How to do your research online before purchasing anything in Malaysia

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Ever felt that you want to buy something but researching for the right product to suit your own criteria seems to be a huge hassle? Espeicially when the product might not be available here in Malaysia? It happened to me and still does. For example, what is the best skin care product for sensitive skin? Or what is the best eyeliner for oily lids? Most of the products that are recommended online are not available here. Anddd the list goes on.

So here is my case, I was looking for a deep fryer. Since I heard a lot about how it is way healthier and you do not need a single oil. The question that arises on my mind is, what is the type of air fryers available? What are the prices? How are they difference? And lastly, can I buy it here in Malaysia? So I did a google search to help with my findings and I found a site that seems to solve my issue on the spot! 
Is a post written on ProductsHideout, never heard of them but they seem to know the pain we all are facing! So after I saw their post on the best air fryer in Malaysia, a 10 minutes research has shorten down to just 3 minutes and the best part is they recommended the best place to buy online for the cheapest price! 

I am curious to know more on what they do so I contacted the owner of this site and this is what he told me on email

Hi Sabrina!

Thank you for contacting us! I am glad that we could solve your issue, this is personally the same problem I had myself too. So I decided to do this to help people to make better decision in their purchasing in Malaysia. Let the research to be done by us and all you need to do is trust our research and make your purchase decision on it. We did not want to make too lengthy content too, but straight to the point. Three main points such as what makes this product different, the price and where you can get it.

I hope we can continue serve to our readers, and your email has just encouraged us to do more!

Thank you!


It is always an honour to write about local writters and how they take this initiative to help to make Malaysia a better place. Since then, I will always check their site up for latest update. Their recommendation on beauty products is amazing too. Do check their site up guys!
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Moving To New Condominium With These Tips

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Moving to a new condominium can be a very exciting experience. It provides you with a fresh start and a chance to decorate your space in a way that shows your personality. After all, you have spent a fortune getting your hands on a new condo launch. However, the process of moving can be rather stressful. Organizing, packing and gathering your supplies can seem like an up hill battle, but with good planning, moving into a new condominium can be less stressful and more fun. In this article, we are going to give you some tips that will help alleviate the stress, and make your move go as smoothly as possible;

1. Start Planning Early
As soon as you decide that you're going to move to a new condominium, you need to start the planning process. If you wait for the last minute to plan your move, you may have many last minute errands which can lead to mistakes. As you're planning your move, you should consider making a detailed checklist of every single task you need to do, and leave enough time to gather your supplies. You should also plan how you are going to move your possessions, and in what order. Consider moving in the larger things 1st and save the smaller and miscellaneous objects for last. Remember to let the new property manager know when you are moving in.

2. Arrange For Help Ahead of Time
Whether you want to hire professional movers, or you intend to ask your family and friends for help, you should make all of your arrangements ahead of time, especially if you are moving at a busy time of year. You will need help with the large items which cannot be moved by 1 person. Having an extra pair of hands also makes things run much faster and more smoothly. The last thing you want before your moving day, is to run around trying to find someone to assist you.

3. Donate or Sell Items You Don't Need
Moving is the best time to see everything you own together in one area. You might be surprised by just how many things you've got that you never really use. You should go through all of your things, find out what you don't need, and then sell or donate those items. If you're planning to sell the items you don't need, you should consider hosting a garage sale a couple of weeks before you moving day. This will make your packing process much easier, since there will be less boxes to haul back and forth. Moreover, you will get some extra cash.

4. Take Thorough Pictures of Both Places
When you are moving to a new condominium, you should take pictures of your previous residence after you have moved your belongings out to help get your deposit back. You should also take pictures of your new condominium prior to moving in so that you can have proof of any damages present, even if it's a tiny stain on the floor/carpet, or a damaged blind. You do not want to be held responsible for it when time comes for you to move out.

5. Pack Early
Make sure you pack in advance. Do not wait until the day you're moving into your new condominium to starting packing. You should start packing a few of weeks in advance. If you usually work all day, consider making a packing schedule in advance; you can pack for at least 30 minutes to an hour every day til your moving day. Packing little by little will be far less stressful than you trying to handle all the work in a single day. Start by packing items you are not currently using and the things you won’t need during or before the move.

