Shamanuti Skincare Range Review

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A well known natural skin care called the Shamanut. It is a modern skin care line that promotes botanical ingredients from the heritage of Americans. They are carefully formulated to create these luxurious skin care and effective skincare that also allows the skin to breathe and have calming sensation. It has a simple lab looking packaging that I love. I tried their best seller skin care and below are my thoughts <3

Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser (30 ml)
This cleanser was rated the Best Cleanser by Petite Vour. This Charcoal base cleanser is formulated with Activated charcoal to detox your skin, Lemon & Sugar Cane as a gentle exfoliant for your skin and much more such as Citic Acid as a PH Balance for your skin. The activated charcoal also helps to neutralize acidity and absorb impurities naturally from your skin. This cleanser is perfect for people who have sensitive skin and very effective in reducing acne, rosacea, and eczema. Also, did you know your man can use it too as a shaving cream and deodorizing body wash? Cool! 

I find that this cleanser does not really foams but effectively clean my face from all the dirt. My face feels fresh and matte. I love that feeling! My husband tried it and said it does hydrate his skin even after shaving. Also, he said the zit he got a few night ago reduced faster than before. The one I got here is the travel size. It also comes in a big full-size pump bottle.

Shamanuti Seaweed Toner (30 ml)
Toner that comes with a spray bottle always excites me. It is hassle free. This seaweed toner ain't no ordinary. It is formulated with anti bacterial properties such as Black Willowbark. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory from dead sea salt, essential oil blend, North Atlantic Kelp, & Tea Tree. It also has emollients from the dead sea salt & Polysorbate.

It said that this nutrient and mineral rich toner adjusts pH and refines the pores. It will nourish and hydrate the skin while removing any residual makeup or cleanser. I usually just spray this all over my face and some times I use a cotton pad to gently wipe outwards after cleansing my face. It leaves fresh relaxing scented feeling after using it. My skin feels much hydrated after using this. 

Shamanuti The Essential Serum (15 ml)
Now let's get into the star of the whole set I tried. I'm loving serum right now and this has been one of them. It is the Shamanuti Essential Serum. It is a concentration of active ingredients such as Sweet orange, Lemon, Rose, Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, Bilberry, Coenzyme Q10, Cranberry, Pro-Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Citric Acid, Sugar Maple, Meadowfoam Oil, Carrot Oil and many much more. It helps to improve your skin firmness and tone your skin. But do take note that this product may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Use a sunscreen for prolonged or intense sun exposure. They recommend Shamanuti Tinted Moisturizer offers light daily sun protection as does Shamanuti Crème No. 1.

This serum is pretty light on the skin actually despite   how concentrate it is with so many ingridients. It takes about a minute to settle in to my skin. i use this after toner.

Shamanuti Pumpkin Enzyme Masque (118 ml)
Pumpkin! The scent of this mask is like real fresh pumpkin too. Do take note that this Pumpkin Enzyme Masque contains some light spice ingredients for the purpose of increasing circulation. There is where I experience a tingling sensation. This mask is packed with natural antioxidants, enzymes and has over 100 beneficial nutrients. This helps to increase the rate of cell renewal, transforming dull complexions to bright and healthy skin. 

I usually use mask pack after toner. I apply a thin layer on to my face and after 5-10minutes. Rinse of with room temperature water. 

I hope you enjoy and find this post helpful. Do check out below links to learn more about Shamanuti Skincare Range.

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IN2IT BB 24 Hour 5 In 1 Make-Up Cream First Impression, Test & Review

Hello, everyone! I just settle down for a bit with my moving process.  also got a new lighting for my video! Yay! *pops confetti*. I was so excited and I decide to do a little review on this new BB Make-Up Cream that I found out recently. It is from IN2IT and it is called the BB Cream 24 hours 5 in One Makeup. Watch my video below for my first impression and how it really performs on my skin.

