4 Ways to use PIXY Two Way Cake

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PIXY UV Whitening Two Way Cake! Who does not know it? I have been loving it for years and I bet you guys have tried it and love it too! It is affordable and it delivers so well! It is formulated with Japan Technology. Also it has sun protection of SPF 15. Today will be a special review and post for this amazing legendary two way cake powder. I will be showing you two techniques using this PIXY Two Way Cake. Dry Technique, for everyday look/outdoors activity look, or Wet Technique for high coverage, glam look! Plus shading & highlighting using these. How cool is that. Want to find out more, watch below video!
It comes in a white case and a sponge applicator and comes in 5 different shades that you can choose from; White Cream, Yellow Beige, Natural White & Tropical Beige. It has a very fine texture and easy to blend into my skin. It gives me a sheer to medium coverage.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Dry Technique is simple; it is basically your everyday makeup application style. Simply using the sponge provided and gently apply it with a sponge using downward strokes from the center to the outer of your face  following the direction of your facial hair so that the finishing would look natural and seamless. For more coverage, simply apply another layer. I love how it refreshes my skin to make it looks natural and brighter!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
To give foundation effect. By simply damp the sponge with a room temperature water (make sure to squeeze any excess water). With the damp sponge, use it to apply the powder on to your face. Apply using the same dry method application and repeat the steps if you want a fuller coverage.
Now the fun part! To do shading The darkest shade of all 5. Damp the sponge and the folded it into half to create a narrow shape. This way I can easily shade my cheek and start adding the darker shades to contour my entire face.
Apply the PIXY Two Way Cake in Tropical Beige on your cheek bone, outer part of the forehead, side of your jaw and for a slimmer nose effect, on the side of your nose. Then I use the PIXY Two Way Cake in the shade White Cream to Highlight. I apply it on my forehead, top bridge of my nose, chin and top part of my cheek bone. By using the same damp sponge, I blend everything away to make it look natural.For me PIXY Sempurnakan Ku because it helps me achieve fresh looking skin with a simple application everyday. Don't forget to join the giveaway below! The PIXY UV Whitening Two Way Cake retails for RM19.90 and the refill retails for RM11.90. You can get it at Watson, Guardian, AEON, Econsave, Giant and etc. 

Now that you have read & watch my review, get a free PIXY UV Whitening Two Way Cake to try now!
Now your chance to win PIXY Beauty Box worth (RM100) by telling how can PIXY Sempurnakan Ku ... down below in the comment section!
(Contest ends 
31st March, open for Malaysia Resident Only)

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Suria Cherating Beach Resort Review

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A few weeks ago I went to Cherating Pahang to celebrate my husband birthday. We did a small getaway to Cherating and decide to stay at Suria Resorts & Hotels. It is located near to Kemaman. It took us about 4 hours from Johor Bahru. We did not use the highway but instead, we use the road to Mersing during our journey. As we arrived, we are welcome by a nature vibe surrounding. We love the spacious parking space that they provide.
I checked in with the receptionist. They also provide some snacks and basic toiletries that you can purchase. We got the normal Deluxe Sea View. Was a bit disappointed to get 2 single bed as obviously, we come as a family of 3 and I already mention that I will come as 1 family of 3. There were not much of a visitor that day so I'm sure the rooms are not fully booked. But its ok, we moved the bed together to form a queen size bed. Just that kesian my baby as he keeps on slipping on the middle part of the bed while sleeping. haha.
The room is pretty good. Pretty clean and comfortable. We got a room with a sea view window. After we checked in we wander around the resort. There are many facilities such as karaoke room, carom game section, swimming pool, volleyball court, and much more. We assume this place will be a great holiday choice if you want to have a team building/family day. There are many games facilities here.
The pool is spacious and wide, but maybe since there aren't many people there, the surrounding seems pretty silent. We went to the beach to have some walk together.
Our first breakfast buffet was pretty awesome, they serve nasi lemak, some English breakfast, congee and much more. One our second day of breakfast, I think we were the only family there, so there were not buffet and they took an ala cart order from us.
Other than this resort, we also went around the area. We went to town, it was quite far but worth it. Overall it was a good stay, maybe next time we could come when the school holiday starts. You can find out more about Suria Cherating Resort or other Suria holiday stay here:

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Habbatus Sauda & Olive Oil Goodness! | Ardini Essentials Skincare Review

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It has been some time since I talk about some products that I have been trying out. Today I am going to share with you a skincare set that has done well to my skin. What attracts me is that it is formulated with Habbatus Sauda & Olive Oil. To my sisters out there, you know how Habbatus Sauda can really provide amazing benefits to us. Habbatus Sauda has anti-inflammatory benefits and has been used 3,300 years ago. So you know how this amazing ingredient has been used before we even know it. Ardini Essentials offers you 2 essentials that you need in your skin care routine. The Deep Facial Cleanser & The Facial Treatment Serum.
After removing my makeup (during the night), I will use this cleanser. It foams up pretty nicely and has a nice refreshing scent. The microbeads contain in this cleanser does not leave any excessive roughness feeling while scrubbing, it feels just nice. my skin also does not feels dry after using this. Although this cleanser foams up a bit, it is not formulated with sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

After cleanse using the Deep Facial Cleanser, & tone my skin, I use this Facial Treatment Serum. Comes in a pump bottle, and all you need is 2-3 pumps only. This serum has concentrated formula of Habatus Sauda. It also has antibacterial properties, which means also prevent from acne. This serum has a gel like texture, at first for me it feels a bit sticky but just in seconds, it absorbs and leaves my skin feels so soft!

Below show the texture of the Deep Facial Cleanser & Facial Treatment Serum. The Serum has a slightly thick texture to my opinion, absorb to a matte finish on the skin without the sticky feeling. The Deep Facial Cleanser has fine microbeads that help to gently exfoliate your skin gently daily. It foams up nicely too while using it. 
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Here is a before & after picture of my skin. I consistently use the Deep Facial Cleanser & Facial Treatment Serum throughout this 14 days. My main skin problem for the past few weeks are enlarged pores, whiteheads, and redness. I found that my pores are reduced, and my red spots have also healed. The dryness of my skin can still be seen but I find that my skin feels much softer after using the serum. Overall, I find that the star ingredient of this skincare really makes a different. I'm really satisfied with it!

All Ardini Essentials Skincare are natural and free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) / Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) & PARABEN. Suitable for both men & women, all skin types especially sensitive skin. This set retails for RM199.00 and you will get 50ml of Deep Facial Cleanser & 15ml of Facial Treatment Serum.
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Forest Colour Coesmetics Try-Out Review

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A homegrown brand called Forest Colour! Green is their signature look, resembles natural products, and product that is based on Halal ingredients. They have amazing selections of products from Lipstick, Face Powder, Eyeliner and even Perfume! I got the chance to try some of their best selling products and will give you my thoughts on it here today. 

First of all is this Collagen Velvet Lip Color. With a total of 12 shades that you can choose. This hydrating lip color is a must have. The shade I am swatching above is called Blush Me. My kind of color, nude! It has a medium coverage and it is really hydrating. I love the click packaging it has! Super unique. More info here:  http://forestcolour.com/products/Collagen-Velvety-Lip-Colour/33

This! I love this BB Cream and by far this has been my top recommendation for BB Cream. It is the most comfortable BB Cream I ever use. Its finishes of matte and the shade matches me perfectly. This is in the shade Bisque Natural. It has 2 shade option for you to choose. I find that this BB Cream blends well with a Blending Sponge. It has a great coverage too. You can see the before and after pic below after the loose powder review. More info here: http://forestcolour.com/products/All-in-one-Collagen-Hydrating-BB-Cream/1