6. Use the Right Moving Supplies
Do not dump your clothes and other belongings in your vehicle's trunk and hope they''ll be safe. You should avoid breakages by utilizing the appropriate moving supplies like boxes, cling wraps, bubble wraps, packing tape, among such others. You can even go on social media and find moving supplies from someone who moved recently. 

7. Label and Properly Organize Your Boxes
After carefully packing your items, you need to clearly label them. Consider labeling the boxes with the particular room they came from, such as the bathroom or the kitchen. If you happen to end up having lots of boxes per each room, you can number them so as to keep track of just how many boxes per room you have. This will not only be helpful when deciding which things you no longer need, but it'll also make unpacking much faster and simpler. Alternatively, you can list a few items which are inside each of the boxes so it'll jog your memory when you are unpacking in your brand new condominium. You should also clearly label the boxes which have fragile items so that if movers or friends are helping you move, they'll know to be careful with those particular boxes. 

8. Consider Hiring Movers
Movers can help make your moving day hassle free and stress free. As mentioned earlier, moving can be very stressful and exhausting, especially if there are stairs that you have to deal with when moving to your new condominium. Having professional movers help you with your move will not only make the entire process go much faster, but it will also allow you to safely move the large pieces without damaging the walls or injuring yourself.

9. Make Copies of All Your Important Documents
You should pack a separate box with copies of your important papers or documents in case of emergency. Though it may be a rather tiring project to copy or scan every passport, birth certificate, proof on insurance papers, social security cards, tax claim, among others, you do not want to risk damaging or losing the only version of your valuable papers when moving.

10. Clean Before You Leave
You should properly clean up your rented space prior to your move. From the walls to the floors, you should make sure that it is totally clean, clutter free, and damage free. This will not only build you a reputation as a good tenant, but you can also be sure that you'll receive the security deposit back.

Also, before placing your boxes furniture in your new condominium, you should start by properly cleaning the place. While you will most probably want to clean the condominium again after you have unpacked, cleaning before unpacking gives you an opportunity to get into the hard to reach areas. 

11. Call Your Service Providers
If you haven’t already done so, you should call your service providers to make sure that some things like internet, cable, electricity and water, are up and running. You don't want to move into your new condominium, and wait for a week or 2, in order to get much needed services. You should also change your address before leaving for your new condominium. Make sure you forward your important mails (like bills and bank statements) to your new address; you do not want strangers looking into your personal financial statements.

12. Pick the Appropriate Moving Day
If you intend to use professional movers, make sure you contact them at least one month before your moving day so that you can plan accordingly. If you've a flexible schedule, you can play around with various potential moving dates, and then try to find the cheapest time of the month to make your appointment. Most of the moving companies are usually busiest on weekends, therefore, you should consider skipping the weekend chaos, and schedule for a week day move.

13. Notify Your Landlord a Few Days Before Moving Out
Giving the landlord enough notice usually makes moving out hassle free and much easier. Some complexes or landlords require a written statement about the tenant's plans of not renewing their rent. Some places may even charge you some extra fees if you happen to fail to notify them well ahead of time. Therefore, in order to avoid any sort of trouble with the landlord, you should make sure you notify them a couple of days before your moving day.

While moving can be a rather hectic experience, you should not make it more stressful than it already is. You should plan ahead and follow the above tips to make the moving process as stress free as humanly possible. Happy moving guys!
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Organic & Homemade Goods every month for you | Wonders

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If you love organic and homemade goods like me you would love this. Every month you will receive surprise product in a box, for only MR62.90 a month. Wonders in a Box offers a monthly subscription box contains natural, handmade and organic products monthly. With the support of the cruelty-free community, you will also serve good cause to the environment (but still looking pretty). You can also save more by subscribing for 6 months ahead for only RM330 (RM55.00/month).