It comes in 2 shades. Natural & Flesh. I went for Flesh shade in the video as I find the yellow undertone in it matches my skin perfectly. Why 5 in 1? This BB Make-Up Cream is amazing! It can be your Foundation as this has full coverage just like a foundation will give you. But at the same time, it won't leave your face looking cakey and it blends so nicely on to the skin.You will no need to prep your skin with a base or primer as this also comes with that benefit. It can also be your Makeup Base & Primer as this smoothes pores and control sebum. It is also infused with Vitamin E, Olive Derivatives, and Aloe Vera. Due to its amazing coverage, this can also be your concealer. If you watched my video, it really covers my redness and spots. Lastly, it can be your Sun Protection as this BB Make-Up Cream comes in sun protection of SPF50+. Protecting your skin from harmful UV Rays.
Here is a before & after image after using the IN2IT BB Make-Up Cream. I love the texture of the BB Make-Up Cream. It is not too thick or too light. It blends so nicely on to the skin and the coverage is buildable.

After applying the BB Make-Up Cream I set it with the loose powder that it came with the introduction pack. This loose powder comes in 1 shade that is so natural and can suit any skin tone. The texture of the loose powder is very fine and most likely reminds me of a translucent powder. Does not leave any white cast effect but kind of really blends into the natural skin-tone. It comes in a jar and also comes with a puff.
From the image above you can see that the loose powder really has a natural finish. It sets my makeup and leaves my skin feels comfortable and matte. Usually, the loose powder comes in a huge jar but I kinda adore and appreciate how compact this loose powder is. Very travel-friendly! Love the pink lid too hehe. I have dry skin so I don't really touch up during the day. If you have oily skin, you ca keep this in your bag for touch up. This loose powder absorb excess oil and mattifies your face leaving your skin feeling comfortable.
I hope you enjoy my review on this BB Make-Up Cream. I really recommend this BB Make-Up Cream to you if you love something that is quick, full coverage but still, gives you a natural finish. The price is affordable too! Get yourself the introduction pack where only retails for RM37.90 and you will get a free Loose Powder.
More info visit :

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Reduce pigmentation & get fairer brighter skin with ME Clinic Elsa Brightening Treatment | Review & Experience

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So far my skin is good just my concerns are acne scarring and dull skin. So I decided to give my self a Laser treatment for some help onto my skin problem. I went for a treatment called Elsa Brightening Treatment. This treatment has no downtime, helps to rejuvenate skin texture, even uneven skin tone, diminish pigmentation, give skin looking glowing, stimulates collagen and of course brighten the skin. The process starts with a consultation to make sure that the treatment is really suitable for my skin. 
Then they help to remove my makeup and then they apply this numb cream. it takes about 15 minutes for the cream to set in. Then, it is time for the laser treatment. The Elsa Brightening Treatment. It is conducted by the doctor. For the first time, it does a bit of a shock (haha, dont get me in a wrong way), but it is bearable. It is because of my fine hair around my face. The process took about 45 minutes.
After the Elsa BrighteningTearment laser process, my skin feels a bit tight but in a good way. Then theya pply this cooling aloe vera gel on to my face to cool down my face. 
The treatment is pretty straightforward and fast. I love it! Here is a before and after picture. As you can see in just one treatment my face does look much more awake and brighter. 
You can also go for an additional supplement that they offer such as these skin Clarity Cream and Crystal Tomato Plus. but I am breastfeeding, so I don't take it. It is advisable to not use any whitening or skin lightening skincare for a week after this treatment.
Here is me after the treatment I went from the Johor ME Clinic branch. 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I repeat my 2nd treatment at the Time Square branch. I just moved into Selangor a few weeks ago, so I choose this location then. The first treatment I went was in Johor.
 Dr David consult me on my skin condition after my 1st one. So far all is good!
My face after the numb cream. Have to wait for 15 minutes to get it set onto my skin. Then it was removed and Dr. David did the Elsa Brightening Treatment on to my skin. Same as before, after that his assistance cool it down with the aloe vera treatment.
I am loving my skin. Below is how my skin looks, less pigmentation and brighter. I felt that my makeup application are much smoother and get less cakey. I will definitely do a follow-up treatment to maintain this.

There are many other treatments you can try such as Laser Treatment, PRP treatment, Botox, Filler,
Blanco Le Peel, Chemical Peeling, Thread Lift, Medical Face Spa, and more. Here is all ME Clinic branch that you can visit. Free Consultation fee if you mention my name "SABRINA". Do give them a call to book your appointment today!

