WOW Skin Vitamin Serum Set Review

Hello, everyone! Today I am going to review a serum that I have been loving for the past week. I am all about vitamins for my skin. I love fruits and veggies and I always try to consume as much as fruits and veggies as I could to provide vitamins to my skin. I love anything that is infused with vitamins and I found out this serum which can help to give your skin a healthier look and also use as a makeup primer. This is the WOWSKIN Vitamin Serum Set, a homegrown company that specialize on skincare.
Each box comes with 2 bottles of serum. One is for the day and one is for the night. Each bottle contains 15ml worth of product. 
For Day Serum, it contains Vitamin B3, C & E. This serums helps to reduce redness and dark spots. It also provides Antioxidants, skin firming, hydration, and improve your skin texture, firmness & immune. It can also treat sunburn. With the vitamins combination, it also provides collagen to the skin.
For Night Serum, its contains Vitamin A & D. It provides Anti-Wrinkle, prevents dryness to the skin, reduces the sebum, reduces acne, cell repairing and anti-inflammatory. It also leaves your skin smooth through out the night. As you wake up, your skin feeling hydrated and smooth.
I love how it comes in a pipe pump type of bottle. The pump serves no problem at all s the product itself are very light weight and easily absorb to the skin. I use 3-4 pumps on to my face and massage it gently in circular motion.
The texture of the Day Serum is much lighter than the Night serum. The day serum leaves my skin feeling hydrated and has a light layer feeling which helps to hold my makeup very well. The night serum has a thicker consistency which helps to provide ultimate hydration through out the night.

So far I have been loving this serum so much! I use this after I tone my face. It can be applied repeatedly through out the day with bare skin for that fresh feeling. More info you can check out these links.

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  1. Assalam sabrina. Ble suggest x skincare y trbaik tuk mslh pore? Sy da try search n dpt produk yadah. Ok x tu? Da bca jg review y sabrina buat. Slen dri yadah, sabrina ada suggestion lain? Please. Really need ur help..

  2. will it help reduce the appearance of large open pores? the ingredients look promising 🤔