It is easier with shortcuts on the Window

We want things to get done fast and easy. Today I will share you some tips and shortcuts for your Windows 10 computer. If you realize that the look and the "buttons" on your latest laptop keyboard has pretty much upgraded. Realize the Windows logo on your keyboard as shown above?  Yep that key is a masterpiece and the shortcuts to make your work flow even better. Let me show you some of my favourites.

1. Access to all of my favourite software : Press the Windows key
Using the one only button Windows click, I get access to all of the recent and most used apps. In Windows 10 I can arrange the app thumbnails according to what I love. It is more personalized!

2. Going back to my desktop : Press Windows + D
This is the desktop view of Windows 10. The menu start section is very convenient. I can personalize it to what I want. Get access to the things I love to browse and use to keep going and get my task done faster!

3. Search things I can't find : Press Windows + F
I easily forget where I store things sometimes. By just pressing Windows + F the search box pops out. Here I can just type in on what I want to search for and it will list all related stuff on it. Super handy especially when I have thousand of pictures and files to sort out.

4. Go to my Computer : Press Window + E
Of course, it is like access to the "brain". Sometimes I need to get back to my external drive or pen drive. Checking out the storage and files. I just typed in Windows + E and get access to my computer.
There are many more but these are the most frequent ones that I use to my everyday computer working flow access. These shortcuts can be use for your Windows computers. I hope you find this helpful on how I #makemagiceveryday with Windows 10!

For more info about making magic everyday like I do, visit the Make Magic website!

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  1. The Sims 4! Saya masih setia dgn Sims 3 ^^v

    After upgrading to Windows 10, I face a lot of problems but now okay dah.