ZenyumSonic Toothbrush Review - Vibrates 33,000 a minute!

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Salam everyone & hello! I have been obsess with dental hygiene more than ever since I got my braces 2 years ago. Having braces gives me the challenge to keep my teeth cleaner than before as it has a lot of "areas" you need to cover. A lot of blind spot too! Washing with regular toothbrush just don't work for me. So I decide to give a sonic toothbrush a try. There are so many in the market that just untrustworthy. I don't like the idea of a sonic toothbrush with a  round brush head. It just don't work for me. Then I saw ZenyumSonic and I did not really take a look at it until it came out with a  Pink one! Hah! And then I see that the brush head looks like a regulars tooth brush. Hmm, interesting I say. And I did not regret getting it as it is the best Sonic toothbrush ever! 

The ZenyumSonic Toothbrush vibrates over 33,000 times a minute – about 10 times faster than your typical electric toothbrush. Which means it vibrates as you brush your teeth much effectively. And it is such a life saviors because I can just slit it on the side f my braces and it gently brush the hard to reach areas. 
The brush is pretty dense compare to regular toothbrush I had. It has a multi-purpose brush head with tongue-cleaner on the back part. 
The brush head is replaceable. They have it in a pack of 3 for only RM75.00. Its a bout RM25.00 each.
It comes with 3 different modes – Clean, Gentle, and White. It lights up when you change the mode. I usually use Gentle and Clean on my tongue. It is recommend by dentist to brush your teeth for 2 minutes and guess what, it has an automatic timer every time you use it! It will stop after 2 minutes of brushing and in between 30-second reminders. It is wireless and I love how it comes with the holder that holds the charger and without the charger when you are not using it or put in your bathroom.
The charger are easily popped out when you push it. Without the charger it can be a holder.
My final thoughts after 1 week using is that I really love this brush. It makes my teeth cleaning routine much more better and I feel my teeth and mouth are much more fresher. I love the concept of the auto timer and how it vibrates in a  motion of brushing your teeth as you would do. 

The ZenyumSonic™ toothbrush retails for RM279.00 (with FREE SHIPPING) & comes in 3 color options, Pink, Black & White. Each ZenyumSonic™ comes in a very sleek box and I think it is also a great gift your your love ones!

[ Shop/More Info visit : ]

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Interior Design 2021 trend in Malaysia | Affordable service options with IDW Design Collection

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Siapa yang dekat sini minat sangat dengan interior design? I do! Since I was a kid, I always dreamt of a nice interior in my house. It does not matter how big it is but the interior has to be like what I would want. Small space does not limit a creative and beautiful space as long as you know how to utilize the space you have. Berangan-berangan juga, how do we do this? Nak hire interior design takut pula harga consultation dia. Baik survey2 dulu kan. So rather than just scrolling though Google, better have a proper guide from a real interior book. 

Let me introduce to you the ALL YOU NEED book guide to all interior ideas and guide from IDW Design & Build (IDW)In this book they have prepared over 200 collection design and complete detail for you to follow! Moreover, this book has a complete detail of measurements, ideas, and ways to make your space more practical and useful. The whole book is well printed and is quite a handful! It has a hard cover with sleek paper printing. A very high-quality book indeed.

A humble beginning from both founders with over 14 years of Interior Design experience. Both has an education background of Diploma Studies in Interior Design and Degree in Interior Architecture and ended with Master of Science Facilities Management. Their first big project was to provide service of design and renovate a bungalow which costed RM1.1million and was then also handled a project cost RM17million which is to provide service of designing a collage at an age of 23. Their journey was not a bed of roses, they do face challenges such as getting scammed by suppliers and have high debt challenges. But they keep strong and built the IDW empire amazingly. They both does really inspired me a lot!

Along the journey they are also challenged by the COVID-19 challenge. With the challenges faced before they are mentally prepared for it. They shifted their main focus by focusing on the "new normal" to release their first book collection entitled IDW Design Collection to help more homeowners to get their dream home.

