natural skintone. Bt I could say it would look pretty fair to dark skin tone. The cream feels a bit chalky to my opinion. I only use this during days where my skin has less spot or no newly "pop" out pimples. It is a great cream for a very light cover during my casual days where I just want to have a bit of a skin correcting effect on my skin.
All Maybelline products are available all all participating pharmacies.
More info check out these links :
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It is easier with shortcuts on the Window

We want things to get done fast and easy. Today I will share you some tips and shortcuts for your Windows 10 computer. If you realize that the look and the "buttons" on your latest laptop keyboard has pretty much upgraded. Realize the Windows logo on your keyboard as shown above?  Yep that key is a masterpiece and the shortcuts to make your work flow even better. Let me show you some of my favourites.

1. Access to all of my favourite software : Press the Windows key
Using the one only button Windows click, I get access to all of the recent and most used apps. In Windows 10 I can arrange the app thumbnails according to what I love. It is more personalized!

2. Going back to my desktop : Press Windows + D
This is the desktop view of Windows 10. The menu start section is very convenient. I can personalize it to what I want. Get access to the things I love to browse and use to keep going and get my task done faster!

3. Search things I can't find : Press Windows + F
I easily forget where I store things sometimes. By just pressing Windows + F the search box pops out. Here I can just type in on what I want to search for and it will list all related stuff on it. Super handy especially when I have thousand of pictures and files to sort out.

4. Go to my Computer : Press Window + E
Of course, it is like access to the "brain". Sometimes I need to get back to my external drive or pen drive. Checking out the storage and files. I just typed in Windows + E and get access to my computer.
There are many more but these are the most frequent ones that I use to my everyday computer working flow access. These shortcuts can be use for your Windows computers. I hope you find this helpful on how I #makemagiceveryday with Windows 10!

For more info about making magic everyday like I do, visit the Make Magic website!

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Clinique Pop Lipstick & Eyeliner Review

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Just got the chance to try out more Clinique products. Today short review would be on their Pop Lipstick that claims to be a lipstick and a primer. Hmm.. Interesting. Another one is an eyeliner, called the Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen. Got both from the PR samples and I tried them for a few month right now. Clinique are available widely in Malaysia. I bet you gusy have pass by their beauty counter right.

Clinique Pop Lipstick in 12 Fab Pop
It is a rich, weightless formula that fuses bold, saturated color with a smoothing primer. You can choose from 17 shades available. It will delivers a lightweight formula that lasts for up to eight hours. Has a modern-velvet finish that said to stay comfortable on your lips. I love the packaging of course but I did not seems to see my self reach for this as much as I can remember. Maybe becasue of the shade. Fab Pop looks like a pink with a cool undertone witha  but of a lilac sheen to it. The texture is sooth but feels a but tacky on my lips. Maybe I should try other color. Each retails for RM83.00. (link)

Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen in 01 Black
It said to be a a 24-hour wear, eyeliner pen that delivers precise, dramatic lines. I could say it pretty much does the same as my other marker type eyeliner. Pretty pigmented but will need 2 layers of it for that total opaque line look. The tip is really easy to control and it goes smoothly even over eyeshadows. A pretty good eyeliner but maybe the price would be a bit steep compare to the ones you can get in the pharmacies/drugstores. Retails for RM85.00 each. (link)

More info / shop : 
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Hada Labo range that is great for Normal & Dry Skin

Left to Right : Cooling Gel Lotion, UV Perfect Gel, Hydrating Essence, UV Gel Sunscreen
If you have look forward in trying this best and one of Japan most favorite skincare brand and you have normal to dry skin. With its motto, Perfect X Simple. Check out these recommendations. I receive them a while back ago and tried them for quite sometimes. When I first getting into taking care of my skin, Hada Labo was one of the product I have tried and used. My favorite was its best selling face lotion. I could say they are one of a skincare brand that is worth trying. Below recommendation range from the early steps in a basic skincare regime till the last which is sunscreen. In this range the signature main ingredient are the 4 Types of Hyaluronic Acid. you can learn more about this at their website here.

