Seafood Heaven at Ombak Kitchen

Last week we celebrate the weekend with some seafood. I am a seafood lover, and I love it when I find one! We visited Ombak Kitchen and I could not believe where I have been before. This place offers varieties of seafood menu. It is the finest Cajun seafood heaven for seafood lovers!
The ambiance is really lovely and perfect for family gatherings and special occasions. Or even everyday dining! There are currently 2 locations available, the one that I went to is at The Bangsar outlet.
Here is the standard menu available. If you have been craving after watching those Seafood mukbang videos, you have to come here. They also offer varieties of seafood such as Alaskan Giant King Crab, Extra Large Prawn, Snow Crab Lobster, Lobster Canadian and many more! I got the chance to speak with the manager, Mr Fakry and he told us that all seafood is fresh and supplied every 2 days. 

Ombak Kitchen uses boiling/steaming method instead of grilling/wok-fried. Why? Because this helps preserve the flavors more and it is a healthier way too right! (guilt-free checked!) They also use Live Crabs instead of frozen Crabs. This is to guarantee the freshness of the crab! Also, sorry, Ombak Kitchen ONLY SERVE EXTRA LARGE PRAWNS! No small prawns allowed! :P
 There are also many combo options for sharing with the whole family and friends. 
I love how they have a set for 2. The one that we are having here is the Special Rock Lobster Thermidor With Loads And Loads Of Cheese, RM59.90 Per Pax, Minimum 2 pax.

Includes Extra Large Prawns
Cheese Sausages
Mocktails : Blue Lagoon / Mango Max 

It will be served on the table itself. No rules on the table! Experience the deliciousness the way you wanted!

They have 5 type of sauces you can choose actually.
1. Signature Ombak Crazy Cajun Sauce : For spicy lovers
2. Creamy Butter Milk Sauces (lemak2 manis pedas, love this!)
3.Cheesy Zesty Lemon Butter Sauce : Mild & flavourful
4. Creamy Tom Yam Sauce : When East meet West
5. Peranakan Seri Nyonya Sauce : Little spice pice and creamy.

 We had ours with the Cajun Sauces & Buttermilk sauce, my son's favorite!
 Rock Lobster with loads of cheeseeee! 
Overall I really recommend this place. I love the location, ambiance, and variety of menus. I have been wanting to find a restaurant that serves rare seafood choice with delicious combo and sauces. This is the place!

There are 2 outlets available :
CONTACT : 0377344699, 0102205946

CONTACT : +60 10-216 5946

MONDAY TO FRIDAY (5pm – 11.30pm)
SAT, SUN & PH (12pm – 12am)

More info :
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Hotel Jen Penang by Shangri-La Stay Review

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Salam and hello everyone! How you guys doing! Today I felt like posting something about a hotel I went with my family as a small year-end gateway. It is a short weet trip we had last week. We have been wanting to revisit Penang again for the longest time. So we stayed in Hotel Jen by Shangri-La Penang. A newly renovated Hotel that was before known as Traders Hotel by Shagri-La. What we love about this Hotel is because it is located in the heart of Penang and it is nearby a;; great attractions. The hotel is located between the iconic Komtar Mall in Penang & Avenue Mall Penang. 

The room we stayed in are the Deluxe Room. Love the Peranakan theme room that really resemble the vibe of Penang city!
The room is really spacious and perfect for the 3 of us. Of course my son, Aryan is the most excited one. As we arrived we we served with some cookies and fresh-cut fruits. We really appreciate how they already prepared us a "sejadah" for u to perform solat. 
 There is also a study table which obviously uses it as my vanity :P
 We also get a great city view of Penang!
The bathroom area also in Peranakan theme, I love the tile detailing of the bathroom. There is also bathtub included in this room. 
 There are also bathrob,  safe box, laundry accessories and own ironing board set in the room.
We also get the chance to tour the most special room in Hotel Jen Shangri-La. This is the Presidential Suite which usually is the room for all our Malaysia VIP which also includes our Prime Minister.
 This is the dining area, right beside the living room.
 There is also an extra area that can also convert into a bedroom.
 There is also a kitchen in this room.
 This is the bedroom.
This is the main bathroom, There is also a small bathroom right beside the entrance for other guests.

1) The Restaurant
This is where we had breakfast. If your room is Clubhouse included, you can also have your breakfast at the Lounge Clubroom area where it is more private. The food variation is really good. From noodles, classic nasi lemak, English breakfast, fresh fruit juice & more.

2) Coffee House
There is also a coffee house in front of the restaurant where you can enjoy cakes & coffee there.

3) Swimming Pool/Gym/Spa Area
There are also a swimming pool area and a 24 hour gym at the facilities level.

