Take a peek inside INGLOT Mid Valley outlet


Asaalamualaikum and hello to everyone! How are you guys today? how's Ramadan going? :) Last week I have been invited to come to the newly open Inglot at Mid Valley. The Inglot Mid Valley store will be Inglot’s 5th retail store in Malaysia, with other outlets being Sunway Pyramid, Setia City Mall, Johor Bahru City Square, Queensbay Penang. KL Sogo is INGLOT's first beauty counter in the country. I was in ahurry as i have some things to settel off, so i only manage to take a quick look inside the new flagship store opened  on the 27th July, Friday. As a makeup junkie, looking at all those makeup product makes my heart beat fast! Inglot have so many product range at so many options of colors! So here's a little info about Inglot brand :

"In addition to carrying a large range of professional make-up products, services offered in stores include in-store makeup consultation, where INGLOT's team of professional makeup artists will guide customers to select products suitable for their needs and preferences. In addition, INGLOT’s team of makeup artist will also provide make-over services as well as make-up demonstration to show customers the best way to achieve a desired makeup with INGLOT's products.

INGLOT’s in-store team consists of make-up artists who are professionally trained in order to give customers the highest quality of advice and makeup service. As professional make-up artist, Inglot staffs are all passionate about beauty and make-up, so customers can experience high level of friendliness and enthusiasm from INGLOT staffs.

Inglot offers a wide range of make-up products for the face and body. INGLOT’s product range includes foundations, concealers, powders, highlighters, bronzers, eyeliners, eyeshadows, eye shadow pigments, mascaras, brow powders, brow waxes, lipsticks, lipglosses, nail polishes, false eyelashes, body pigments, make-up accessories and etc.

INGLOT’s star product is the Freedom System Palette that allows customers to custom create their own personalized palette by arranging pressed powders, blushes, concealers, eye shadows, brow powders, brow waxes and lipsticks in a magnetic palette. The revolutionary creation is INGLOT's bestseller worldwide.

Wojtek Inglot established the Inglot brand over 25 years ago with an aspiration to offer high quality product to consumers at a fair and reasonable price point without compromising the standard of the ingredients and raw materials. All of Inglot products are produced within the European Union, with 95% being produced in Inglot’s state of the art production facility. Currently present in 400 retail locations worldwide, INGLOT continuously innovate to introduce the latest colours, textures and forms to the market."

I really love the idea of the freedom system! You can customize your own palette! How awesome is that. the color payoff are just awesome! Super pigmented! Some makeup artist recommend their matte shade. Its the best! The price range are quite nice. I hope i can get my own Inglot product! Thanks Inglot Malaysia for the AMC lipgloss! Its a complementary gift from them during my visit of their store opening. It smell like bubblegum! So delicious!!! Love it! Will do a review soon I figure on what look suit best with the lipgloss!

**The newly open Inglot outlet is located at Mid valley shopping center, Ground floor beside Crocs shoe store! Near to Sasa store as im not mistaken! Happy shopping!**

My holiday have finish, now i have o get back to classes... Owh Man.... Will update soon! Pray for me! I entered a Sony Next F3 Ultimate Contest! Really hope owning that awesome camera!

Have you been there? What Inglot product you own? :)
Till then, tata! - Sabrina
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How I store my false Lashes


False lashes are like the must have for people who really love to get dolled up! Haha~ I have some few false lashes. I don't wear them very often. I usually use them on special occasions. I do have some branded lashes that i really want to own like the Tsubasa false lashes called the DollyWink. Really love the packaging. I would buy the all and put it on my table! don't really like lashes that are to thick and bold. They look scary....( !‿‿! ) The one I have is only from drugstore brand. I love buying the one are longer on the outer lash and shorter on the inner corner of the lid. Keeping your lash in suitable storage is very important. If you notice, the packaging of lashes sold in the market are stored and stick to a curved shaped plastic. This is to ensure the lash are curled out. The lashes that I owned is from Daiso and lashes that I bought at a night market. The quality is quite ok, but I really love the one from Daiso! They feel so light and natural!

Do you know why there are lash storage cases? These cases help you to store your lashes properly. This help you to reuse you lashes again. Usually this are done on the expensive lashes that you can reuse for a very long time. After wearing it, you can gently clean it up with an ordinary makeup remover and glue'em up and store them properly. My storage are from a Japaneses store near my house called 100yen. I once wanted to buy the DollyWink lash case, but the price seems unreasonable, but still, i cant resist the package design. Lucky me, I found this for only RM5! There are 3 pair slots of lashes I can store in. I really love the packaging! So cute! It makes me fell so girly!(◡‿◡✿)

Do you wear false lashes? How do you store them?

Leave a comment below! I love to hear you feedback!
Lots of love, By Sabrina

***omg omg! Ramadan coming! Happy Fasting Day to all my Muslim readers!!!!
Where are you guys gonna celebrate first Ramadan? :)
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The Brow Kit You'll ever need!

Photo credit by Beautezine

Ever wanted the perfect Brow Kit? I surely recommend this kit to a makeup Artist!  The new Sigma Beauty Expert – Brow Design Kit that will be launched Monday, July 23rd. The15 piece kit contains all of the arching, shaping and grooming tools needed to achieve beautiful and well defined brows! It reminds me of the Too Faced Brow Envy Kit.

