Sudio T2 Earphone Review

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Salam & hello everyone! Who is up for some new earphone? This is the NEW T2 earphone which is the latest generation of the best-selling Sudio Tolv. As you know, Sudio is one of the best brand out there if you are looking for some good sleek earphones. They have wide range of earphone selections and styles. They certainly amp up their game with a lot of simple yet sleek looking earphone in the market. The price are also reasonable. Now let's look at the main star right here.
As usual, Sudio always send their product in the best presentation ever. It comes in their mailer box, with some notes and branding papers. When I first open the box and reach for the earphone, I felt like I'm holding a soft egg XD. The case has an oval shaped design with a soft matte body finish. The logo Sudio is embossed on the case it self. There is also a string attached onto he side of the case for easy chain on your bag.

When you open it, the earphones are placed nicely and securely on the holds that's also serve as the charge pot (Type C). Which means, every time you place it back, it will charge (when the case is attached on the charging cable). The charging port hole is at the back of the case. There are also a LED indicator for you to see your charging status.
The earphone is pretty small and does not have extra length to it. The buds is changeable, will show you down below on how many options they will provide you.
The earbuds runs on a Bluetooth 5.2 and SPC as their primary audio code. Also you can use them individually where you can use either the left or the right one individually to charge one another. The battery also also about 7.5 hours or more.
One of the best thing about this earphones that they are sweat and splash proof. Great for you who using it outdoors or while doing some sports activities, minus the swimming! hehe Another cool thing about thisearphone is that you can just tap the side to reduce or increase the sound volume.
This is how the box looks like. It comes with the cable charge as well as the Ear tips in different sizes.
So you can customize to your comfort liking.
Round up, here are the full features of this earphone:
Up to 35 hours of battery life, 7.5 hours in a single charge
Beamforming microphones, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
Dynamic audio driver with all day comfort
Available in 4 colour : Black, White, Sand, and Jade
3 years international warranty with Sudio SPHERE  

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