My Fav Recipe Neula Green Grape Nutritious Gel Review + Giveaway

There is something about a multi purpose product that can be your everyday staple favorite. The crave over Aloe Vera gel is all over the place. I discover a new one which is made from green grape that also has a lot of benefits as the aloe vera pnes. This product is from My Fav Recipe Neula. It comes in a plastic jar and contains a whole lot of product in it. Each jar contains 300g of product. This Green Grap nutritious gel is imported from South Korea and it can be used for your whole body. It is formulated with good stuff such as Vitamin C & E also formulated without Ethanol, Alcohol, Parabens, Animal Ingredients, Artificial Colouring, Benzophenone.

The texture of this gel is obviously like a gel. It has a transparent gel like texture and melts into your skin like a water and leave my skin with a cooling sensation. No sticky feeling or greasy feeling which I love. This can be used all over your body and suitable for any skin types. You can use it for your hair to moisten up dry hair, rub between your finger to moisturize dry cuticle, give a cooling sensation by massaging it on to your feet to heal cracked feet or even use it as a face moisturizer. It also can be used to heal sunburn. I love the grape like the scent it has. If you would like to try it, why not by joining my giveaway! I'm giving out 5 jars to 5 lucky winners!

More info about Kiray products got to
You can get this at all participating Guardian Outlets for RM31.90 each.
I will be giving out 5 jars of these to my lucky 5 followers! Go to my Instagram here (click me) to join the giveaway. Starts from today till 16th August 11:59pm.
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  1. Lamanya tak jejak blog Sab, teringat balik kenapa hari2 dulu mesti baca blog. Please more posts on life as a mummy now. <3

  2. OMG This is new! I absolutely love the brand. I have used 90% of my snail moist mask. Can't wait to try this one.