On the very early page you can see the sections of space they covered. Basically everything! From Living area, Kitchen, Study Room, Bedroom, Family Area and even prayer room ideas! 

How details I meant is VERY DETAILED! On each design they have prepared a complete measurement of the whole look for the space. They even give out the size ideas in square fit. For example, 50sqft seems small to me, but in this book how they can change the 50sqft into a great practical space around the home. They even give you layout and dimension to fit to your space.

Besides that, they also suggested on how you can play with colour and theme. The whole pattern and look of a space play a role on which colour palette you choose to use in that space. Thus, with at least 4 main colours could give you a whole new vibe to the space. Rose gold indeed a nice colour with a touch of any primary 3 main colours like the example shown below!

From your bedroom to your children bedroom! Create harmony colour space for your child with the ideas that they provide. don't worry! On each section you will get at least 5-6 or more styles and ideas. Not only from colour palette but on how you can play with fabric textures to live up the space.

I was really inspired by this one section. The prayer room is defiantly my dream space to have! Look at the idea shown below. How amazing it is to have our own prayer room complete with storage keep on the wall well nicely done. A pointed to kiblah carpet that fits basically the whole family! The Islamic pattern on the wall gives such calm and peaceful vibe to the whole room, as well as the carpet with kiblah ready position is such a great idea.

This book offers 200 exclusive design with every elements and styles you can ever imagine. With this book it will guide and provide homeowners to visionaries the real idea on how their home will look like base on theme and space planning. As usually consolation for ID design cost about RM6k. I really do recommend this book that will help you get more ideas and learn more about how you can utilize your space nicely so that you able to get it more practical. You can check them out for more info! But if you are really looking for an interior service around Malaysia, specifically around Selangor or Kuala Lumpur area, don't hesitate to contact IDW today!

More info do follow their Instagram page :

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Senarai penuh pertubuhan bantuan ke Palestine #MyAqsaDefenders #SavePalestine

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Salam semua, semoga post kali ini dapat membantu kita semua untuk terus support organisasi2 tempatan kita membantu saudara Islam kita dan juga pada yang memerlukan. Currently as I was writing this, Palestine has been badly attacked by the Israel Giverment. We need your help. Dibawah merupakan list pertubuhan yang diiktiraf untuk saluran sumbangan ke Palestine. Some of the link mungkin dh expired due to campaign epriod. Boleh terus ke official website dan cari bahagian sumbangan untuk latest kempen sumbangan. 

1. Cinta Gaza Malaysia CGM
Official Website : https://cgm.com.my/
Direct link for current Palestine donations help : https://donate.infakpalestin.com/order/form/savealquds

2. Global Peace Mission (GPM) Malaysia
Official Website : https://gpm.com.my/
Direct link for current Palestine donations help : https://jomsedekah.com/

3. MAPIM : Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organization
Official Website : https://www.mapim.org/
Direct link for current Palestine donations help: https://www.billplz.com/tabungkilatgaza

4. Malaysia for Syria
Official Website : https://infaksyria.com/
Direct link for current Palestine donations help: https://infaksyria.com/donations/bantuan-kecemasan/

5. Iman Care
Official Website : https://imancare.org/
Direct link for current Palestine donations help: https://iman.care/order/form/imcxfm-bai-org-ra1

6. Al Azhar Care
Official Website : https://alazharcare.com.my/
Direct link for current Palestine donations help: https://sumbangan.alazharcare.com.my/misi-kecemasan-al-quds/

7. Murtadha Dakwah Center
Official Website : https://madadcentre.com/
Direct link for current Palestine donations help: https://madadcentre.com/madad4palestin/

8. Serantau Muslim
Official Website : https://www.serantaumuslim.org.my/
Direct link for current Palestine donations help: https://untukmupalestin.com/

9. Cinta Syria Malaysia
Direct link for current Palestine donations help: http://bit.ly/SaveAlQuds-Gaza

10. MyFundAction
Official Website : https://myfundaction.org/
Direct link for current Palestine donations help: https://myfundaction.org/campaign/emergency-appeal-for-al-aqsa/