Here are the list of products I got in this month box :
1. Flower teas (Roselle, Lavender, Butterfly Pea, Apple Flower and Purple Rose)
A real flower tea bag! How cool is this. I have not yet try it. Was too sayang to open it. It looks so pretty. Its actually a flower tea that you just soak it in to hot water and drink it! Kewl.
From :

2. 2x Footbombs
Too cute to open too. Have not tried it. It is actually a footbomb. I think it is like a bath bomb.
From : /

3. Shower gel
I got it in the Pink Grapefruit scnet, love the fresh scent and I bringing this to my next travel trip!
From :

4. Rose Alba Hydrosol and Bulgarian Real Rose gel (sample size)
Its Daisy Sky Malaysia! I love theri stuff and I have receive their product before. This is the sample size for their Rose Alba Hydrosol and Bulgarian Real Rose gel. Love them!
From :

5. Cocoa butter lip balm
Home made lip balm! Its smells like cake.
From : 

6. Tassel dream catcher key chain
Something to hang around! Super cute.
From :

More info & subscribe here :
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5 amazing chocolate benefits to your skin!

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Hey guys! What is uppp! Today I am going to talk about the benefits of..... CHOCOLATE! Benefits? Chocolate? What? Yasss. Chocolate! Did you know that chocolate or cocoa has lots of benefits to the skin. LOTSSS OFFFF..... M... BENEFITS! So I'm talking about putting chocolate on to your skin. There are a lot of recepies for this but we are just gonna jump to the benefits that the cocoa will do to your skin when you use these kind of products on to your skin. Here are 5 of them!

1. Best Antioxidants for your skin
Facts have been said that Cocoa(chocolate) has high antioxidants properties, more than green tea! Antioxidants helps to keep your skin looking younger and fight against pre mature aging. So who says chocolate can make you look ugly, they help you look younger!

2. Repairing the skin
Cocoa have raw enzyme. Which means it helps to heal your skin. Healing your skin consist of repairing the damage done to your skin. Such as acne scarring, or maybe cuts. It is like a collagen, which makes your skin heal and become healthier. 

3. High in Vitamis for your skin!
Cocoa contains high in vitamins such as Protein, Vitamin A & Riboflavin. Thiamine, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Iron, Copper & Magnesium. These elements can do so much to your skin. Heal, repair and rejuvenate your skin naturally.
4. Natural sun protection
Did you know that cocoa/chocolate can give your skin a natural sun protection? With its super absorbent properties, it protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Also at the same time increasing and protecting blood flow to your skin, keeping it healthy and glowing.
5. Healthier Hair!
Scalp are also consider as your skin. Scalp care are also important in your beauty regime. A well cared scalp results in strong and healthier hair. It helps in increasing blood circulation, increasing the growth of healthy and lustrous locks. As it also acts as a circulation booster, it helps in reducing hair loss. 

If you are mesmerize by how amazing choclate can give to your beuty regime, try to include it in your skincare routine! You can also try the Minty Chocolate Wash Off Mask by Lovely Cosmetics! It is made from real cocoa powder and mint extracts! Trust me, you gonna love it!

More info go to :
WhatsApp - 018-228 4788

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The Top 10 Things to Do in Haiti

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Taking some well-deserved time off? Make sure to pick the right place to go!

The world is full of destinations with beautiful defining features to explore - the elegance of Northern Europe, the style & comfort of the Mediterranean and the tropical paradise of the Carribean.
The Carribean will always stay one of the most popular locations, and for a good reason.

But why Haiti?
Haiti tourism is popular right now. Tropical and subtropical climates provide biodiversity of flora and fauna to explore, along with a rich cultural background.
Haiti is a sovereign country, and geographically, it is located on the island called Hispaniola. Haiti does not occupy the island in its entirety, however. It is sharing the island with the Dominican Republic. Haiti is relegated to the Western side of Hispaniola, and it roughly takes up one-third of the entire area. You can find more information about this beautiful place by writing a paper or you can use the help of  safe essay writing service.

