Kiehl's Clearly Corrective White Dark Spot Solution & Hydrating & Clarifying Treatment Masque


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Happy Monday. Today I am going to review the serum that I have been using lately to fight my naughty dark spots. I suffer from dark spots usually from my acne scars I am a person who just can't resist to pop my pimples and have that kinda "satisfaction" and "psychologically" feels that my pimple are gone. Usually when my pimples are dried it will form a scar. That is also called dark spot. There are a lot of dark spot to be categorize. One of them are also pigmentation cause my melanin production. This usually happens when our skin are aging and expose to harmful UV rays. So I got the chance to try this Kiehl's Clearly Corrective White Dark Spot Solution & Hydrating & Clarifying Treatment Masque that is said to be one of their best seller products.

This is the Kiehl's Clearly Corrective White Dark Spot Solution. It is basically a serum. Comes in a pump bottle which is a very convenient way to handle. If you have read my past shop tour in Kiehl's (you can read it here link.) Kiehl's is a well known brand that practice simplicity on their products. I love how this bottle looks actually. Its looks like "medicine" bottle. Kinda gives me this mindset that its really concentrating on the problems but not on how it try to attracts customer to buy because of its scent or looks. The bottle and the pump is made out of glass.

An intorduction to this best seller serum. This Clearly Corrective Whit Dark Spot Solution said that its a fast-acting serum that evens skin tone, diminishes dark spots, and impart overall radiance and luminosity to the skin. The key formula ingredient are power-packed Activated C (the latest-generation Vitamin C derivative on the market) breaks up existing dark spot clusters, treat pigment currently present in the skin and prevents the formation of new dark spots. The “anti-cluster” function is 100% active upon application to quickly begin attacking deep dark spots without over drying the skin. Also formulated with White Birch and Peony Extracts. 92% od Asian women saw an improvement in clarity.

The texture of the serum is just like most serum have. Its a bit thick and watery. I use 1 pump for my entire face during my morning skincare routine and night after toner. Gently use it all over my face and pad it gently just to help it absorb better. This serum does not have an overpowering scent. Pretty much don'r have any pretty or floral scent to it. It takes about a few seconds to absorb. If you put it too much it can be a lil sticky. Here below are my picture testimonial. A 2 weeks before and after result. I can't really tell in the picture of you can see it but my dark spots kinda reduce a bit. I can also see my skin a bit brighter. I can't really explain but I can see this serum does gives a lil bit different to my skin. I might use this in a long term and hopefully it will help to reduce or maybe just clear all my acne scars! It is also very light in the skin and hydrating. hehe If you are interested and looking for a dark spot serum, you should give this a try!

Name : Kiehl's Clearly Corrective White Dark Spot Solution
Price : 30ml - RM205 | 50ml - RM290
Where To Buy : Kiehl's Outlet (link for list here)
Ingredient Highlights : No Silicones,Parabens,Fragrance,Colorants,Optical Diffusers.
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

The second star product is this Hydrating & Clarifying Treatment Masque. Helps to make the reducing process faster and helps to give you this instant brighter skin. Claims to give you instant Luminosity, 24 hour hydration and This comes in a box of 6 packets. Well, I got to try one. Each mask is equal to 3 weeks of the serum usage. How awesome it that. Also this can be use over your eye lid. So your eye can also gets the pampering! This mask comes in an individual package. Just like an ordinary mask, open the package and take it out. The sheet mask is very soft and easy to apply on the face. I leave it for 20 minutes. Love love love the cooling sensation it gives to my skin. I love how relaxing it feels in my skin. After 20 minutes, I take it off and gently rub in all the excess goodness from the mask. It feels so refreshing and my skin feel so hydrated and supple. This is definitely a good pampering mask after a long day at work especially when you out exposed to the sun all day!

Name : Kiehl's Hydrating & Clarifying Treatment Masque
Price : RM175 (1 box with 6 sheets)
Where To Buy : Kiehl's Outlet (link for list here)
Ingredient Highlights : No Silicones,Parabens,Fragrance,Colorants,Optical Diffusers.
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

More info go to :
Official Website :

Have you tried the best seller products from Kielh's? If not, go get your samples and try it out!
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Tag Thursday | Get to know me


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡.  Wazaaapp. Itsss Thursday! I can see you guys really enjoy the last Tag thursday and I thought I made another one this week! Some of the question are same because this one I got from Tumblr. So I also got a request from Khalida to do more of these. So here you go! Yes, I am tagging everyone who read this!

