ZenyumSonic Toothbrush Review - Vibrates 33,000 a minute!

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Salam everyone & hello! I have been obsess with dental hygiene more than ever since I got my braces 2 years ago. Having braces gives me the challenge to keep my teeth cleaner than before as it has a lot of "areas" you need to cover. A lot of blind spot too! Washing with regular toothbrush just don't work for me. So I decide to give a sonic toothbrush a try. There are so many in the market that just untrustworthy. I don't like the idea of a sonic toothbrush with a  round brush head. It just don't work for me. Then I saw ZenyumSonic and I did not really take a look at it until it came out with a  Pink one! Hah! And then I see that the brush head looks like a regulars tooth brush. Hmm, interesting I say. And I did not regret getting it as it is the best Sonic toothbrush ever! 

The ZenyumSonic Toothbrush vibrates over 33,000 times a minute – about 10 times faster than your typical electric toothbrush. Which means it vibrates as you brush your teeth much effectively. And it is such a life saviors because I can just slit it on the side f my braces and it gently brush the hard to reach areas. 
The brush is pretty dense compare to regular toothbrush I had. It has a multi-purpose brush head with tongue-cleaner on the back part. 
The brush head is replaceable. They have it in a pack of 3 for only RM75.00. Its a bout RM25.00 each.
It comes with 3 different modes – Clean, Gentle, and White. It lights up when you change the mode. I usually use Gentle and Clean on my tongue. It is recommend by dentist to brush your teeth for 2 minutes and guess what, it has an automatic timer every time you use it! It will stop after 2 minutes of brushing and in between 30-second reminders. It is wireless and I love how it comes with the holder that holds the charger and without the charger when you are not using it or put in your bathroom.
The charger are easily popped out when you push it. Without the charger it can be a holder.
My final thoughts after 1 week using is that I really love this brush. It makes my teeth cleaning routine much more better and I feel my teeth and mouth are much more fresher. I love the concept of the auto timer and how it vibrates in a  motion of brushing your teeth as you would do. 

The ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush retails for RM279.00 (with FREE SHIPPING) & comes in 3 color options, Pink, Black & White. Each ZenyumSonic™ comes in a very sleek box and I think it is also a great gift your your love ones!

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