Get Ready with Me Feat Chriszen Makeup

Get ready with me while I talk through each of these newly launch product from Chriszen! Watch above video okay ladies! I will show you a basic makeup routine using these products. It is not heavy and perfect for everyday! Basically what I will go for everyday. Here in this post I will go in depth about each product info so you can learn more about them. I have 3 types here, the Roller Moist Cream Ampoule Plus Foundation that comes in 2 shades, the Pearl Loose Powder and the Lip Tinted Stick. 

1. Chriszen Roller Moist Cream Ampoule Plus Foundation
This unique product has a very eye catching packaging where as you can see there is this roller on the top part. Describe as a roller type foundation that will gives you perfect coverage with its advance application. The roller will help to cover up and give you that even application in result covers up imperfections such as scars and spot on your face easily. Best use after using your moisturizer or serum or even primer. 
Comes in 2 different shade option. They look pretty similar but they have different tone to it. natural Beige is more of a cool tone while Honey Beige is more of a warm tone. I use Honey Beige in my video and it fits my skin tone perfectly! Love how the colors are true and does not leave any white cast or patchiness,
Regarding the roller itself, it is detachable, so it means you can clean it and put it back easily. The roller is made out of a very soft sponge that feels soft on the skin. Does not leave streaky-ness when applying it. But you will need sometime to get use to the roller, as for me I like to roll it on my face and make sure there is no more product on the roller, and roll it on my face to even out the foundation. On first time dispensing the product it can be a bit messy. But overall I really really love the foundation, it is builadble, medium to high coverage without the cakey feeling. very moisturizing and covers up imperfections perfectly!

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2. Chriszen Pearl Loose Powder
This loose powder is a powder you need to look forward if you love matte finish or doll matte skin kinda look. It is best for people who have oil skin too. It provides a brightening effect, pore-less, oil control  and fresh effect for your skin. Your skin will look smoother in seconds!  It said that this loose powder have great long lasting effect and it is fine enough to give you that pore-less smooth skin and fills in smalls imperfections.
The packaging reminds me of the Moist cake, the best selling product from Chriszen.One of their debut product and I have review it before. This loose powder comes in 2 shades. The light beige is pretty much very light. Looks like a translucent powder. The Medium Peach has more of a skin tone color. I love both shades and I use both of them,. Learn ways on how to use it in many way in my video. I use it for under my eye, set my foundation as well as highlighting my face features.
It also comes with a puff. I use it to set my powders on my face as well as the dabbing motion becomes easier with this puff. I love these loose powders as there are so many ways of using it. It is very lightweight and perfect to be use to set my foundation. It does not caked up and a little goes a long way. 

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3. Chriszen Lip Tinted Stick
It can be a liptick, lip tint and even a lip liner. The size of this lip product is very versatile. It is the Lip Tinted Stick. Comes in 4 different shade and it comes in a build in sponge tip on the bottom part so you can use it to blend in the lip color on to your lip. These lippies are very pigmented and they last on y lips long hours. They stain on my lips and that is where the staying power is proved.
 There is no nude shade in this lip tinted stick. All of them are bright colors. Tangy Tangerine is a red with orange undertone, Charming Red is a true red tone, Candy Pink is a true barbie pink shade and Flawless Fuchsia is a true raspberry shade.
Here are the swatches for the Roller Moist Cream and the Loose Powder. I hope you find this post helpful and do check out the links below to find out more, learn more and shop!

More info and shop/order check out these links :

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