The New Doctorcos Snow White Water Glow Mask Premium | Original Doctorcos Malaysia

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There has been so many discussion going on the best selling mask in my previous post here, which I also feature in my video too. Now they came out with a premium range and it is called the Doctorcos Snow White Water Glow Mask Premium. This is an ultimate 9 in one water glow mask developed by professional dermatologists in Korea "Upgrade Version Of Amino Acid Doctorcos. It is a mask that you will need to apply just like a mask pack but it will gives you a mask effect just like wearing a mask sheet where it really helps to penetrate deeply to your skin. It said that this mask will keep your skin moist over 120 hours. Your skin is protected and pack with a 2 layer of Silk Veil + Aqua Veil from the outside. It can be use as a moisturizing cream, and also mask / sleeping pack and more (apply generously and leaves for a few minutes).
This is the upgraded version of Doctorcos amino acid. I was told that the manufacturer came out with 2 different packaging. For their domestic supply they don't have logo print on the box, QR code and hologram. For international supply they have logo printed on it, QR Code and the hologram sticker just like above shown. Features its 9 in one system :  nutrients, skin pore tightening effects, increase elasticity,  moisturizing, Whitening,anti ageing, eye cream, mask sheet and sleeping mask
I could say that compare to the non premium version, they look the same (comes in a jar). The texture is pretty much the same to but I feel like this one is more richer when touched. It has a pretty similar scent but the new upgraded version has a more fresher scent to it. It also has a nice cooling sensation when I swatch it. 
Here is how it looks in just one use. I apply a generous amount on my face and leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes I wipe it off and I feel my skin is freshen up, hydrated and glow. I also took a small amount of the Doctorcos and apply it like a moisturizer. It is definitely a quick way to make your skin freshen up and looks more awake.

You can buy original & authetic beauty products at Sapphire218, link as below :
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Raya for everyone with IKEA | Sponsored Post

When it comes to home decor, home stuff and anything that says home, it has to be IKEA! You know how I do sometimes always talk about IKEA. It is like the best place to be and I can't wait for it to expand more in Johor by end of 2017! Yippie! I also do pay IKEA a visit and stock some ome decor stuff for my room and such. So Eid is just around the corner, family and friends are coming over. There will be food fiesta and cozy u together talk about all sort of stuff!

So when it comes to food, you know you need to pump up the game! Serve ware and things you'll need. Whether it is a small crow, medium crowd or rombongan cik kiah kinda crowd. IKEA has it! Here are some stuff that I want *cough* *cough*, I mean suggest you to have some inspiration on what to look for at IKEA for this joyful celebration!
Play with neutral colors and play with colorful colors for the decorations, flowers and you now your kuih raya already gives a joyful vibe to the living room. IKEA offers lots of color options to their products. I really like the BEKVAM trolley, as you can put lots of stuff there including some tidbits to serve your guest. It saves space and you can move away easily. A nice nature theme rug to give some festive look and also show off some of your favorite pictures in the living room with some romantic designed frames like the KVILL.
Of course as I mention before. The feasting time! When it comes to raya, I like to go for green theme color. In FAGRIK series, they have lots f color options including green! Perfect! Serve your rendang, laksa, or anything you want to serve with these cute serve ware. Also keep some ready to bite stuff on some display serve-ware such as the GARNERA, ARV BROLLOP or STOCKHOLM.
There are many more to list out! More info go to IKEA official website here
Watch below video! You know that IKEA always has the best ad video! *wink*

This post has been presented by IKEA but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Back in Stock! - Our best selling B101 Face Luxe Brush

Well hello there beautiful and amazing people! Oh yes, I am still on my confinement period. But says who I can't do some work right? Well, after a long period of back and forward with our factory, My brush line, Breena Beauty best selling brush B101 Face Luxe Brush is now BACK IN STOCK! Yes, yes, a lot of you have been ask about this and thankfully. It is now back in stock, same price but it is improved! We receive a few feedback on our early bathes and we decide to give more time on the production to keep the quality improved and yes with the same price tag. So don't miss this stock! Production do takes time so better grab it now! How to buy? Through online (we accept online payment through iPay88, Manual bank in & Paypal) or through our new service, Whatapps order. Check the dets below :