This Loose powder goes so well with the BB Cream I mention. As you can see in the picture below, in picture 2 I am wearing only the BB Cream, then I set the BB Cream with the loose powder everything looks even. It is also infused with Aloe Vera extracts to improve the skin firmness, its silky finished lasts and comforts all day. http://forestcolour.com/products/All-in-one-Collagen-Loose-Powder/5

More info & shop online go to http://forestcolour.com
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The Body Shop Down To Earth Eyeshadow Quads Review

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I am so into eyeshadow palette lately. I have a long list of eyeshadow palette that I want to collect for no reason. I felt that I need all. Haha. Recently The Body Shop Malaysia launched their Down To Earth Eyeshadows. From a full pan of 8 shades to quads. Today I will be featuring some quads that I have tried. All The Body Shop Eyeshadow are 100% vegan! Each quad comes with 4 different eyeshadow in square pans. Comes in a black plastic case with a mirror in it. Each eyeshadow squares has a net weight of 2.2g. Oh and the eyeshadow pan can be clicked out so you can customize your own palette. Simply push it from the back to take t out. I forgot to take some pictures to show you. Below I will show you the swatches and descriptions. 
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
This quad is called Go For Gold. Contains gold with yellow undertone eyeshadow shades. In this quad, it has mattes and metallics. The top left color is called Sahara Dune. It is a perfect matte brow highlight color, super pigmented and buttery soft. The top right color is called Aztec Gold. A shimmery gold shade, not that pigmented but still smooth when applied. Bottom left is called Essaouira Bronze, a shimmery bronze shade, pretty pigmented. Bottom right, Amazonian Earth. Highlight pigmented dark brown shade! Overall I really love both of the matte shade mentions.

This quad is called True Romance. This quad features romantic hues of taupe and purples. Top left is called Attica Marble, A matte white shade. Compare to Sahara Dune from the Go For Gold Quad, this is more white, but has the same texture, soft and buttery smooth. Top Right is called Petra Sandstone. A shimmery light taupe shade. Super pretty! Bottom right is called Penrhyn Slate. A dark taupe with purple undertone in it. I think it has a pearlized finish. Last a the bottom right is called Bengal Granite. a shimmery dark plum purple shade. 

This quad is called Smokey Grey. Features gray undertone eyeshadow shade. From the Top left is called India Rose Quartz. A sheer light champagne shade, perfect for highlighting. Top Right is called Atlas Rhassoul, a matte gray with an olive tone in it. Bottom right is called Cerro Rico Silver. A shimmery light gray. Lastly, it's Siberia Anthracite. A pearlized medium gray. 

Each quad retails for RM109.00. You can get this at any The Body Shop outlets & online here: https://www.thebodyshop.com.my/make-up/eyes/shopby/category_filter-eye_palette/
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Breakfast made easy with McDonald’s Breakfast Specials

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As you woke up, you know that your day has just started. The long to do list and errands that need to be done. It is the busiest period of everyone's day. But we need to make this period of time start the right way. Most of us skip the most important meal of the day, Breakfast! Breakfast is an important meal in your everyday routine, it helps you to start off right and provides you the energy that you need for the whole day. Introducing McDonald’s breakfast specials are as easy as grab-and-go.
I know it is a rush time for a breakfast but all you need to do is go to any of your nearest McDonald's restaurant drive tru and grab a set of breakfast! McDonald’s Weekday Breakfast Special from as low as RM4.95) withSausage McMuffin with Egg or Chicken Muffin; all accompanied with a Premium Roast Coffee. On top of that, indulge in local favorite Cakoi and Soya which is now available all day long at McDonald’s.
Or spend more time with your family during the weekends with the weekend breakfast specials – with the Family Breakfast Box, the Big Breakfast and Two Piece Hotcakes with Premium Roast Coffee. Also McDonald's invite you to a fun picnic at the park with your favorite personalities. Organised in partnership with Hot FM, fans of popular personalities will stand a chance to catch Awi Rafael, Mark Adam and Ippo Hafiz busking and also meeting SitiNordiana, Jihan Muse and DayangNurfaizah. All of this in the comfort of enjoying free Chicken Muffinand a refreshing drink from McDonald’s Orange Bowl at selected parks in Peninsula Malaysia. The time are as below!

