Glitz Is Becoming The Hottest Lifestyle Blog You Need To Know In Malaysia

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If you’re like us, topics about lifestyle intrigue us. I mean, who else is going to answer our questions about the best places to eat and which upcoming sales to look out for? Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Introducing: Glitz- your next best friend for all things lifestyle in Malaysia.

Lifestyle blogs are distinct from all other types of blogs. They tend to be more visual in their approach, ensuring that they use high-quality photographs to display their hobbies and interests. A lifestyle blog differs from other types of blogs in that it focuses on personal interests and hobbies.

Launched in the middle of 2021, Glitz by Beauty Insider although quite new, is slowly becoming the destination for everything lifestyle. You’ve got the questions; they’ve got the answers. The site provides insights, pieces of advice and guides to help you navigate through your pressing questions and even some fun quick reads! Let’s take a look at what they have to offer!

What Glitz Has To Offer

The entertainment section of Glitz is all about movies/series recommendations, film reviews, celebrity gossip and more! TV shows, movies, video games, books, music, and anything else involving celebrities are all considered entertainment. What makes Glitz a great source for your entertainment needs is how they’re always giving us the scoop on influencers and the latest pressing celebrity news!

Have a style problem? Maybe you’ve run into the fashion police more than enough times to consider that maybe it’s time to pick up some guides. Glitz has a wide range of topics about fashion from tips on choosing designer bags to breaking down iconic fashion houses.

However, if you want to go back to basics, they offer guides to styling with simplicity and even have news on fashion store sales in Malaysia. So don’t miss out on any of their news or you might find yourself missing out on a bargain! 

Whether it’s spending holidays by the beach, misting in the highlands or cruising under the city lights, Malaysia has it all. That’s why if you’re wondering which hotels to stay at or recommendations on all things travel-wise, Glitz is where you should be at. With that, pack up and read through if you’re wondering where to plan your next staycation at.

We’re Malaysians and if there’s one thing that we’re passionate about, it’s definitely the food. Hence, we’re proud of our delicious flavours and diverse cuisines but with such adoration, there’s always one constant question, “Where to eat?”

That’s where Glitz has all the answers you need. From the best hot pots in town to romantic fine dining with the best view of KL, they’re always dishing (no pun intended) out on amazing recommendations. Now you’ll never have a hard time figuring out where to eat.

The shopping section is every shopaholic’s dream destination. Here they’ve got the scoop of upcoming sales to anticipate and guides to gifting for your loved ones. 

Of course, when it comes to lifestyle, taking care of yourself is just as vital. From advice about personal topics to self-care tips to lead a better mindful lifestyle. Here they provide content that covers a wide range of topics such as mental heal, mindfulness, financial tips and more.

One thing Malaysians are well-known for is being active. Whether it’s participating in sports or making the gym your home away from home- we love working out and staying fit! Here they provide an array of topics such as essentials to bring to the gym to easy yoga guides. Get fit with ease when you follow Glitz.
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