[ Price ]
B101 Face Luxe Brush RM45.00
B212 Basic Eyeshadow Brush RM25.00
B216 Brow Definer Brush RM25.00
+Shipping RM7.00 (SM) / RM10.00 (SS)
Shop Online :
Whatapps : 018 272 8557

Do follow us at
for more details. We have so many exciting new product to be launch and stuff!
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It is just not an island! | Sponsored Post

I got to admit, I was stunned when I arrive at the Changi Airport a few years ago. I was there to send of my friend family member to London. It was my first time going there and I could not realize how time flies enjoying myself with its amazing features, facilities and architecture. Singapore, a small island with amazing attractions that is also known as one of the three city-states in the world. Have you been there? As I am staying in Johor, Singapore are just across the bridge. I could even see the glimmering lights during the night across the river. 
It is a All-In-One-Of-A-Kind Singapore. What is that suppose to mean? It shows that each individual will experience a different way determine by where they are from in Singapore. It shows that how uniquely Singapore will emerge you. One of the main landmark, Singapore Changi Airport that is also one of the most awarded airport in the world. It is a shopping heaven (yes!), a whole lot of dining options and lots and lots of entertainment and leisure attractions there. It is just not an airport! Along with that, with the long hours of waiting for your next departure, they have an amazing options and access of gaming rooms, movie theatres and five indoors and outdoors gardens. It is not your typical garden but a butterfly garden! It is a Botanic garden that said to be older than Singapore itself listed by UNESCO World Heritage in 1859.
Don't forget to check out more info on below official YourSingapore websites. Follow, subscribe them for latest updates and share the love! You will be inspire and amaze by the All-In One-Of-A-Kind campaign that they are brought to you by Singapore Tourism Board and Changi Airport Group.

Official Website :

**This post has been presented by YourSingapore and Changi Airport Group, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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NYX Butt Naked Underneath It All Palette Review

I got this palette a while back last year during my birthday and it has been my staple palette when I am traveling last year. This palette make me discover that I love warm and burn orange eyeshadow. Never knew it is such a versatile color and a pretty bold color to be use in my everyday. It makes me wanna go and find a single eyeshadow color that looks like some of these eyeshadow and put it in my custom empty palette. This palette comes with 15 eyeshadow color with a mix of matte, glitter, shimmer and satin finish, 4 blusher from lights, peach and bright and lastly 3 illuminators. The blush and illuminators are place in a easy to slide pan on the bottom part of this palette. The case is made out of plastic and comes with a big huge mirror that is handy. Its pretty bulky but I find that it is travel friendly.
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Here are the swatches for the NYX Butt Naked Underneath It All Palette.
The 15 eyeshadow.
From first row left to right. You can see the numbering on the back of the box packaging. There are no specific names for each of these shadows. My favorite has to be number 2,5,7, 11, 13 & 14. Some of them are butter smooth especially the top row and some of them are pretty chalky like he number 15. It is one of a kind palette that not natural palette usually have. The mix of burnt orange, greens and dark plums are amazing to create different looks than your usual. 

The 4 blusher and the 3 illuminators.
The blush are pretty okay, not that pigmented and you will need a whole lot of layer to make it visible. My favorite blush are the one in number 3 and 4. A natural matte blush that looks good together. The illuminators was pretty disappointing. It is pretty chalky and hard to blend. It does not look really smooth on my skin. But they look pretty cool when swatched.

Look I created using this palette :
I use the eyeshdow number 11 for my entire lid, 15 for my transaction shade, 12 for my crease and I deepen out my crease using the number 14. I also use the plum shade number 12 on my lower outer corner. I highlight my inner corner using the eyeshadow in number 10. For cheeks I am using the blush in number 3 and 4 then highlight my cheekbones using the illuminator in number 2. 

You can purchase this palette at Sephora. I am not sure if they are a LE or a permanent palette. I got this from my mom during my birthday and I think they retails for about RM100+. What do you think of this palette?