Haiti has a turbulent history as well. Before Columbus discovered the New World in 1492, Haiti was a home to indigenous people — the Taino; and later, throughout the centuries, it was a part of French and Spanish colonies, before eventually proclaiming independence in the 19th century.
You mustn't worry if you have already booked plane tickets to Haiti. This short list will help you arrange a plan to get the most out of your trip.

We'll begin our tour with one of the more popular choices — the Labadee Haiti cruise
Labadee (or Labadie) is a privately-owned resort on the Northern coast of Haiti. Sometimes it is described as an island, but it is, in fact, a peninsula, and still a part of the adjacent island of Hispaniola.
The entire area of the resort is fenced-off from the outside and is protected by security teams. This adds to the seclusion and comfort factor of this resort.

It is important to remember that Labadee is a private resort and it can only be reached by a cruise ship. Tourists aren't allowed to leave the resort as well, so if you're committing to Labadee, you may miss out on Haitian culture and cuisine.
There are some great activities to choose from in Labadee, however.
1) Lounging on the beach
The obvious requirement for a good vacation. White sands, gentle waves, and fantastic views -  Labadee offers many opportunities to enjoy yourself.

2) Arawak Aqua Park
Looking for structured water fun? This option has you covered. Choose from many activities: kayaking, snorkeling, waterslides and swimming among other things. A favorite spot for families with kids.

3) Dragon's Breath Zipline
If you're looking for something a bit more extreme and memorable, look no further than this zip line ride.
One of the longest zip line rides in the world, the ride lasts for about a minute and gives a great view of Labadee and the adjacent areas.
Professional staff will make sure you have the best possible time you can.

Labadee isn't the only thing Haiti has on offer, so if you intend to visit the Port-Au-Prince (capital city), Milot or Cap Haitien, there are some more destinations to consider. Many colonial fortifications remain, and some of them are still in great form.

4) The Citadel near the town of Milot
Citadelle Laferriere is one the biggest fortresses built in the entire Western Hemisphere.
This massive structure was completed after Haiti gained its independence from France in 1820.
It stands tall on a mountaintop that is 900 meters high — an incredible asset for a fortress, having the option repel any ground attack.
It was complete with warehouses, dungeons and other defensive attributes like cannons.

UNESCO made it a World Heritage Site in 1982.
The fortification itself can be considered an icon for Haiti, an unwavering reminder of humanity's ability to build amazing things.

5) The Palace of Sans-Souci
Located in a commune of Milot and constructed in 1813 by a king who was formerly a slave, this palace was left in a half-destroyed state after a strong earthquake. It was never rebuilt. The Palace is a part of the Unesco world heritage site along with Citadelle Laferriere and Site Des Ramier; those three locations comprise the National History Park.

6) Bassin-Bleu in Jacmel
A little oasis that is filled with dense vegetation and complete with a beautiful waterfall tourists can jump from. Hardened minerals give the falls a distinctive blue appearance.
Reaching Bassin-Bleu can be challenging and will tax even the biggest cardio fanatics. You'll need to spend some time walking along the winding paths, be ready for 30-minute walks each way. Being hard to reach lends itself to the exclusivity of the place and keeps it preserved.

7) Musee du Pantheon National Haitien in Port-Au-Prince (or MUPANAH)
Learn about the rich history of Haitian people. Discover important historical figures and browse works of art in the national museum in Port-Au-Prince. Museum guides will add more detail to these exhibits, so getting one is advisable. As a side note, cameras aren't allowed inside the museum.

8) Cathedrale Notre Dame de Cap Haitien
If you ever end up on the main square of Cap Haitien, you will see this well-maintained Catholic cathedral. Clean cobbled streets and the church create an authentic picture of an old colonial town.

9) Marche de Fer
Haiti's biggest market is in Port-Au-Prince. Dating back to the end of 19th century, this structure was abandoned and almost entirely destroyed by an earthquake in 2010. Iron Market was since rebuilt and renovated; it now remains a vibrant place of Haiti's economy.
A place of commerce for local and national businesses.
Make sure not to give in to aggressive sale tactics and glue yourself to your guide; you don't want to get lost in the vast space of the market.

