Truly Waterly Cleansing Water by Faith in Face Review

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Cleansing Water is not a new thing in a skincare routine. Many of us love to include this in their skincare routine and it is a must for anyone who wears makeup every day. This can be the 1st step during your evening skincare routine. It can be used with a cotton pad and helps to remove the "first" level" of the dirt & grime of your skin. Then later you can continue using your favourite cleanser and this routine can be called double cleansing. 
Today I will be reviewing this 💧Truly Waterly Cleansing Water 500ml by the Faith in Face. It is not new actually, but it a new & improve in terms of the packaging & size. The before one is in 300ml bottle. It is Dermatologist & Hypoallergenic Tested. To use this cleansing water, simply pour an adequate amount of the water cleanser on to a cotton pad. I usually use 2-3 layers of it and soak the cotton pad about 80%. Gently sweep off the cotton pad around your face. I usually start around my eye area, removing my eyeshadow, eyebrow makeup and mascara. Then I continue on to the rest of my face until I am satisfied. Tips for around the eyes, gently put the cotton pad around 10-15 seconds and let the cleansing water break down all of the waterproof makeup naturally. the remove it outwards. 
As you can see from the pic above, I tested out removing concealer, cream bronzer, liquid lipsticks, eyeliner & mascara. In 3 swipe, it really helps removes the concealer, cream bronzer, eyeliner & the waterproof mascara. A little effort need to be put on liquid lipsticks as usual. Liquid Lipsticks are really hard to remove right. It does not leave any dry or tight feeling. 
I also run a PH level test. Amazingly this cleansing water has a low PH level (around 5-6). This is great news as this cleansing water is all skin type approved and will leave your skin less irritated! Perfect for sensitive skin too of course. This can also be used as a toner after you have cleansed your face as to what it claims, you will not be required to rinse it after using this. This product is now available at all major Watsons stores nationwide. This product is made in Korea.

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Egg White Whip Pore Cleansing Solution Cleanser by Faith in Face Review

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Pore-bremmatic skin. Ugh. I understand. As I grew older, I tend to have enlarged pores around my cheek area. Egg Yolk is one of the popular ingredients to help pore skin problem. Faith in fface just launched a new cleanser and it is to help reduce clogged pores.This is the Egg White Whip Pore Cleansing Solution Cleanser.
Comes in a squeeze tube bottle with is a plus point for me. I love a cleanser that comes in a packaging like this. Some of the main ingredient listed on the tube are Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Myristic Acid, Lauric Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, PEG-8, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Albumen Extract & Egg Yolk Extract. The cleanser itself is very thick and in touch of water, the lather is pretty foamy.
I have normal to dry skin. I tested this cleanser for a week. My review, it is a bit drying but as I have a solid skincare routine, I manage to balanced my skin moisture properly. It does help makes my skin feels refreshed and clean. I don't experience breakouts or irritation after using this.  I also notice less clogged pores after 2-3 days. I tested this cleanser PH level. It has a PH level of 9. Consider this cleanser has a high level of PH which I don't recommend f you have sensitive skin or dry skin. 
This type of cleanser is best for people who have oily skin and have a solid skincare routine. What is a solid skincare routine? You have practice a routine of a hydrating toner, serum & moisturizer. Which leans your skin barrier this good enough to have this kind of cleanser. The reason behind why this cleaner has high PH is that may be because of the later it created to help deep cleanses your pores. This product is now available at all major Watsons stores nationwide. This product is made in Korea. Make sure to always have a well-hydrated skin! Face mask works well and my favourite sheet mask is also from Faith in Face!