12. Muslim Volunteer Malaysia - MVM
Official Website : https://mvm.org.my/
Direct link for current Palestine donations help: https://donation.mvm.org.my/donations/emergency-appeal-for-palestine-2021/

13. Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia / Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM)
Direct link for current Palestine donations help: https://www.billplz.com/kecemasanpalestin

14. Glokal Ihsan
Official Website : https://infak.glokalihsan.org/
Direct link for current Palestine donations help: https://infak.glokalihsan.org/order/form/bantupalestin-fb-alfa

15. Aman Palestin Bantuan Kecemasan Aqsa
Official Website : https://www.amanpalestin.net/
Direct link for current Palestine donations help: https://www.billplz.com/TKAQ

16. Persatuan Gerak Wanita Islam Malaysia (GERAKWANIS)
Official Website : https://www.gerakwanis.com/
   Bank : BANK ISLAM
   Acc Holder Name : GERAKWANIS
   Acc Number : 14210010011768

17. Organisasi Heliza Helmi & Hazwani Helmi
Direct link for current Palestine donations help: https://www.billplz.com/tabungkilatgaza

18. MizzNina & Noh Salleh (Min Qalby Foundation)
Direct link for current Palestine donations help: https://donate.infakpalestin.com/order/form/minqalby

19. Faizal Tahir (Faithmen)
Direct link for current Palestine donations help: https://derma.cintasyriamalaysia.com/order/form/48

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Credit to : @hazwanihelmi

Gamabr hiasan credit to : https://www.mstar.com.my/lokal/semasa/2012/12/07/120-sukarelawan-malaysia-tiba-di-gaza-bawa-bantuan-rm18-juta

InShaaAllah sumbangan kita ini sedikit sebanyak dapat membantu gerakan bantuan keatas saudara Islam kita denagn baik. Semoga kita semua amalan kita diberkati Allah SWT.
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2 weeks after - Samsung A32 Review

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So today I will give you my thoughts on the new Samsung A32 phone that I recently got. I decide to have a second phone for my own private & personal number as well as for my own personal phone away from work stuff. Basically a phone for my casual scrolling and entertainment. I opt for a phone that is not t pricey but a little bit of everything in one phone. I will categorize my thoughts on each features that I focus more towards my own personal usage as below.

1. Video Quality

Most of the time I will use this phone to watch YouTube videos or videos from Netflix and other social media platform. I got t say that I am very satisfies with the wide angle view, clear crisp videos on the screen. The Samsung A32 has a 6.4" Super AMOLED, 1080p, 90Hz refresh rate. So this gives you a smooth transition as well as smooth chill scrolling through the phone without any lagging.

For audio, it has a single bottom speaker located on the right bottom of the phone. Pretty good for a personal viewing while watching video. But usually I will use a head phone where there is a standard phone jack insert on the bottom left. No extension needed.

2. Camera

A great features about this phone is that the cameras are well protected by having their each protection bump around the camera lens. Now, I am not a pro in knowing a specific lens features but the Samsung A32 camera features 4 cameras which is the a Wide (main): 64 MP, f/1.8, 26mm, PDAF; Ultra wide angle: 8 MP, f/2.2, 123˚, 1/4.0", 1.12µm; Macro: 5 MP, f/2.4; Depth: 5 MP, f/2.4.
Taking picture outside is quite good. Not the most share photo but a pretty good one for personally use. The contrast are a bit dark to my liking but still I'm okay with it.
Taking picture in low light/inside a building are also okay. With a contrast of blurring background from main object is pretty good too. This one is taking via Portrait mode.

The color contrast is pretty good too. I think its better with good lighting. Below, with good window lighting it captures a very beautiful product photo. Great if you want to start of a product photo taking with this phone. The zoom in/macro lens are pretty good.
There are also adjustable wide angle features as low as 0.5x for a scene picture taking mode. The lines does look a bit curvy but it does capture the whole thing that is right infront of you quite clearly.

There are many other features that you can explore to fully "amp" up your picture quality by using the right mode for the camera.
The front camera has a 20 MP, f/2.2, (wide) camera.