Product Release Info
What: Sigma Beauty Expert – Brow Design Kit
Cost: $69
Collection Status: Permanent
Available: Monday, July 23rd

Want to see more Sigma product? CLICK HERE!
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Taught of having a Garage Sale at home? Feat. FriendlyFashion.my

I cant even choose! So many nice stuff!

Interact with other users!
Hello lovely BySabrinart readers! How are you guys been doing? See anything new here? Hehe.. Yep, change my blog design for the 5th time! Man I need to stop changing it. Haha. Today I am going to share with you somethig cool! How unlucky I am not knowing this website! I had a blogsale recently, and I fing quite hard informing people. So, have you heard about Friendly Fashion? Freindly Fashion is a site where you can swap,sell or giveaway clothes that they dont use anymore. EVERYTHING is in one website! How easy and cool is that! What I love about it is because, you can easily upload your picture items, and publish it nicely in a ready made template! Its looks like a real professional website! You can even comunicate with others! FUN! I find alot of great fashionable items in there at a very very awesome price. They also have a forum where you can chat among users even a fashion blog too! YOU MUST CHECK OUT THIS WEB! Or I will haunt you! no, just kidding... haha! So let me know what you think!

VISIT - www.friendlyfashion.my

Are you a member of this site? Have you bought any items from there?
Till then, Sab-Sabrina~
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How I organize my essential everyday stuff & hair accessories *Corousel Style!


Hello everyone! (Waving excitedly!).  How are you guys been doing? Yeah! I move to a new apartment! Alhamdulillah my challenge for that is settled. I got a whole new room and I love my room so much! The size of my room is just nice for me, and it has the best lighting ever! It is still in a mess, but still I manage to organize things properly here. So today, I’m going to share with you guys on how I make my own “CarouselOrganizer”! This organizer it not that raved about. And it is been use by crafty people. I saw some ladies have been using it to store their brushes and other everyday essential stuff. The price is quite expensive. So I came out with a plan, I went to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! IKEA! It is located at Damansara here in Malaysia. I manage to get some stuff there for my new room, some new bedding and pretty other small stuff.
As you can see in the picture shown, I have the wooden spinning table is called SNUDDA. It’s a solid wood that spins! Usually people will use it on a dining table. The mirror is called LILLHOLMEN. A rotatable mirror with two different mirror zooming. The bowl is so convenient! The vase is the best find ever! The cheapest vase I found and it fits my headband so perfectly! It is called the VASEN.I have a lot of fancy cute headbands, but I never wore it outside in public! Haha! I use it while doing my makeup or while applying my makeup to keep my hair from falling to my face while doing makeup or applying skincare and sleep! I love being very fancy while sleeping in my pajamas! Ok, I burst that out! Sshhh!

The Lazy Susan spinning table really helps me out on my daily routine. It does reduce a lil mess while I’m doing my makeup or applying makeup. I know you guys experience it too right! The vase is very practical. I can just throw all my hair accessories in there while the headbands look like a very nice decoration to me! More information on these IKEA items, click on their names. Well, that’s all. Pop up any question in the comment section below. I would love to hear you guys out. I hope this helps!

What is your essential everyday stuff? How do you organize them?
Your comment is like makeup! I love them!
Till then guys! Love ya! –Sab Sab Sab brewnaaa
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ZA Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel Review


Hi guys! Yeah! I manage to post more than one post a week! I really trying my best to keep my blog actively with more post and updates! As you guys know, i really love ZA product. The makeup stuff and skincare product are amazing. I have been eyeing on their new groovy blushes. I wanna get all 5 shades! Hope i can purchase them and do some review on it. They look amazing.

What it claims : For an instant and hydrating fix, try ZA’s new Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel. To be used after your moisturiser, this gel quickly penetrates to smoothen out flakey skin. Formulated with Vitamin B Derivatives, Prism Enhancer and Sebum-holding Agent, it is said to revitalise and gives skin a glow. It also contains Amino Mineral Complex which helps restore the skin’s protective barrier.

Packaging: 9/10
Its pink. What can i say more. Love the packaging. Its a light plastic tube that is quite handy to bring along anywhere.

Scent: 9/10
Love the scent, it have this refreshing and cooling scent.

Moisturizing Power: 7/10
I might say it is not a moisturizing type of gel, more to a refreshing gel that hydrates and cools your skin. I love to use it before applying my makeup, by focusing on the area that pores tends to appear.

Ease Of Use: 9/10
You don't need much of a product to cover your whole face. Easy to pump out product with its nice gel consistency.

Availability: 10/10
You can see ZA sold mostly everywhere in out local pharmacy. Watson, Guardian and even Jusco Wellness Center.

Price: 9/10
Affordable price. RM21.90+.

Overall : 8.8/10
I might say it is a good product. Add this to your skincare for a additional lightweight hydration gel for your face routine for a instant refresh feeling and hydration. May not suitable to wear it alone for your daily moisturizer, just and add up product.
What do you guys think? Have you use ZA skincare before?
Till next time! 
Love you guys! 
Thank you so much for the past feedback. I really enjoy reading them!
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