My favorite top everyday natural blusher

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Salam all! Mood nk blogging tetiba datang nih. Tengah kemas2 bilik , susun2 balik barang makeup nmpak la yang byk jugak lately ni beli blusher. Sab nak try berblogging balik tapi maybe tukar cara penyampaian dalam blog ni dari fully English ke bahasa yang sab pakai setiap hari iaitu rojak campur bahasa and english sikit2 boleh? So for today, Sab would like to recommend you guys some of my top favorite blusher for every day use. Warna2 ni sesuai for you who have light to fair-medium skin tone. So let's!
The first one is the 4U2 Matte Blusher. I think this one a rebrand of the old version matte blusher they have in the heart packaging. 4U2 ni brand dari thailand and mmg popular dgn range blusher dieorg especially yg cream blush tu. i tried that one but tak berapa gemar sebab how terlalu pigmented and susah nak blend to the skin. I think sesuai untuk org yang suka blend cream blush on bare skin and bukan on top of foundation sebab mmg agak pathy bila blend. So this one actually Sab baru beli jugak but suka sgt warna shade ni. Dia cm brown undertone and sangat ssesuai dgn kulit kuning langsat sab ni. Among all 4 ni paling pigmented, so a little goes a long way. Sab jarang suka blusher yang highly pigmented ni tp this one kinda an exeption sebab warna dia sgt la cantik. Sab beli ni di Guardian outlet Kota Damansara. Harga sab beli about RM33+, Harga betul about RM39.90. - Link webite :

Next is the 3CE Mood Recepi Blusher in #MONOPINK. Love the earthy tone shade in this blusher. Finishing matte, no shipper at all. Lepas tu dia tak pigmented sgt so senang nak kawal blending masa apply. Sucha  sweet and on the go blusher tapi has to be apply above liquid foundation sbb dia sgt lah sheer. I got this from Hermo like last year I think (link shop). 3CE pun ada di Shopee - (link). Harga about RM60-70+. Depends pada sale time.
Third, the MAC Glow Play Blush. I was recommend this by Kak Sally the MUA that we selalu hire for our product photoshoot campaign. This blusher sangat la unique. Kalau Korang perasan, macam ada kemek kat tengah tu kan, sebab blusher ni bukan powder, bukan cream but its like a "dough"> mcm playdoh tu. boleh tenyeh2 and selalu rasa sejuk je tak tau kenapa. So this one boleh apply pakai brush for a very very natuarl finish but best apply pakai finger or sponge. Sponge apa? Of course la Breena Beauty Blending Pearl Sponge, hehe. So blusher ni Sab selalu bawak dlm makeup bag nk touch up lepas solat. You can just use your finger and dap around your cheeks for a natural finish blush look. Oh and this ada hint og glowy finish,bukan basah but a light sheer glisten finish on the cheek. Sangat Cantik. Sab beli ni di MAC outlet but also available online- link. Retail for RM131.00 each.
My most used blusher. Yang ni my 2nd repurchase hah gitew. This is from NARS and nama shade ni S** Appeal. Kat Malaysia shade name ni xditayangkan atas sebab2 adult content. So kat packaging shade ni diberi number 4033. Blusher ni kalau korg swatch kat kedai or tgk directly korg mesti cm ee pucatnya colour dia. Tapi masa my visit there, promoter kat situ suruh I try terus kat pipi on top of my foundation. Bila dia pply kat my face, warna dia terus bertukar jadi warna warm pink natural sangat. Cantik giloss! Sejak dari tu mmg fall in love and terus beli pakai smpai habis. So far onine sab xjumpa any shop jual, maybe kene ke outlet juga.
Above image show the blusher applied using brush on bare skin & skin yang ada foundation. Mmg on top of foundation nampak lg pekat. 4U2 tu patchy sikit but just make sure lightly je brush bila nk pakai. Sab apply blusher using my favorite B103 Tapered Highlight brush & B104 Cheek Definer Brush by Breena Beauty.
So which one yang you alls paling suka and berminat nk try? 

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First Diamond Infused Skincare in Malaysia? ACELABS is my choice!