3. Battery Life

I got to say, the battery life is awesome. I basically don't have to worry about it. I would say I charge my phone every2-3 days. I'm not joking! It has a 5000mAh battery capacity. But it takes a longer time to charge, within 1 hour, it has only charge 50% of the whole battery space. Also I notice this phone hardly gets "hot". You know when sometimes after scrolling through  phone, the phones heats ups very fast. Not for this one.

4. Overall hold & feel

One thing for sure is that this phone is not a pocket friendly phone., It is quite big and heavy. But this reflects back to why viewing videos from the phone is really good. I also love the pastel purple design of this phone. Even though its made from plastic, it still have that sleek minimalist design to it. The details of the whole phone are : 158.9x73.6x8.4mm, 184g; glass front; plastic back; plastic frame. The fingerprint reader to open up your phone is pretty sensitive too. Easily detect your fingerprint without any lag. The software for this phone are Android 11, One UI 3.1.

The Samsung Galaxy A32 (5G) 8GB RAM + 128GB storage priced at  – RM1,199.00, For me this is a very fair price to what you get. I think its a perfect phone for a personal use or to my opinion if you want to give it to your parents or staff for work related things.

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Samsung Galaxy A32 5G – Unboxing & First Impression


It's about time. Guess I need a 2nd phone already specifically for personal and casual use. On 17th March 2021 Samsung recently launched the new Galaxy A32. A phone specifically for a powerful mid-range smartphone for work and play. This phone focus to people who wanted a phone for basic everyday use on everything casually. A practical phone for normal basic needs.Here is an unboxing of the phone. Inside the box you will get, obviously the phone of course, a charge plug and USB c type cable, some manuals and the pin for simcard plug in. Oh and this phone can place 2 sim card at a time. Below is the box with some authenticity details of the product. 

Here is the phone. ASMR on opening the font sticker and walah, here is how the phone looks like at first glance. First impression, Its pretty heavy, not gonna lie but the screen is such a deal. Its a wide screen and puas sangat bila view. Featuring 6.4" FHD+ Super AMOLED screen and a large 5,000mAh battery.
The Galaxy A32 has 4 color options (From Left to Right) - Awesome Black, Awesome White, Awesome Blue, Awesome Violet. Mine is in Awesome Violet. A sweet light pastel purple phone. I love it! Below is the angled view of the phone. It has a firm nice button on the side, a earphone jack hole and a C-Type charger port and a 64MP main camera and The 8MP Ultra-Wide lens has 123 degree field.
It said that this phone has a 8GB RAM option and coupled with 128GB of internal memory capacity. It also has a Game Booster software built-in for a great gaming performance. It automatically sets and adjust during usage of the battery life, temperature & memory usage. The Galaxy A32 supports Android 11 and One UI 3. It comes with a in-display fingerprint sensor and secure by defense grade Samsung Knox security for your data.

Here are the price in Malaysia for the Samsung A32 :
Samsung Galaxy A32 (LTE) 8GB RAM + 128GB storage – RM1,099.00
Samsung Galaxy A32 (5G) 8GB RAM + 128GB storage – RM1,199.00
There for that is my 1st impression and unboxing review. At first impression I feel like this phone is a great phone for casual use, even if you want to use for yourself, for specifically work, to give to your parents usage. Pretty much it has a little bit of everything. Will post another one and let you guys know what I think about this phone in-depth. See you next time!

More info check out their website for full details :

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My favorite top everyday natural blusher