3 March 2017

Taman Rekreasi Bukit Besar, Kuala Terengganu


4 March 2017

Taman TengkuAnis, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Mark Adam

11 March 2017

Taman Merdeka, Johor Bahru, Johor

Awi Rafael

12 March 2017

Stadium Tun Fatimah, Melaka

Jihan Muse

18 March 2017

Taman TasikPermaisuri, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Ippo Hafiz

19 March 2017

Metropolitan Park, Kepong


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I'm a grown women | Skincare Tips

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Hi guys,what’s up! My blogpost title makes me think about Beyonce’s song all day long. Let's talk about something real here – age. I’ve realized that I’ve aged up. I’ll be in my 30s in just a few years and I believe a number of my followers & blog readers are almost reaching the same age. Things around me made me realize that I have aged up! Things and places change, especially our skin.

Everyday, we are exposed to sun damage, stress,and pollution. As early as our 20s, we need to think about what we need to prevent the signs of aging. What every woman needs is the perfect skincare routine to help keeps us feeling and looking younger to maintain the confidence to face life’s new and everyday challenges. Age is only a number ;)

Here are some of my tips!

Some signs of aging are dark spots, patchy skin, lack of firmness, open pores, dullness, and fine lines and wrinkles especially around the neck area. I found my solution – the Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo which helps to renew my skin to keep it plum, fresh, and hydrated without the fillers! 
It is a simple skincare routine perfect for a busy mom like me! The Olay Regenerist Miracle Duo is composed of two products. The Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is perfect for your everyday daytime routine. The Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence is perfect at night.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is the product of over 50 years of research, and is Olay’s award winning and best selling anti-aging cream. It comes in a sleek red jar and has a creamy consistency. It contains concentrated Amino-Peptide Complex and Hydra-Firming Complex that helps to lift, firm, and micro sculpt your skin. I love it because it absorbs quickly into my skin and feels light and fresh. 
At night after cleansing and removing my make up, I use Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence. It helps to boost the penetration of the anti-aging benefits from your moisturizer and increases skin cell metabolism to renew your skin. I experience a nice firming effect after using both of the cream in my skincare routine. It does not leave any greasy feeling and it leaves my skin soft and matte. The unique dropper lets me dispense the right amount of essence I need on every application.

When you have the right skincare, make sure to apply it correctly. Pamper your skin with the right products and a little massage. When your muscles on your face tense up, they are more likely to fasten signs of aging. Here’s a quick massage technique that I use for my skincare routine!

a. Start from the neck and massage the cream in an upwards motion
b. On to my forehead continuing the same upwards motion
c. Move to my cheeks in an outward motion
d. Then finish on my chin
Beauty isn’t just skin deep. It starts from within. I always believe that by eating right, it helps your skin to be healthy. I love eating fruits and vegetables. I could just eat them all day and I always make sure there is always a portion of vegetables in my meal. They are easy to cook too. I try at all times to use olive oil, which is the healthiest way to fry your vegetables. These help reduce the signs of aging by giving your skin the right vitamins and nutrients. Other nutrient rich foods with anti-oxidants are tomatoes, eggplants, kiwis, avocados, papayas, and apples. 

Of course, one of the tips to look younger and have a healthy skin is from yourself. Be positive and be happy! Stress can cause wrinkles you know! Happy person always looks young and bubbly; it reminds me of some of the people I know who always took positivity in their life. It’s all about you. Be confident and always love yourself <3

Learn more about this : https://www.everydayme.com.my/tag/olay
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