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My Beauty Essentials

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Things have pretty much changed since I got married and become a mom. Motherhood has been the greatest thing that happened in my life and I pretty much enjoyed it. It was not an easy thing but I do learn a lot about things in life. Before I got married, I am all about beauty and makeup. I tried so much stuff and had a few favorites in mind. Skincare are very important to me. Good skin puts me into a good mood. I am going to share with you a few beauty essential that has been my Holy Grail products and helped my skin so much due to my busy lifestyle. When you are a mom, you got to multitask right? I’m getting good about it! Years of trying and learning about skincare, I learn that the best skincare routine I ever tried is the 10-step Korean skincare routine that I learn a few years ago. What it includes are, Makeup Remover, Cleanser, Exfoliate, Toner/Essence, Serum, Spot/Targeted Treatment, Sheet Mask, Eye Cream, Moisturizer, Sun Protection/Sleeping Mask.
Well, that is a whole lot of stuff right? But trust me, it really works and makes a difference. But I ain’t got time for all that in my daily routine. So here are some of the items I include in my skincare routine, and some of them, I have been using it for years! I always start with cleansing. Whenever people asked me for the best skincare recommendations, I always ask first, what are their cleansing routines? A good cleansing routine leads to a better skincare application and result.
So my cleansing routines are at least double cleansing (Makeup Remover wipes & Cleanser). If I got more time, I will do triple cleansing which includes a Makeup Remover Sheet (to remove face makeup, waterproof mascara, eye makeup & lip makeup), Cleansing Balm for the whole face makeup again, making sure all of the clogged dirt & leftover foundation are removed, and lastly, the cleanser. This way, skin are really deeply cleanse so it won’t make your skin clogged and cause skincare are not fully absorbed. My favorite for 7 years, the Biore Makeup Remover Wipes as a start, it removes any kind of makeup effectively. It also hydrates the skin. Then my favourite cleanser has to be the Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash. Both of these product is the perfect combination to a truly cleanse face.
Then I also believe in how important exfoliating is. Up to my 4th jar of these exfoliating pads from Neogen, hands down the best exfoliating experience I ever had. It is easy and effectively makes my skin feels more cleaned and firm. It has 2 side where each side helps in a different way to the skin. After exfoliating I will use a toner and my favorite toner is the Beauty Water by Son & Park. When days I don’t exfoliate my skin, this also helps. I use a cotton pad with this toner and it just removes the dirt out of my skin again. See how dirty our air is now and how it can cause clogged pores, even if you are not wearing makeup. I continue my skincare routine with my favourite Vitamin C Serum from Wishtrend & during not so busy days, I use the nose pack and it helps to keep my nose feels smooth and minimize the pores.
Lastly, my skin supplement. Non other than the infamous, H2O! I personally hate drinking plain water, trust me! I will crave for sweet drinks all the time. But what helps me to drink more water during the day are these cute tumbler that I got from Forever 21. The straw from the tumbler helps me to drink water faster. Sounds weird but it really helps! During my laptop is loading or buffering, I will sip on these tumbler. Moving on to my makeup routine, which are actually pretty simple.
Every morning I am rushed to make breakfast for my family, help prepare my son and making the beds. So I will go for a quick makeup routine and these are my go to make up stuff. I always go for eyelash curler; it keeps my eyes look more awake without even need to apply an eye makeup. Then brows! So important! My favorite has to be using the Brow Gel from Colourpop with my Breena Beauty B216 Brow Definer brush. Then, the lip and cheek! I just use my Breena Beauty Velvetcreme Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Peachcake.
During special occasion days, of course, I will treat myself with a full makeup routine that includes foundation, bronzed & highlighted cheek and full on eye look, my favorite! Beauty products has been my passion since I was a teenager and it helps me to feel happy and confident. Thanks to Youtube too for all the info and tutorials that helps me learned new things!
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Love is in the Air! Top Romantic Getaway in Southeast Asia

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Ah, love. It is such a beautiful thing. It’s so powerful that it can change your whole world. It can heal a heart and it can break it. All by the power of love. Why I’m being very Shakespeare on love today? Because today’s entry will be all about keeping the romance alive. Today, we’re going to look at the top romantic getaway in Southeast Asia. For those who are planning to have a romantic honeymoon/anniversary trip, maybe you’ll want to consider these places. I’m narrowing down four of the best. I’d love to include more but for the time being, I can only provide four. Maybe I’ll add more in another entry.

Segue alert! If you’re already planning to hop on a plane, you might wanna have a peek at Traveloka. I heard they’re having new deals at the moment and I think there are multiple airlines too! Let’s say you’re planning on booking AirAsia or other airlines, I think they have cool promotions running. So, remember to book AirAsia or other airlines to get you and your loved ones to the places we’re about to fly to~

El Nido, Philippines
Relive your very own Blue Lagoon here in El Nido. This crystal clear and white-sand beach is everything but dull. This island is one of the beautiful islands in the Philippines and a perfect romantic getaway for those seeking it. This once weathered limestone provide more than just a pretty view, you can also find some of the wonderful diving spots, hiking through one of the best trails through the mangrove forest and explore the unique caves out here. Oh, and don’t forget kayaking, duh! You can go all Mamma Mia! with a boat for two while enjoying the beautiful sunset scenery when you’re ending your day.

