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How cool when you can get a multi use on a single product. I have been featuring a few face products before and this time is a different kind of thing. It is a serum that you can use for your face as well as treating hair/scalp problems. I got this a few weeks ago and have been using it ever since. Since I am away from home for the whole December, this has become my handy product and I wanted to share with you guys about it! 

The full name of this serum is Serralon Nutraderma Serum, also known as "SNS". Formulated with this unique ingredient called Cultured Coconut Concentrate “C3” and also Aloe Vera this sleek serum that comes in a matte finish glass bottle and also a separate pump will help you out also as a natural sunscreen. It means, it protects your skin from harmful rays along side keeps your skin from aging with it anti-oxidants. It is suitable for any skin types but best for people who have dry skin as this helps to moisturize your skin naturally. Also helps to combat pigmentation/dark spot, wounds, scars and scalp.
As you know Aloe Vera is one of the best ingredient or substance that is good for your skin. Which this makes this serum is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.  In a way, this serum relieves my pain after I pop out my pimples. Haha. It reduce the redness of my scratched skin and also the bumps of my acne. It also prevent from skin infection on your wounds. It does not have any weird scent, just plain serum I could say. No overpowering fragrance at all. 
As for now I am travelling. I stayed in a hotel. The room tempreture is pretty much hard to be controlled. As for that the serum turns cloudy, but this does not affect the benefits at all. It works fine with me. As it has a jelly like texture, pretty hard to dispenses the product out at first because the pump is separated in the box. You will need to put the pump yourself when you first got it. The texture as I said is jelly like but it absorb just like water after I blend it in. So I like to rub it on my hand first before massaging it on my face also for my scalp, I rub it on my hand first and then I massage it on my scalp. Whats left, I just go through all of it through my hair.
It has become my staple product for now. As I am away from home, I use this basically everyday for my face and hair. I have been wearing hijab all day long and this helps to keep my hair from damage and dry. My scalps feels less itchy too. It also said that this serum can be a "skin detox". vii. from the ingredient that I mention before which is the C3. See below graphic on how amazing the secret ingredient called the C3 is! By protecting your skin  detoxifying existing chemicals buildup in your skin cells and prevent new damage. Be sure to check out this serum all links provided below! 

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