Hada Labo Multifunction 5-in-1 Whitening Cooling Gel Lotion | RM63.50
Did you know that in Japan, toners are called lotion. But usually their "toner" comes in many foams of texture. This face lotion is one of their latest innovation where it act like a lotion, mask, essence, astringent and emulsion. To it eye catching name "cooling", because I love anything that soothes my skin, this lotion features a cooling and refreshing sensation to your skin. The texture is very jelly like but melts into water after you massage it in. It leaves my skin feel matte. It has a bit of a menthol scent to it. Along with that this lotion also has a whitening agent that helps to brightens your skin as this lotion also enriched with Vitamin C and Witch Hazel which helps to tighten your pores. I think it also works to help soothes your blemishes as that is one of the benefit of Witch Hazel. If you a simple kinda person and want a very light skincare routine. You can go for this alone. Might be good enough to provide you with hydration all day long. This comes in a plastic bottle which allow you to squeeze out the product to dispense the gel. This is advise to be use after cleansing your face.

Hada Labo 5-in-1 UV Perfect Gel | RM94.90
Looking for that one moisturizer that has it all? Check this out. This Perfect Gel acts as a moisturizer, Essence, Mask, Makeup Base and also a primer that also provides your skin with SPF 50+ PA++++. This is a moisturizer you should look forward if you have intense dry skin as this helps to give you that intense lasting hydration. Contains Hyaluronic Acid & Nano Hyaluronic Acid and also Vtamin C that is fine enough to penetrate to your skin. This moisturizer also work best as a base before applying your makeup. This has a bouncy cream texture that is not thick at all. Does not leave any greasy feeling. It has a medical scent to my opinion. Comes in a plastic jar. During the night, you can apply a bit more and act this as a sleeping mask. Best use this after cleansing and applying lotion/toner and before makeup.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence | RM74.00
Essence is an essential in a skincare regime. It is sometime said to be an option or an additional step in your skincare routine if you want an extra boost of care to your skin. Formulated with Moist24 Technology that said to provide your skin with 24 hours of hydration. Has 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid that has 3 times better concentration fully to the inner part of the skin. This essence helps to retain, lock and restore moisture to your skin. Recommended to be paired with the Hada Labo Hydration Lotion and by this way you will achieve 30% more moisture and last more than 7 hours   more. Best to be use after lotion and before moisturizer in patting motion. This essence is suitable for any skin types. It comes in a glass pump bottle that looks really sleek!

Hada Labo 5-in-1 UV Gel Sunscreen | RM52.90
Enough said, as I said this so many times. Sunscreen! It is so important! This sunscreen was created by them with a mission which is not only it protects your skin from harmful UV rays but also contains anture goodness to make sure your feels comfortable all day long. This also can be use as an essence, emulsion, Makeup Base and a face primer. so this is great to be use before makeup and after moisturizer. This sunscreen has a very light texture that does not leave any white cast effect and greasy feeling and also that typical sunscreen scent. The sun protection it provides are SPF 50+ PA++++. Pair this with the other range and you good to go!

You can purchase Hada Labo products at all leading pharmacies nationwide such as Watson, Guardian, AEON Wellness and many more. More info : http://www.hadalabo.com.my/
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Customize your own shoe | Christy Ng Haul

Now I got the time to be a bit fancy. Been sick for a few months now and I am pumped to get dolled up back. I got 2 shoes from a local shoe designer brand, none other than Christy Ng. Known for its unique custom shoe and wedding shoes! The first one I got is a flat. A glittery flat. I wanted a rose gold champagne color but they don,t have it. So I got this one. It reminds me of the Louboutin sparkle flat. haha. Without having to splurge, this looks cute to me! It is pretty comfy and I love how the chunky glitters gives a bit of a vibe to my simple look. The second one I got is this lace purple heel. You can never go wrong with lace shoes! 
Christy Ng sells and offers wide variety of shoes. They have a lot of design to choose from and they are ready stocks. They also have ready to wear clothes such as bridesmaid clothes and unique selections of bags. You got to check out their signature fan clutch. Super gorgeous! All I can say is if you are looking for that perfect wedding shoe. They have a lot of choices for you! More than you can imagine.

You can also design your own shoe!