Tanah Lot Bali, Indonesia
There is without a doubt that Indonesia has some of the beautiful places to visit on any type of occasion. A romantic getaway is not excluded, of course. Welcome to Tanah Lot Bali, the most beautiful scenic sea temple there is. I realize I use “beautiful” a lot in this entry, but you can’t help it though, the places I included in today’s entry is what it is - beautiful. Let’s dive into a little bit of history lesson to really enjoy the place. The rock where the temple resides was originally called Tengah Lod that means “in the sea”. This was originated by the tale of a high priest from Majapahit named Dang Hyang Nirartha, who came to Bali back in 1489 to spread Hinduism and soon find this site that remains memorable up till today. The view really brings the romanticism to life and given the history surrounding this place, I think it just made the place much more meaningful to visit.

Siem Reap, Cambodia
Behold the gateway to the temples of Angkor, one of the unique historical ruins in the world. For a pair of lovebirds that enjoy sightseeing historical ruins, this site is a must-visit agenda you should opt for. In hindsight, you might seem that the only thing you can do here is literally walking through the temples and only that, but this is where you are mistaken. There are a bunch of other things you can do and it is equally romantic as walking by the beach. Here, you should never skip the opportunity to ride the hot air balloon over the Angkor ruins and watch the sunrise, which happens to be the highlight of the trip. Sun makes everything extra romantic. What better love story to tell the ancient ruins than your own?

Singapore Flyer, Singapore
Calling all thrill-seekers-couples! You might find this next destination both romantic and thrilling at the same time. We are flying to the land of the Merlion to touch the sky in a 165 meters high observation wheel. The Singapore Flyer was deemed Asia’s Largest Giant Observation Wheel for all the right reasons. It is definitely an intimate place worth visit to enjoy the city views at night. The panoramic views of the Marina Bay certainly give you that romanticism edge to it, don’t you think? Or maybe if you have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, who knows, this might be the best place to pop the question! Singapore Flyer is not a stranger to people proposing on its site before, why not be the next one in line?

And there you have it, some of the romantic getaway you can hop on a ride with your significant other. Of course, the list does not end there, there are also other places I did not cover in this entry. Do you have your chosen romantic getaway you love to escape to with your loved ones? Let me know all about it! Share your stories with me and let’s spread the love because clearly, the world needs a bit of that nowadays.

Until next time, see ya!

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THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Nokyong Collagen Contour Lift Gold Capsule Cream Review

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Our skin changes as we grew older. As time passed by our metabolism of cells becomes slower. Mature skin happens when the amount of activity of fibroblasts is reduced as well as the synthesis of collagen. Our skin becomes dehydrated and age dark spots appear. Mature skin care is to identify when you see the sign of open pores, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, lack of luminosity, dehydrated and lack of tone & firmness. This lead to the 8 signs of ageing which are the partial lines on forehead, between eyes, eye area, under eyes, laugh lines, lips & neck, outer lines of the face that connect from the cheek to jaw. The new Yehwadam Nokyong Collagen Contour Lift Gold Capsule Cream from THE FACE SHOP is made especially for mature skin. It is a concentrated lifting care cream that contains nokyong collagen that lifts the 8 ageing lines for a firmer and youthful skin.
The Yehwadam Nokyong Collagen Contour Lift Gold Capsule from THE FACE SHOP comes in this luxurious box with a scoop in it. This is the 3rd type I believe from their "pearl Capsule" cream line. They have the Yehwadam White Ginseng Collagen Pearl Capsule Cream for Dry Skin & The Yehwadam Snow Lotus Brightening Pearl Capsule Cream for Brightening benefits. 
Some of the ingredients that caught my attention are Panax Ginseng Root Extract, which the reason behind this cream gives me a cooling and soothing effect when applied. Another ingredient is the Pearl Powder, which for centuries pearl was the elite natural medicine to promote radiant youth. Then the start ingredient which is the nokyong collagen, which is derived from the premium eastern herbal ingredient deer antler. 
Each jar contains 50g of cream. For hygienic purposes, simply use the scoop to take out the product. 
I love how this cream comes in these pearl looking jellies. These are called capsules cream. How to use it? Simply scoop 1-2 pearls and squash it using the scoop on your hand and gently massage it on to your face and neck. The pearls dissolve into a very gel-like consistency that absorbs nicely on to my skin.
After applying the cream looks very nourishing on my skin. I have been using this for 1 week plus and I am very impressed with it. It is so hydrating and makes my skin feels much more supple and plump. The instruction said to use 3-4 capsules but I only use one per routine. One actually already give the right amount to cover my whole face. I use this after using my serum. As I squashed it, it just melts onto my skin and feels so nourished. This cream is not fragrance-free, so there is some scent in it but I find that the scent is very refreshing. I found that after 5 days of using this, I can see that my skin is radiant and hydrated. It is best to use 2 capsules during night time as a sleeping mask too.