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Salam all! Mood nk blogging tetiba datang nih. Tengah kemas2 bilik , susun2 balik barang makeup nmpak la yang byk jugak lately ni beli blusher. Sab nak try berblogging balik tapi maybe tukar cara penyampaian dalam blog ni dari fully English ke bahasa yang sab pakai setiap hari iaitu rojak campur bahasa and english sikit2 boleh? So for today, Sab would like to recommend you guys some of my top favorite blusher for every day use. Warna2 ni sesuai for you who have light to fair-medium skin tone. So let's!
The first one is the 4U2 Matte Blusher. I think this one a rebrand of the old version matte blusher they have in the heart packaging. 4U2 ni brand dari thailand and mmg popular dgn range blusher dieorg especially yg cream blush tu. i tried that one but tak berapa gemar sebab how terlalu pigmented and susah nak blend to the skin. I think sesuai untuk org yang suka blend cream blush on bare skin and bukan on top of foundation sebab mmg agak pathy bila blend. So this one actually Sab baru beli jugak but suka sgt warna shade ni. Dia cm brown undertone and sangat ssesuai dgn kulit kuning langsat sab ni. Among all 4 ni paling pigmented, so a little goes a long way. Sab jarang suka blusher yang highly pigmented ni tp this one kinda an exeption sebab warna dia sgt la cantik. Sab beli ni di Guardian outlet Kota Damansara. Harga sab beli about RM33+, Harga betul about RM39.90. - Link webite : https://4u2malaysia.com/product/4u2-blush-on-made-by-4u2-51-marry-me/

Next is the 3CE Mood Recepi Blusher in #MONOPINK. Love the earthy tone shade in this blusher. Finishing matte, no shipper at all. Lepas tu dia tak pigmented sgt so senang nak kawal blending masa apply. Sucha  sweet and on the go blusher tapi has to be apply above liquid foundation sbb dia sgt lah sheer. I got this from Hermo like last year I think (link shop). 3CE pun ada di Shopee - (link). Harga about RM60-70+. Depends pada sale time.
Third, the MAC Glow Play Blush. I was recommend this by Kak Sally the MUA that we selalu hire for our product photoshoot campaign. This blusher sangat la unique. Kalau Korang perasan, macam ada kemek kat tengah tu kan, sebab blusher ni bukan powder, bukan cream but its like a "dough"> mcm playdoh tu. boleh tenyeh2 and selalu rasa sejuk je tak tau kenapa. So this one boleh apply pakai brush for a very very natuarl finish but best apply pakai finger or sponge. Sponge apa? Of course la Breena Beauty Blending Pearl Sponge, hehe. So blusher ni Sab selalu bawak dlm makeup bag nk touch up lepas solat. You can just use your finger and dap around your cheeks for a natural finish blush look. Oh and this ada hint og glowy finish,bukan basah but a light sheer glisten finish on the cheek. Sangat Cantik. Sab beli ni di MAC outlet but also available online- link. Retail for RM131.00 each.
My most used blusher. Yang ni my 2nd repurchase hah gitew. This is from NARS and nama shade ni S** Appeal. Kat Malaysia shade name ni xditayangkan atas sebab2 adult content. So kat packaging shade ni diberi number 4033. Blusher ni kalau korg swatch kat kedai or tgk directly korg mesti cm ee pucatnya colour dia. Tapi masa my visit there, promoter kat situ suruh I try terus kat pipi on top of my foundation. Bila dia pply kat my face, warna dia terus bertukar jadi warna warm pink natural sangat. Cantik giloss! Sejak dari tu mmg fall in love and terus beli pakai smpai habis. So far onine sab xjumpa any shop jual, maybe kene ke outlet juga. NARS is now available online at Zalora if you wanna know. You can check our promos and deals using Zalora Pormo Codes
Above image show the blusher applied using brush on bare skin & skin yang ada foundation. Mmg on top of foundation nampak lg pekat. 4U2 tu patchy sikit but just make sure lightly je brush bila nk pakai. Sab apply blusher using my favorite B103 Tapered Highlight brush & B104 Cheek Definer Brush by Breena Beauty.
So which one yang you alls paling suka and berminat nk try? 

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First Diamond Infused Skincare in Malaysia? ACELABS is my choice!