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When skincare meets science! Today I am going to introduce to you a Korean skincare called ACELABS . ACELABS is a cosmeceutical brand that is supported by a team of R&D in UK creating high-efficiency products with safe bioactive formulations products. Imagine functional skincare, backed by science! ACELABS products brighten your skin and support anti-aging for a youthful look, day after day.  ACELABS products are gentle on the skin and safe to use. They are Non-allergenic & non-comedogenic. Korean skincare brand called ACELABS

Here I got 4 types of products from their Lumiere Diamond line. A skincare range that is infused with real Diamond Powder that provides skin brightening & Anti-Aging delays aging process with its S.M.A.R.T care technology. The basic that you will need, a cleanser, essence lotion, ampoule and a sheet mask that you can wear daily or 1-2 times a week.

What is S.MA.R.T care? The ingredients used to achieve S.M.A.R.T functionality where it focusses on Soothing, Moisturizing, Anti-Aging, Regeneration & Texture.

The first step, is cleanse. This is the Lumiere Low pH Diamond Essence Cleanser 100ml (RM49.00). This cleanser promises you a more refined skin, with gentle exfoliation properties and removes impurity gently. I love this cleanser so much, it has an essence-like texture, although it foams up, but my skin doesn’t feel dry after using. It leaves a slight "not so squeaky" clean skin and it doesn’t feel tight after washing. This cleanser is perfect if you have dry to normal skin. It claims to be a low pH cleanser. 
Don't believe it? I have tested it and YES! It is a low pH cleanser. which means it is gentle enough on bare skin especially in the morning time. As you can see below using the pH strip test, it is pH5.
Next is the Lumiere Diamond Essence 100ml (RM89.00). This essence has a lotion type texture, not too watery not too thick.  The best way to use it is to apply it directly on the skin by patting it gently on to my whole face. This essence is also infused with real diamond powder. It provides a powerful moisturizing ingredient to the skin which are also creating a second skin protection to the skin barrier.
Here is the texture of the essence. It has a milky watery texture that is very hydrating on the skin. I love how the bottle looks like and how easily to dispense the essence out without overly spill it on to my hand.
Best to use after you have applied the essence lotion for a better absorption and formulation activation. This Lumiere Rebalancing Diamond Drop 30ml (RM169.00) has a real diamond powder too. Provides a beautiful, soft focus healthy bright skin. This diamond Drop are somewhat like a serum that helps to restore eco-balance of skin’s inner layers by preventing growth of bad bacteria with its advanced probiotics formulation. It also helps to activate skin youth proteins to provide skin elasticity and firmness. 
It comes in a sturdy bottle with pump drop lid. It has a very light texture but you can really feel the hydration absorbed on to your skin. This is a very concentrated serum that provides a great moisture to your skin.
Next, my favorite. Sheet mask! I love sheet mask! If given more time I would love to wear sheet mask every day! This is the Diamond Luminous Intense Brightening Mask 28mlx10pcs (RM99.00). Each box you will get 10pcs of sheet mask.

This sheet mask is also infused with real diamond powder. It helps you to get radiant glow skin in just 1 session of sheet mask. The sheet mask is made from 100% plant origin that provides maximum absorption to your skin. It also contains Korean peony flower extract, Rose extract & Allantoin to revive skin’s true radiance.

Simply tear the sheet pack, and removes the whole mask out carefully. The sheet mask is place on another plastic layer which pack up all the ampoule on the sheet mask. Gently peel it off and then place it on to your skin after your essence step.
Wear it for 15 minutes and not more than 20 minutes or else your skin will get a "reverse" moisture effect. after 15-20 minutes, removes the sheet mask of your face and gently massage the left-over essence on to your skin to your neck until fully absorb. You can apply moisturizer after wearing a sheet mask.
I have been using this for 10 days and my favorite are cleanser and the sheet mask! Why? The cleanser is such a gentle cleanser that does not feels drying or stripping away my natural skin moisture. It lathers up nicely and really gives me a clean feeling to my skin. The sheet mask is a “mood” booster! I just love wearing it during night time and after removing it I massage in the left-over product on my skin and it gives such a plumping effect to my skin.
Within just 3 days, I can feel it really did hydrate and brighten my dry & dull skin. The ampoule (Diamond Drop) is a great prep before doing any makeup. It provides a more glowing effect to the skin and makes my makeup last longer too!

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