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SK-II GenOptics Spot Essence & Aura Essence Review

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It is said that from a long term research in SK-II study discovered that women in their 20’s dramatically lose more radiance in their skin than other age group. It could be the damage cause by the UV Rays and this cause hidden spots and cloud to develop and in the end this will appear on to your skin. So SK-II recently launch a product that can help prevent these spots and cloud. It is the new GenOptics whitening skincare series. 
In our early 20’s we can’t really see these spots, but these spots are developed during this stage and will appear in later years. The GenOptics contains an infusion of Prumus extract and Pitera. Another surprising fact is that we actually tend to use the wrong amount of products on to our face. Both of these new products comes with new auto-fill dropper technology pump that is specially designed to dispense out the optimal amount of dosage you need for the best result.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
SK-II GenOptics Spot Essence
Ths is the latest SK-II’s spot reducing serum that is created with the new formula called the Spot Resist Complex.  It is a replacement of the Whitening Power Spots Specialist. It helps to tackle spot formation in early stage of your age. Added with a new ingredient called Lumina Kelp Extract when it is combined with the SK-II active whitening ingredient called D-melano P3 C it helps to inhibit melanin production and enhance the spot reduction power. In 6 weeks you can see the result. Recommend to be use after cleanse, tone and your essence. It has a light weight texture, and takes a few seconds to fully absorb. It is pretty moisturizing and easy to blend in to my skin. What I notice is that it gives me a visible radiance look to my skin in just 2 weeks of usage. My spots (acne scars) can still be seen but I could say less visible. More info : (link)

SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence
After 10 years worth of research observing why skin loss its radiance and had visible age spots over time the new Genoptics Aura Essence is produced. It also has the whitening ingredient, D-melano P3 C to tackle spots and skin clouds before they surface. The GenOptics Aura Essence replaces the Cellumination Aura Essence. There are 3 factors that contribute to skin clouds which is brownish clouds (hidden spots), grayish spots (wide-spread melanin) and reddish cloud (increase of hemoglobin/dull skin tone). It can be seen through their Magic Ring with its new feature “Cloud Meter”. With 2 amazing ingredient called Prunus extract and Inositol that is in the Aura Essence it helps to cambat all of these damaged causes to your skin. In 8 weeks of continue usage, you will see the difference. Recommend to be use after cleanse, tone and your essence. It has a similar texture as the Spot essence but slightly thicker and has a more fresh scent to it. I love to use this after I have tone my skin. It leaves my skin hydrated and leave my skin velvety smooth. I also notice that my skin is more radiance and healthy after 2 weeks of using this. It takes a few couple of seconds to fully absorb. More info : (link)
You can also pay SK-II beauty counters for a visit for your skin checked with the Magic Ring. They have a new feature called cloud meter which measure on how clear your skin is of hidden spots and clouds that is hidden. The higher the reading the clearer your skin is. You can check the changes before and after using these 2 product I feature today within 4 weeks. Book your appointment today here - (link)

They are available at all SK-II beauty counters and they retails as below :
SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence 30ml RM555 / 50ml RM790
SK-II GenOptics Spot Essence 30ml RM470 / 50ml RM685 / 75ml RM920

More info check out below links :
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Doll Skin Foundation by Sendayu Tinggi Review

Looking for a matte stay all day foundation? Check this out! I have been loving this foundation for the longest time. I even use it during my friends wedding where I did her makeup. It last all day and it looks so good on them too. It is from a local homegrown brand called Sendayu Tinggi. I wanna get more into local brands and you will be surprise by how good they are.

This foundation is in their Hijabi Doll Series range. There are 4 shades to choose from - Very Cute, So Sweet, Too Pretty & Quite Lovely. The one I got is in So Sweet. It said that this will give you a fair effect, matte, and give your skin that nice doll like skin. I love foundation that makes me look fair but not that fair where you look weird. This foundation does that! As you know most high end foundation oxidizes as their market segmentation users love tan skin. We Asian tends to love fair skin right. This foundation has a high coverage, super creamy but easy to blend. Best use with a dam beauty blender or a buffer foundation brush. It feels thick but as you apply it feels natural. The shade option are pretty much best for fair to medium skintone. Mine is in So Cute, pretty fair for my skintone but looks pretty well with a full makeup on. I wanna try a deeper shade color just to see if it looks more natural. I really recommend this foundation, plus point the price is super affordable. It comes in a jar, so what I usually do is I use my finger to scoop out some amount of the foundation, dot it around my face and buff in. Finish off with alight powder to set everything in.
Above picture, here is how the foundation looks on me! Below video, from the founder itself, Yatie. Here is a video on how she use the foundation! Yep! She is one of my beauty industry inspiration!

They retails for RM38.00 each. 4 option of shades you can choose from. You can get this foundation at any participating Watson store or online at their website - (link)
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