10) Barbancourt Rum Distillery
One of the better-known attractions in Port-Au-Prince, one of the oldest distilleries in the Carribean.
The place where Rhum Barbancourt is made, Haiti's most notorious alcoholic export.
Rum has a distinctive taste, and if it is something enjoy, you may want to give this place a visit.

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Minty Chocolate Mask by Lolavely Cosmetics Review

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Chocolate can win anyone heart! Its delicious but sometimes it can be a guilty pleasure thing. Now I am going to talk about this yummy food for your skin. As you know chocolate has great anti-oxidant properties for your skin. So instead of eating it, why not we put it on our skin as a skin treatment and pampering! I don;t have time to do the chocolate mask but I do have a product recommendation for you. 
This is the Minty Chocolate Mask by Lolavely Cosmetics! I have tried it for a few week now and I have been loving it! It comes in a glass jar and as you open it you can smell the yummy chocolate with a hint of peppermint scent! Basically this mask is made from pure chocolate & peppermint extract. The peppermint extract leaves a cooling sensation feeling when I am using it. I love how the cooling sensation does not leave any "gas" that cause my eyes to tear up. I experience this from some of the mask pack I tried before. This mask can help to treat minor acne problems and blemishes, reduce wrinkles (from its antioxidant properties), nourishing and moisturizing, soothing and calming & also can help to brighten your skin.
Direction of use, simply spread this on your entire face avoiding the eye area. Then leave it for 30 minutes. Wait for the goodness to absorb on to your skin. Then rinse it with lukewarm water. I found that my skin feels so much smoother and hydrated. After using this mask i continue using my serum & moisturizer. This whole jar can last you for at least 2 months. I use it 2-3 times a week after cleansing & toner.

More info go to :
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Most convenient Breast Pump ever! | Spectra 9+

Hello to mommies out there! Today I will reviewing a breast pump that I have been enjoying using and I hope this would be a helpful post for you to make your choice if you are looking for a breast pump that is travel friendly, lightweight & won't attract people! Hehe I mean silently help to pump your milk for your baby. This is the Spectra 9 Plus, one of the best selling breast pump brand worldwide and they came out with this one which has capture many mommy heart out there! It is 100% imported from Korea.
In the box, it has all the components that you need. 1st of all is the pump unit. I like how it is small (same size as my phone!), light weight and has simple button and screen on the front. The screen shows the Pumping timer and the vacuum Pressure Level. On the left is the Power Button and the below left side button is the mode.
You can choose either Massage/Expression mode. The Vacuum pressure control button (+/-) are o the right side. Massage mode can go up to Level 5 while the Expression mode can go up to Level 10. But it is not compulsory for you to go to the max level, just as what makes you comfortable. I usually will go for Level 4 in Expression mode. The Pump itself is rechargeable. So worry free if you are going somewhere and thinking of finding a power supply for this. Super convenient. A full charge pump unit can last for 2 hours of pumping. The adapter jack are located on top of the breast pump.
First of all of course, charge the pump unit. Then assemble the Breast Shield with the Valve, Bottle, Back-flow protector. Connect all of that with the Tubing and to the air hole that is located on top of the pump unit. Place 2 of them if you want to pump both sides.Place the suction properly and turn on the power to the level that you prefer. You can start with Massage mode to stimulate your body's let down reflex to speed up the start of milk flow.
I love how this Spectra 9+ Breast Pump is really easy to use and I can bring it anywhere. Even though I am working at home, I still need to bring this when I am traveling. It is really easy to wash too. I will only to wash these 3 parts which is the shield, bottle & valve. But if the milk overflow into the protector, stop the pump and remove liquid, wash and use cloth to thoroughly dry before use. Also it does not make loud noises when pumping. Awkward moment bye bye. This breast pump also comes with a 1 year warranty. All of Spectra 9+ components are also BPA free.
GREAT NEWS! Special for my readers, with a min purchase of RM200, you will get RM50 off with my code – SABRINA50
Link :
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