Samsung Galaxy A32 5G – Unboxing & First Impression

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It's about time. Guess I need a 2nd phone already specifically for personal and casual use. On 17th March 2021 Samsung recently launched the new Galaxy A32. A phone specifically for a powerful mid-range smartphone for work and play. This phone focus to people who wanted a phone for basic everyday use on everything casually. A practical phone for normal basic needs.Here is an unboxing of the phone. Inside the box you will get, obviously the phone of course, a charge plug and USB c type cable, some manuals and the pin for simcard plug in. Oh and this phone can place 2 sim card at a time. Below is the box with some authenticity details of the product. 

Here is the phone. ASMR on opening the font sticker and walah, here is how the phone looks like at first glance. First impression, Its pretty heavy, not gonna lie but the screen is such a deal. Its a wide screen and puas sangat bila view. Featuring 6.4" FHD+ Super AMOLED screen and a large 5,000mAh battery.
The Galaxy A32 has 4 color options (From Left to Right) - Awesome Black, Awesome White, Awesome Blue, Awesome Violet. Mine is in Awesome Violet. A sweet light pastel purple phone. I love it! Below is the angled view of the phone. It has a firm nice button on the side, a earphone jack hole and a C-Type charger port and a 64MP main camera and The 8MP Ultra-Wide lens has 123 degree field.
It said that this phone has a 8GB RAM option and coupled with 128GB of internal memory capacity. It also has a Game Booster software built-in for a great gaming performance. It automatically sets and adjust during usage of the battery life, temperature & memory usage. The Galaxy A32 supports Android 11 and One UI 3. It comes with a in-display fingerprint sensor and secure by defense grade Samsung Knox security for your data.

Here are the price in Malaysia for the Samsung A32 :
Samsung Galaxy A32 (LTE) 8GB RAM + 128GB storage – RM1,099.00
Samsung Galaxy A32 (5G) 8GB RAM + 128GB storage – RM1,199.00
There for that is my 1st impression and unboxing review. At first impression I feel like this phone is a great phone for casual use, even if you want to use for yourself, for specifically work, to give to your parents usage. Pretty much it has a little bit of everything. Will post another one and let you guys know what I think about this phone in-depth. See you next time!

More info check out their website for full details :

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