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When skincare meets science! Today I am going to introduce to you a Korean skincare called ACELABS . ACELABS is a cosmeceutical brand that is supported by a team of R&D in UK creating high-efficiency products with safe bioactive formulations products. Imagine functional skincare, backed by science! ACELABS products brighten your skin and support anti-aging for a youthful look, day after day.  ACELABS products are gentle on the skin and safe to use. They are Non-allergenic & non-comedogenic. Korean skincare brand called ACELABS

Here I got 4 types of products from their Lumiere Diamond line. A skincare range that is infused with real Diamond Powder that provides skin brightening & Anti-Aging delays aging process with its S.M.A.R.T care technology. The basic that you will need, a cleanser, essence lotion, ampoule and a sheet mask that you can wear daily or 1-2 times a week.

What is S.MA.R.T care? The ingredients used to achieve S.M.A.R.T functionality where it focusses on Soothing, Moisturizing, Anti-Aging, Regeneration & Texture.

The first step, is cleanse. This is the Lumiere Low pH Diamond Essence Cleanser 100ml (RM49.00). This cleanser promises you a more refined skin, with gentle exfoliation properties and removes impurity gently. I love this cleanser so much, it has an essence-like texture, although it foams up, but my skin doesn’t feel dry after using. It leaves a slight "not so squeaky" clean skin and it doesn’t feel tight after washing. This cleanser is perfect if you have dry to normal skin. It claims to be a low pH cleanser. 
Don't believe it? I have tested it and YES! It is a low pH cleanser. which means it is gentle enough on bare skin especially in the morning time. As you can see below using the pH strip test, it is pH5.
Next is the Lumiere Diamond Essence 100ml (RM89.00). This essence has a lotion type texture, not too watery not too thick.  The best way to use it is to apply it directly on the skin by patting it gently on to my whole face. This essence is also infused with real diamond powder. It provides a powerful moisturizing ingredient to the skin which are also creating a second skin protection to the skin barrier.
Here is the texture of the essence. It has a milky watery texture that is very hydrating on the skin. I love how the bottle looks like and how easily to dispense the essence out without overly spill it on to my hand.
Best to use after you have applied the essence lotion for a better absorption and formulation activation. This Lumiere Rebalancing Diamond Drop 30ml (RM169.00) has a real diamond powder too. Provides a beautiful, soft focus healthy bright skin. This diamond Drop are somewhat like a serum that helps to restore eco-balance of skin’s inner layers by preventing growth of bad bacteria with its advanced probiotics formulation. It also helps to activate skin youth proteins to provide skin elasticity and firmness. 
It comes in a sturdy bottle with pump drop lid. It has a very light texture but you can really feel the hydration absorbed on to your skin. This is a very concentrated serum that provides a great moisture to your skin.
Next, my favorite. Sheet mask! I love sheet mask! If given more time I would love to wear sheet mask every day! This is the Diamond Luminous Intense Brightening Mask 28mlx10pcs (RM99.00). Each box you will get 10pcs of sheet mask.

This sheet mask is also infused with real diamond powder. It helps you to get radiant glow skin in just 1 session of sheet mask. The sheet mask is made from 100% plant origin that provides maximum absorption to your skin. It also contains Korean peony flower extract, Rose extract & Allantoin to revive skin’s true radiance.

Simply tear the sheet pack, and removes the whole mask out carefully. The sheet mask is place on another plastic layer which pack up all the ampoule on the sheet mask. Gently peel it off and then place it on to your skin after your essence step.
Wear it for 15 minutes and not more than 20 minutes or else your skin will get a "reverse" moisture effect. after 15-20 minutes, removes the sheet mask of your face and gently massage the left-over essence on to your skin to your neck until fully absorb. You can apply moisturizer after wearing a sheet mask.
I have been using this for 10 days and my favorite are cleanser and the sheet mask! Why? The cleanser is such a gentle cleanser that does not feels drying or stripping away my natural skin moisture. It lathers up nicely and really gives me a clean feeling to my skin. The sheet mask is a “mood” booster! I just love wearing it during night time and after removing it I massage in the left-over product on my skin and it gives such a plumping effect to my skin.
Within just 3 days, I can feel it really did hydrate and brighten my dry & dull skin. The ampoule (Diamond Drop) is a great prep before doing any makeup. It provides a more glowing effect to the skin and makes my makeup last longer too!

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