This capsule cream retails for RM257.90 each (50g). You can purchase this at any THE FACE SHOP retail store listed here or Online here : link
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Hiruscar Anti-Acne Range Review

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Back in 2012, I reviewed a product that changes my life completely, you can check it out here. I experience acne during my early 20s, and every time of the month, I usually will get at least one acne. Which is such a frustrating moment? I have a bad habit of squeezing it and it causes scars on my face. The black marks on my face will last at least 2-3 months. But when I discover Hiruscar, it solves my problem completely. Watch my video below to find out more on how to use these Hiruscar Anti Acne range!

The Anti Acne Range comes in 4 steps & 4 products you can include in your routine. The ANti Acne range helps to heal and reduce acne conditions like Blackheads/Whiteheads, Papules and Pustules. There are as below.
Step one is the cleanser, Hiruscar Anti Acne Pore Purifying Cleanser. This is a gentle, sulfate-free, oil-free and colouring free cleansing formulation. That means it is suitable for people who experience acne prone skin problem. This cleanser does not leave my skin feels dry/tight. It is gentle and does not cause irritation to my skin. 
The second step is using a serum. This Hiruscar Anti-Acne Pore Purifying Serum also acts like a toner +light moisturizer for your daily use. It is formulated with special ingredients such as Bisabolol, Laricyl (Mushroom Extract), Salicylic Acid, Allium Cepa to help not only to minimize acne breakouts, but also tighten pores and promote skin elasticity.

The 3rd step is spot gel to treat your acne spots, redness and pain after 2 days of usage! The Hiruscar Anti-Acne Spot Gel contains salicylic acid and otheranti-acne ingredients for reducing acne. It also has Vitamin C derived to help lighten pimple marks. 
The 4th product is the Hiruscar post acne. This helps combat acne scarrings such as Hypertrophic scars and hyperpigmented scars. When to use it? After acne breakouts, you may experience post acne or pimple scarring and dark marks. This acne scar gel helps lighten dark marks and reduce acne scar appearance. You may use this 2-3 times daily once your acne has subsided and so happen, it left a mark or scar. Visible improvement can be seen after 4 weeks of consistent usage of Hiruscar Post Acne.
FYI, the description in picture for Spot Gel is wrong. It should be Hiruscar Anti Acne Spot Gel and not Hiruscar Post Anti Acne Spot Gel. Kindly change.
Be part of #ClubSpotless with these products that I have trusted for years!

Check it out on how to win at my Instagram post here - click me
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Pupa Milano Makeup Workshop with Federico Lucci

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Last week I went to IOI Putrajaya Sasa Outlet for an exclusive Makeup Workshop with Pupa  Milano Cosmetics. It is a brand from Italy and has a wide range of makeup products to be discovered. It was an intimate event and I had a lot of fun meeting my blogger friends such as Sabby, Kelly, Fishe and many more!
Federico Lucci, the Internationa Makeup Artist for Pupa Milano flew all the way from Italy for this workshop. He showed a demo on a makeup look using their new product which is an eyeshadow palette.
 The new eyeshadow palette comes in 3 different options to choose from and they are GORGEOUS. The claims :

The formula of the Matt texture combines innovative Velvety Agents that guarantee
perfect adherence and a high percentage of pigments for maximum coverage.
The Satin texture is composed of innovative raw materials with a silky feel to make the
texture rich and creamy while a special Polymer guarantees optimum hold.
The Metal texture is a pressed powder with a performance similar to that of a cream.
The combination of Resins, Waxes and Oils ensures excellent adhesion to your eyelid.
Easy to apply, it fixes instantly and lasts all day long.
The palette comes in a plastic metalize packaging and has 3 types of hues. They are Bright Violet (my favourite), Hot Flame, & Cosmic Queen. These eyeshadow are formulated from Italy.
Here are the swatches of the palettes. First, Cosmic Queen. This palette has more of smokey dark hues. The first colour on the left, the black matte is amazingly pigmented. This palette is great for that edgy makeup look for night time. Kinda like a rock star vibe eye look with these hues. 
The second palette is called Hot Flames. As the palette name, it has warm hues of eyeshadow. You can create a warm eye look with nice orangey transition colours and copper lids with these. Pretty sexy!
The last one is my favourite. This is Bright Violet, it has pink and purple hues of shadows. Pink shadow is the trend right now and these colours are perfect. It can create a romantic eye look yet great for every day. the 2nd last color from the left is a great transition colour. 
These palettes retail for RM149.00 each and they are available at all participating SASA outlets that carry Pupa Milano products. There is a 4th palette that is called Spicy Nudes, currently not there during the workshop.
There are other products you can also discover from pupa Milano such as foundation, lipsticks, mascara and many more.

More info :
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