Choose from high heels to pumps. All types of material such as lace, satin, metalic and more. Styles from with strap or without. The possibility is endless. Price are varies depends on design, style and type of shoe. Now you can get that perfect shoe for that special occasion! They ship internationally too! Check them out to find out more! Shop at : http://www.christyng.com/
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More Reason to stay home & shop online | Picodi.my

Here are more reason to shop! I got more coupon sites to recommend to you guys. You have to be smart, you don;t always have to over spend when you can save. I discover a new coupon site where it offers tons of discounts and offers. Great thing is that this site offers internationally. If you are reading this and you are interested but you are not living here, you can still continue reading. I got some features to show you on what Picodi.my has to offers.
You can browse on brands. online stores that you love easily. Just right on the home page there is a big search box where you can just type in and search for sites you wanted to pay some visit, and of course get some shopping done faster. Click on the top bar "Top 50" to see what is trending and what people have been loving and also you can save or highlight discounts you love and list it on the My Discount section. There you can sign up for an account (it's FREE), and keep track on your favorite deals and offers.
Of course here are some of the deals from my favorite brand and stores! Talk about makeup products at Hermo. I bet you guys have a whole lot of list on Korean or maybe Taiwan beauty products you want. Don't forget to click on the "Get the Deal" button to redeem your offer. Have eyeing on some The Body Shop products after I have done some reviews on them? They also have it here for you. Also, some fashion clothes, my favorite ThePoplook and Zalora! They have amazing selections and what is better when you can get more discount/offers on them. Remember to choose the offer you like and click "Get the Deal" button! For some cases, just simply click on the deals and there will be an instructions you can follow. Pretty easy right? And super helpful.

It is a pretty simple straight forward website that s user friendly for any first timer or a offers deal hunter out there. Look out for more offers from many reputable brands such as Pizza Hut, Food Panda (feeling hungry right now), travel offers code such as for Qatar Airlines, Expedia, easy book, and more stuff such as Sony discounts deals, Adidas and many many more! So don;t tell me I did not share my shopping secrets! Get your deals now at Picodi Malaysia now!

Get your discount codes here : http://picodi.my/
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Major B Haul | Korean Beauty Products

There is a new online stores in town and I bet you gonna love it! Korean beauty products are widely accepted here in Malaysia kan. So I got more options and recommendations for you to choose from! Today online store feature is a store called Major B. Newly launch this year and I got a few things and would like to share with you guys what I got. So let see what I got. All of the products I haven't try it yet, just a first impression/thoughts on the first look. Let see now what I got. Stop babbling Sabrina!
Tony Moly Limited Edition Atom Real Made Mask Sheet #Nutrition-made | RM8
As cute as it looks the packaging attracts me! This mask is for Nutrition and Hydration. Infused with coconut butter and coconut oil.

Leaders Aquaringer Skin Clinic Mask | RM12
I tried a few mask from Leaders and they are pretty amazing. Might wanna give this one a try next.

Mediheal Limited Edition Line Friends Mask Ampoule Mask | RM14 each
I got 3 variants (left to right) and they are #N.M.F Aquaring, #P.D.F A.c Dressing & #I.P.I Lightmax. So sayang to use. So cute and looks so nice as a collection hey. haha! All 3 types of mask have different purposes. Might give it a try.

Etude House Silk Scarf Damage 2x #Argan Seed | RM8
A hair mask. might wanna pamper my hair for sometime. This one is in Argan Seed. They have in other options such as Avocado Seed, Camelia Seed & Jojoba Seed. Use this after washing your hair.

Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Powder | RM10
A unique product where you dissove the powder in a water and it will carbonate. SUe the water to cleanse your face. Interesting beauty product to try out.Also said to be a sparkling bubble massage. Uu sound fancy!
Aritaum Babyface Mist #Tea Tree | RM68
A face mist that infused with Tea Tree. Great for the days where my skin decide to give me some spots. -_-.This spray said to help cool down my skin during hot weather in just one spray. Might be handy when I am outdoors.

The Saem Chocopie Hand Cream #Choco Cookie | RM34
It is not a chocolate. Its a hand cream! Super cute! Of course, the gimmicky choco pie packaging attracts me. Wonder how this smells like. Might give this a review.

It's Skin Macaron Holiday Edition Tinted Lip and Cheek #Peach Gelato | RM40
Lip balm in a macroon packaging. How could I not fall for this. I own 3 of these and adding one more to my collection. Might review all of them in one post. Stay tune!

Laneige Intense Lip Gel #9 Loyal Red | RM85
The Play No More trend has not only gone into the fashion industry but also beauty. This is the Play No More lip edition with Laneige. Super cool! I got in the shade Loyal Red.

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack #Pomegranate & #Green Tea | RM8 each
Seen this everywhere. There are alot of options to choose from. Can't wait to try this!

That is all! I hope you enjoy and let me know if you want an individual review on any products I have shown you. Might wanna give my thoughts after trying these stuff. Check out below links to find out more! Tata!

More info / shop : http://www.major-b.com/
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