4) Daily Shuttle Bus
The shuttle bus is available daily. You can actually also enjoy other Shagri-La Hotel facilities. They provide a shuttle bus to Batu Ferringhi beach & Golden Sand Resort where you can enjoy the outdoor swimming pool facilities at Golden Sands Resort (include children’s pool and waterslide) there for free. 

So if you are planning to come to Penang, check our Hotel Jen by Shangri-La. For its price, it is really worth it! The service is great the staff there are all friendly. There are also having an amazing offer right now. Check the link below!

Cick here for the special package :
This offer is available from 4 Nov 2019 through 5 Jan 2020.

More info : 
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Colourblind Lenses in Malaysia

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Recently I have a friend who gets a job promotion to become manager but failed medical exam because he wasn’t aware he is Rabun Warna / Colorblind. 

Not only he missed the opportunity to be promoted for a higher rank and better pay. He might lose his current job if he can’t pass the Ishihara test. He consulted an eye specialist in a private medical center and was referred to USJ Optometrist in Taipan, Subang Jaya for the Chromagen lens. He went through some tests in that optical shop and was prescribed a pair contact lens for his color problem. This chromagen contact lens helps him to identify every page on the Ishihara test easily and pass the test fast and accurate. My friend bought a pair of permanent contact lenses and a pair of spectacles for color vision to help him enjoy those colors which he normally unaware and unable to notice.

Today afternoon I accompanied him to his company’s panel clinic and redo the Ishihara test, he passed the color vision test and medical exam. He gets the approval from his boss to continue working and get his work position promotion next month. He is very grateful that the Chromagen lens has helped him a lot, and to perform his job easier when wearing them. 

I highly recommend USJ Optometrist to those suffering from color vision problems because there is no help from many other optical shops in Malaysia and Singapore. USJ Optometrist keeps lenses in ready stock for many different levels of color vision deficiency. You can check the eyes with them and immediately given the suitable Chromagen lenses to help you pass the Ishihara test. They are recognized and recommended by many hospital eye clinics in Malaysia to introduce this lens to the patients. 

Tel: 03-80119038

You can find them easily in Facebook and read up their practice update. 

This is my friend’s eyes wearing the Chromagen contact lens but they are not easily seen even under bright light. 

This is my friend’s new spectacle with Chromagen lens. 

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Orange Burnt Fall Vibe Makeup Tutorial

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Well hello! New video is up a few weeks ago and decides to share it in this dusty blog. Hah! I hope you enjoyed!
Product used in this makeup tutorial :
AVENE Thermal Spring Water -
LA Girl Pro Concealer HD in Peach Corrector -
Breena Beauty B106 Drawing Brush -
Breena Beauty Blending Pearl Makeup Sponge -
Mamonde All Stay Foundation -
Tarte Shape Tape in Light Medium -
Laura Mercier Translucent Powder -
Anastasia Brow Pomade in Soft Brown -
Breena Beauty B216 Brow Definer Brush -
The Balm What's the Tea Eye Shadow Palette -
Breena Beauty Wanderlust Eye Shadow Palette -
Lanna Cosmetics Highliner -
Breena Beauty Purrfect Line Eyeliner -
Breena Beauty Purrfect Lash Mascara -
Huda Beauty Eyelash Glue -
Shopee Faux Eyelash in SD-29 -
Breena Beauty B101 Face Luxe Brush -
Breena Beauty B104 Cheek Definer Brush -
Breena Beauty B103 Tapered Highlight Brush -
3CE Mood Recipe Face Blush in Mono Pink -
MAC X Pony Park Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Sky's the Limit -
Breena Beauty Velvetcreme Matte Liquid Lipstick in Coco Latte -

Watch my latest makeup tutorial here!
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What is the best product to use for you daily intimate area care? | ESUI

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Hello, there beautiful ladies! We are always looking for the best makeup or skincare but have we ever wondered what we use to clean our Miss V? Did you know that it is as important as the product that you put on your face as down there is the most sensitive part of our body and also accumulate more bacteria than we ever imagine? This leads to so many diseases! Today I would like to recommend a product that helps to take care of your Miss V. I have been using this for 2-3 weeks now and I love it. It does place a special place in my routine as much as my 10 steps Korean skincare routine ha-ha. 
This is the Esui® Feminine Hygiene Wash (150ml). Esui® Feminine Hygiene Wash has Natural Antiseptic, Natural Detoxification, Lighten Pigmentation, Prevent Gynaecological Diseases, Lubricate & also Tone Up, your Miss V. It is formulated from natural plant extracts & it is from France. Here is the list of ingredients are made of :

Aqua, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice,Quercus Infectoria Fruit Extract,Labisia Pumilia Extract,Cocamidopropyl Betaine,Pueraria Mirifica Root Extract,Glygerin,CitricAcid,Fragrance,Magnesium Nitrate,Menthol,Methylchloroisothiazolinone,Methylisothiazolinone.

