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A natural chemical free product for my son is very important to me. A little he is, I need to make sure he gets the best and safe product used for him everyday. I was introduced to this brand called Little Innocents. This brand is from Australia and has been in Malaysia for the past 10 years. All Little Innocents products are certified organic by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and is one of the world's most stringent organic certification. Yes, all Little Innocent products are chemical free. This means that all our products are 100% chemical and also can be used to treat skin problems such as eczema. Products from head to toe can be found such as lotion, nappy rash cream, talc free powder and more. Also, all of the products leave my son smelling good too as all of them are formulated with natural essential oils. Here are some of the products I tried.
Little Innoscents Paw Paw Balm 50ml - Look at the catchy name, paw paw~! Haha. This paw paw balm is a multi-purpose balm that can help to heal dry lips, cracked hands, nappy rash and also dry nipples problem. It is just like the usual petroleum jelly but the paw paw balm is formulated with 'Carica papaya extract' and is filled with nourishing beeswax, shea butter, and calendula. I love how versatile this balm is, I also use it and love using it to massage Aryan's leg area where it is dry. This retails for RM31.80 and you can ourchase it here.
Little Innoscents Intensive Soothing Cream 75ml - This not only meant for the sore baby bump but also perfect for stressful skin conditions. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and a potent organic formulation. Contains ingredients such as Healing Calendula Extract which is a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient to help calm the skin. This can also be used to soothes insects bites and reduce sunburns for your love ones. Your husband feeling left out? Tell him that this can also be an after shave cream to help reduce the itchiness and redness after shaving! This retails for RM39.25 and you can get it here.
Little Innoscents Hair & Body Wash 250ml - Smelling good with this all-in-one body wash that is scented with heavenly essential oils of Spearmint, Lavender, and Sweet Orange. It is naturally low suds and sulfates free and safe for sensitive skin. I love this all in one body wash for my son. I have low foams and are gentle on my son's skin. On certain body wash, can cause my son redness, especially on the neck, are. But this does not do that! This retails for RM45.60 and you can get it here.
Little Innoscents Milky Whites Toothpaste 50ml - My son has started brushing his tooth. it is good to start early according to my dentist friend. A less minty type of toothpaste and also fluoride-free toothpaste perfect for toddlers. This toothpaste is free of surfactants, artificial sweetener, and mineral oil. I usually will just put it on my fingertips and gently rub Aryan's teeth with it and then rinse off. He laughs when I do that to him, don't know what is funny about it haha. This retails for RM18.00 and you can get it here.
Little Innoscents Winter Blues Balm 75ml - A very useful organic rub during uneasy moment for Aryan. It is free from petroleum oils and made from certified organic oils butter and gentle enough to use from birth. Best to use before bedtime by massaging it onto baby's feet and it will leave baby feeling comfortable and soothes them. this can also be used on their chest and this helps to let them breathe easily. can also be used to reduce sinuses by just placing a bit of it under your nose. This retails for RM39.25 and you can get it here.
Little Innoscents Mineral Powder 100g - A talc free powder, what else can you ask for! It safe for everyone. It is free from toxins, this powder provides long-lasting protection against moisture that can cause odor, itching, and chafing. Has a scent of fresh organic spearmint and lavender essential oils. I am a powder person and I find that applying powders can leave body feel very comfortable. Love using this after Aryan had his shower. Also, did you know moms can make this as a face mask, simply add a few drops of water until becoming paste and apply it on to the face for 15 minutes and rinse off! Helps to clear blackheads. This retails for RM31.80 and you can get it here.
Little Innoscents Goat's Milk Bar 100g - As you know goat milk has a lot of benefits. I love drinking it too. this Goat Milk Bar helps to soothe dry itchy skin It is enriched with Goat’s Milk, Manuka Honey and Ylang Ylang. Best for sensitive skin. You can use this during shower, to wash your hand and of course to use it on your baby during bath time. This retails for RM14.85 and you can get it here.

Little Innoscents Moisture Rich Body Lotion 100ml - A classic favorite. All over body lotion. I love the Ylang Ylang and Lavender scent it leaves me and my baby. If I am not using the paw paw balm , I will use this for my baby. It has Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil and Shea Butter, that is, of course, free from mineral oil, petrochemicals and parabens. This retails for RM45.60 and you can get it here.

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  1. Interesting info! We should spread more awareness about the harmful ingredients in our everyday products..

  2. suka sangat organic product. hank you for sharing