Best & fast printing media service in Malaysia - Gogoprint (I'm a real loyal customer!)

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Salam & hello everyone! To all business owners or even non business owners out there. Aren't you tired of searching and waiting to be replied when you want to inquiry about printing service? As printing service does not have a specific price out there which they require a specific sizing and material in order for you to get the actual cost right? I have been there. Especially on ad hoc projects which require some stickers, or marketing printing media. Waiting can be really annoying and also as a consumer you don't know the type of material names and such. It can be really frustrating. After 3 years in the business, struggling with printing media that requires manual emailing back and forward, I discover Gogoprint. For real, this have saved me so much money, time and effort. I felt that this recommendation can really help you guys out there as I have been in a very troublesome situations on printing stickers/cards and much more for my business.


From the Gogoprint website it self, its user friendly and it has all the list of printing options you can choose. Sometimes I went and browse to get some inspiration on what printing media I can plan for my next marketing project.
There is even an option to upload your own design, or if you don't have a design, they offer a design service for you. They also provide template if you are not familiar with the exact printing size and artboard for your printing materials. Also, after you upload your printing artwork, they will check and if there is an error, they will notify you. I find this very reasonable and responsible!
Instant quotation and pricing options! This is what I love most. You can adjust your budget according to delivery time. if you want a cheaper options, try to plan ahead your receiving printing materials. My experience with them, they never delayed their shipment, sometimes its earlier than expected! You can also adjust sizing, and materials options to compare the prices which best for you.

Starting something new? You need a business card! Gogoprint offer business card printing at a very low MOQ with reasonably priced point and endless options for your business card needs! From standard card, to recycled paper type card or even cool metal business card
Upgrade your product branding by adding clothes tag and increase sale with a customer loyalty card. They area available in many sizes as you wish!
Create product catalog or your current promotional news with flyers, booklets in different folding types and sizes. They are available in unfold type or ready folded type.
The one of the most popular one, Stickers! You can even choose a custom die cut cutting stickers and even large vinyl stickers.
Round of square, you name it. Different finishing for any sticker printing you need.
As low as 50pcs only can be printed in A4 Size sheet and in different effect such as transparent, kraft or even hologram for warranty stickers. If you are making sticker for your product that requires machine sticking, they also available in sticker rolls forms.
They also can print posters, greeting cards and nice sleek postcard that you can create to give to your customer as a thank you note.
When the season has come, you can also print money packets and wedding cards!
Apart from that they have many many more options, the list is long! You can also check out special merch printing like the tumbler, mugs and even a bookmark. A perfect gift to value your client or customers. 

How to order? Visit Gogoprint official website today!

Visit their sister brand too!

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