Our Miss V area is weakly acidic. By time to time as we grow older, our Miss V area will change in due to the hormone secreted at different levels of lead. Esui® Feminine Hygiene Wash has Lactobacilli, which produces a shielding lactic acid that prevents the growth of harmful bacteria may not able to function properly.
Making sure that this Esui® Feminine Hygiene Wash has low PH level, I am going to do a test and comparison on why it is important to choose a proper feminine hygiene wash rather than use a normal soap for your feminine care. I did a video on it on my Instagram, you can view it here.

"Research by school of medicines of Chelsea University reveals that the product of hygiene of the genital area must have the same pH value of the genital area (normal pH value of the vagina is from 3.8 to 4.2). Esui® Feminine Hygiene Wash adhering with the standard of pH 4.0"

So what I did was using these PH level strip test on Normal tap water, then add the Esui® Feminine Hygiene Wash in it, and then test a normal soap PH level. Placing side by side you can see the difference and the result. The Esui® Feminine Hygiene Wash has are actually better (has low PH level) than normal tap water while normal soap has a higher PH level. What happens if I just use normal tap water or normal soap to wash my Miss V? You can result in disrupting the bacterial balance. This can result in bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, and other irritation.

My review: I love how mildly scented this product is. It also leaves a cooling fresh feeling after wash. What I find the difference after using it is that I do have any more odour under "there". During stress moments, my Miss V can be irritating sometimes, this may cause from hormones and stress level. It leaves me to feel comfortable and clean all day long. It also makes my Miss V feels much tighter & firmer, thanks to the (Labisia Pumila) or Kacip Fatimah’s. The ingredient that has the strongest Phyto-estmgens. Phyto-estmgens helps to regulate hormones and naturally increases internal secretions.

Also, did you know that ESUI Feminine Daily Wash Care is HALAL certified (Ref. no. A89173) & also all of the ingredients are tested in Health Sciences Authority Product (Notification No: CCPN0815903) that it is compliance with all requirements of Health Products (Cosmetic Products – ASEAN Cosmetic Directive). Awesome! ESUI Feminine Daily Wash can be used daily but only use it after 30 days of giving birth or 60 days after undergoing an operation.

Esui® Feminine Hygiene Wash is available these listed Pharmacies nationwide and also

PRICE : RM51.40
More info visit their official website & FACEBOOK page below :
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Bata Raya 2019 Collection is now in stores


Done shopping Raya? I like to prepare early so I can have the last bits of the weekend with my family peacefully! Bata Malaysia just officially launches their Raya 2019 collection featuring from shoes to bags. All items price starts at only RM79.99 & above. Featuring Malaysian sweet heart Amyra Rosli & Amar Baharin as the face of the Raya collection & also the ambassador for the recent Bata Fashion Weekend 2019 which took place in Prague, Czech Republic.
For me, Bata Malaysia Raya 2019 collection is all about comfort & essentials. The shoes that they offer are definitely suits to any outfit that we are pairing during the Raya celebration. Simple and basic colours such as nude, beige, navy blue and black are in these collections.
 From flat, platform to heels there are definitely choices you can make during your Raya shopping.
There are also some accessories such as clothes & tote bags that you can buy to pair up with the entire accessories and look you are going for that day. 
 Classic flower embroidery heels are also offered along with other essentials shoe design in the Raya 2019 collections. These will look perfect in seamless patterns baju kurungs!
Not to forget the men collections. Stylish slip-on shoes to loafers. Look sleek and sharp during Hari Raya. There are also men clutches & bags to choose from.
I also got my self medium height heels in Taupe colour to match with my gold theme baju raya <3 These are super comfortable, no kidding!
You can also walk away with a RM25 voucher & a gorgeous Marie Claire watches in 3 different styles to choose from when you spend a minimum of RM149.00 in a single receipt. If you spend RM98.00 you will only be entitled with a RM25.00 voucher. Do take note that this promotion is valid until 9 JUNE 2019 only & while stocks last.
Shop Bata Malaysia Online :
Bata Malaysia Outlets :📍AEON Tebrau, Johor Bahru

📍City Square, Johor Bahru
📍The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey
📍AEON Seremban,
📍AEON Nilai
📍Sunway Pyramid
📍Paradigm Mall
📍IOI Mall Puchong
📍IOI City Mall, Putrajaya
📍1 Utama
📍Mid Valley
📍Nu Sentral
📍AEON Kota Bharu
📍Sunway Carnival Mall
📍Jusco Bukit Tinggi
📍Setia City Mall
📍Sunway Velocity
📍Imago KK
📍First World Plaza, Genting

More info :

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