ME Clinic (JOHOR)
No.11, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300, Skudai, Johor.
Phone : +6018-231 8122

ME Clinic (KL)
L6-18, Melawati Mall, 355, Jalan Bandar Melawati, Pusat Bandar Melawati, 53100 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone : +603-41617226 or +6018-664 8122 

ME Clinic (KL)
LG-18, Lower Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, No.1, Jalan Imbi, 55100, Kuala Lumpur.
Phone : +603-2143 3866

More info check out these links :
Facebook -
Instagram -
Website -
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Organic Baby Care Products I'm loving | Little Innocents

A natural chemical free product for my son is very important to me. A little he is, I need to make sure he gets the best and safe product used for him everyday. I was introduced to this brand called Little Innocents. This brand is from Australia and has been in Malaysia for the past 10 years. All Little Innocents products are certified organic by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and is one of the world's most stringent organic certification. Yes, all Little Innocent products are chemical free. This means that all our products are 100% chemical and also can be used to treat skin problems such as eczema. Products from head to toe can be found such as lotion, nappy rash cream, talc free powder and more. Also, all of the products leave my son smelling good too as all of them are formulated with natural essential oils. Here are some of the products I tried.
Little Innoscents Paw Paw Balm 50ml - Look at the catchy name, paw paw~! Haha. This paw paw balm is a multi-purpose balm that can help to heal dry lips, cracked hands, nappy rash and also dry nipples problem. It is just like the usual petroleum jelly but the paw paw balm is formulated with 'Carica papaya extract' and is filled with nourishing beeswax, shea butter, and calendula. I love how versatile this balm is, I also use it and love using it to massage Aryan's leg area where it is dry. This retails for RM31.80 and you can ourchase it here.
Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream 75ml - This not only meant for the sore baby bump but also perfect for stressful skin conditions. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and a potent organic formulation. Contains ingredients such as Healing Calendula Extract which is a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient to help calm the skin. This can also be used to soothes insects bites and reduce sunburns for your love ones. Your husband feeling left out? Tell him that this can also be an after shave cream to help reduce the itchiness and redness after shaving! This retails for RM39.25 and you can get it here.
Little Innoscents Hair & Body Wash 250ml - Smelling good with this all-in-one body wash that is scented with heavenly essential oils of Spearmint, Lavender, and Sweet Orange. It is naturally low suds and sulfates free and safe for sensitive skin. I love this all in one body wash for my son. I have low foams and are gentle on my son's skin. On certain body wash, can cause my son redness, especially on the neck, are. But this does not do that! This retails for RM45.60 and you can get it here.
Little Innoscents Milky Whites Toothpaste 50ml - My son has started brushing his tooth. it is good to start early according to my dentist friend. A less minty type of toothpaste and also fluoride-free toothpaste perfect for toddlers. This toothpaste is free of surfactants, artificial sweetener, and mineral oil. I usually will just put it on my fingertips and gently rub Aryan's teeth with it and then rinse off. He laughs when I do that to him, don't know what is funny about it haha. This retails for RM18.00 and you can get it here.
Little Innoscents Winter Blues Balm 75ml - A very useful organic rub during uneasy moment for Aryan. It is free from petroleum oils and made from certified organic oils butter and gentle enough to use from birth. Best to use before bedtime by massaging it onto baby's feet and it will leave baby feeling comfortable and soothes them. this can also be used on their chest and this helps to let them breathe easily. can also be used to reduce sinuses by just placing a bit of it under your nose. This retails for RM39.25 and you can get it here.
Little Innoscents Mineral Powder 100g - A talc free powder, what else can you ask for! It safe for everyone. It is free from toxins, this powder provides long-lasting protection against moisture that can cause odor, itching, and chafing. Has a scent of fresh organic spearmint and lavender essential oils. I am a powder person and I find that applying powders can leave body feel very comfortable. Love using this after Aryan had his shower. Also, did you know moms can make this as a face mask, simply add a few drops of water until becoming paste and apply it on to the face for 15 minutes and rinse off! Helps to clear blackheads. This retails for RM31.80 and you can get it here.
Little Innoscents Goat's Milk Bar 100g - As you know goat milk has a lot of benefits. I love drinking it too. this Goat Milk Bar helps to soothe dry itchy skin It is enriched with Goat’s Milk, Manuka Honey and Ylang Ylang. Best for sensitive skin. You can use this during shower, to wash your hand and of course to use it on your baby during bath time. This retails for RM14.85 and you can get it here.

