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There is a new online stores in town and I bet you gonna love it! Korean beauty products are widely accepted here in Malaysia kan. So I got more options and recommendations for you to choose from! Today online store feature is a store called Major B. Newly launch this year and I got a few things and would like to share with you guys what I got. So let see what I got. All of the products I haven't try it yet, just a first impression/thoughts on the first look. Let see now what I got. Stop babbling Sabrina!
Tony Moly Limited Edition Atom Real Made Mask Sheet #Nutrition-made | RM8
As cute as it looks the packaging attracts me! This mask is for Nutrition and Hydration. Infused with coconut butter and coconut oil.

Leaders Aquaringer Skin Clinic Mask | RM12
I tried a few mask from Leaders and they are pretty amazing. Might wanna give this one a try next.

Mediheal Limited Edition Line Friends Mask Ampoule Mask | RM14 each
I got 3 variants (left to right) and they are #N.M.F Aquaring, #P.D.F A.c Dressing & #I.P.I Lightmax. So sayang to use. So cute and looks so nice as a collection hey. haha! All 3 types of mask have different purposes. Might give it a try.

Etude House Silk Scarf Damage 2x #Argan Seed | RM8
A hair mask. might wanna pamper my hair for sometime. This one is in Argan Seed. They have in other options such as Avocado Seed, Camelia Seed & Jojoba Seed. Use this after washing your hair.

Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Powder | RM10
A unique product where you dissove the powder in a water and it will carbonate. SUe the water to cleanse your face. Interesting beauty product to try out.Also said to be a sparkling bubble massage. Uu sound fancy!
Aritaum Babyface Mist #Tea Tree | RM68
A face mist that infused with Tea Tree. Great for the days where my skin decide to give me some spots. -_-.This spray said to help cool down my skin during hot weather in just one spray. Might be handy when I am outdoors.

The Saem Chocopie Hand Cream #Choco Cookie | RM34
It is not a chocolate. Its a hand cream! Super cute! Of course, the gimmicky choco pie packaging attracts me. Wonder how this smells like. Might give this a review.

It's Skin Macaron Holiday Edition Tinted Lip and Cheek #Peach Gelato | RM40
Lip balm in a macroon packaging. How could I not fall for this. I own 3 of these and adding one more to my collection. Might review all of them in one post. Stay tune!

Laneige Intense Lip Gel #9 Loyal Red | RM85
The Play No More trend has not only gone into the fashion industry but also beauty. This is the Play No More lip edition with Laneige. Super cool! I got in the shade Loyal Red.

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack #Pomegranate & #Green Tea | RM8 each
Seen this everywhere. There are alot of options to choose from. Can't wait to try this!

That is all! I hope you enjoy and let me know if you want an individual review on any products I have shown you. Might wanna give my thoughts after trying these stuff. Check out below links to find out more! Tata!

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  1. Been wanting to try the Innisfree Capsule packs for awhile now. Nak tunggu your review first :p

    1. Alright! Will try it soon and in shaa Allah will post a review on it! ;D

  2. Chocopie tu rasa nak makan je...hehe...waiting for your review too... :)

    1. Nampak macam snack kan. hehe.. ok nnti sab review!