Little Innoscents Moisture Rich Body Lotion 100ml - A classic favorite. All over body lotion. I love the Ylang Ylang and Lavender scent it leaves me and my baby. If I am not using the paw paw balm , I will use this for my baby. It has Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil and Shea Butter, that is, of course, free from mineral oil, petrochemicals and parabens. This retails for RM45.60 and you can get it here.

More info/Shop visit these links:
Facebook page :
Instagram page :

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How to receive a FREE sample of Little Innoscents?
1. Like our Facebook page HERE.
2. Message our Facebook page and type "I would love to try Little Innoscents!" and include your details as below:
Email address:
Street address:
Contact number:

More info :

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Pork Free Dim Sum Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur | Oriental Chinese Cuisine, Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar

I start to feel hungry again when I am writing this post. I can still remember the dim sum that I had last week! Oh god, it was good! I had ever wanted to try dim sum but I could not find a restaurant that I can trust. Glad Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar serve pork free dim sum & Chinese Cuisine food at their Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant located at Level 1.
The restaurant is spacious and for me it's perfect to dine in with your family for some special celebration and occasion. I already had plans to bring my mom for her birthday as she loves Chinese food. I bet she gonna love this.
Now let me just start with what I had! These are some of the dishes I had last week. I might be able to describe much about it as I don't really know the ingredients and traditional history of each menu haha. All I can say is they are really good!
Cheung Fun with Yu Zha Gui (RM12.00) per plate. I got to say I love how soft it is on top and crispy on the bottom. It gets good with the sambal too!
 Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Bird's Nest (RM20.00) per plate of 3 pcs. Soft outside and love how it is loaded with loads of shrimp inside.
 Steamed Caviar Siu Mai (RM16.00) per plate of 3 pcs. The tenderness of the meat and shripm.
Dried Scallop Siu Mai (RM16.00) per plate of 3pcs. Shrimp Shrimp Shrimp, loads of shrimp, I love it!
 Black Truffels Shrimp Dumplings (RM18.00) per plate of 3pcs.
 Preserved Vegetables with Roasted Duck Bun (RM12.00) per plate of 3pcs. It's like a "pau" but smaller and the meat inside has a sweet-savory taste to it.
Green Tea Bun with Salted Egg Yolk Custard Cream (RM12.00) per plate of 3pcs. My husband, me and my son favorite! Its so good! Love the salty sweet custard cream inside this bun!
Crispy Seafood Roll with Cheese (RM15.00) per plate of 3pcs. A must-try dish! Super soft crispy and cheesy! Taste even better with its special sauces.
Signature Pearl Glutinous Rice wrapped with Lotus Leaf (RM15.00) per plate of 2pcs. It reminds me of Lemang Berlauk haha. The inside contains salted egg yolk and duck wrap with a soft flavoured rice.
Tobiko Lobster Siu Mui (RM18.00) per plate of 3. Love the tenderness of the lobster meat and topped with the fish egg. Super nice.
Here is the overview menu of the whole dim sum ranges. Available daily during lunchtime, 12pm - 3pm.
Other than that you can also order their ala carte dishes that are also available during lunch hour and dinner time.
 Some of the menus are dishes with different types of cooking styles you can choose. All fishes are fresh out of their own tank!
I really recommend this place. I can't want to come here again. All of the menu are pork free and most of them are seafood.

More info & Location as below :
Oriental Chinese Cuisine Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar
Level 1, No. 1 Jalan Pantai Jaya, Tower 3
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Available Daily : 12pm – 3pm (Lunch Time Only)
Contact : 03-2298 1888
Website :  /
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