1.What is your nickname?
Famalies call me Ina. Friends call me Sab. Others call me Sabrina.

2. What was your favorite subject in school?
Art of course! I get excited when the day of my art classs comes. Paling semangat la dalam kelas tu. Hahaha. depends on who teach. haha.

3. What’s your favorite drink?
I love juices! Especially the sours ones. Pineapple juice, orange juice, cranberry juice. Yums! Also white coffee!

4. Favorite song at the moment?
Ain't it fun! Paramore hoy hoy!

5. What would you name your children?
I admit that I am kinda very excited to be a mom one day. I always want a chilred of my own. I have been wanting this name for my daughter since high school. It is Kyra. Can't decide what is the second name for the front or after the name Kyra. We will see. ^_^ I just love the name so much!

6. Do you participate in any sports?
Yeap! I am a sport person back in the old days. I always participate in sports days and all that stuff. I participate in the 4x400, and sprinting. Alsoooo. If you wanna know I am a cheerleader back in my high school days and represent my school in the national twice but I might say my team is still amateur since we don't have a proper coaching like the other schools. But it was fun indeed and one of the best memories I ever had!

7. Favorite Book?
I love to read horror book stories and my favorite author since I was a kid is R.L. Stine.

8. Favorite Colour?
It depends. I love many type of colors depends on what is the item. I might say I love black and white, obviously pink and pastel combination!

9. Favorite Animal?
Again, I can't really choose. I love many kinds of animals! Anything fat, poofy, fluffy, small. I love! But since I got a cat, I would say I love cats!

10. Favorite perfume? 
Currently haven't find one yet!

11. Favorite holiday?
Never been to a holiday that much. I might say all of my past holiday are my favorite!

12. Have you graduated High School?
Yes I have

13. Have you been out of the Country?
The only country I have been is Singapore. In sya Allah in the future I would like to go to more countries!

14. Do you speak any other Languages?
I only speak Bahasa and English. I wish I can speak other language! But I just don't the effort to learn. haha!

15. Do you have any siblings?
Yes, I am the oldest sistaa and I have a younf brotha!

16. What’s your favorite store?
Weh, what kind of question is this? I have lots of favorite store but ok sort it out. As to favorite I think the kind of store I get excited to see and will walk in to satisfy my self are art store and makeup stores. Even I am broke, I will just walk in, play some swatches or just touching everything that I really want in the art store or makeup store and when I am satisfied, I will go out again. And repeat it again when I go out.

17. Favorite Restaurant?
Seeeouulll Garden! and anything that haves spicy food, and grilled stuff!

18. Did you like school?
Yeay, I like it. ^_^

19. Favorite YouTubers?
I have a lot of YouTube favoite but if you wanna see my list of international Youtubers, go to this post! (link)

20. Favorite Movie?
Pursuit of Happiness, Up (Disney Pixar), Hachiko, Hot Chick, White Chick, Jumanji, mostly from my childhood days!

21. Favorite Tv show?
Adventure of Fin & Jake, How I meet your mother, Family Guy, Cake Boss, That so Raven, iCarly, Cupcake wars, and many more! Mostly, anything that invole laughing and cooking.

22. Pc or Mac?
I never had Mac but I really want to. Both has their advantages. Hehe

23. What phone do you have?
Right now I am using iPhone 5.

24. How tall are you?
159cm! miahaha.

Do leave a comment below as usual if you done this tag too!
All are welcome!
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Lime Crime Velvetines | Red Velvet


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Now to the second review! Now I am going to review the Velvetine Lip Stain in Red Velvet. If you have been in the YouTube world you might know this brand because at lot of good raves about their products. I am attracted by how cute their packaging it as well as facinated on the color of lipstick they offered. I wanted to try them but I just don't have the effort to ordered it since its a international brand that may cost my shipping higher than what I wanna but. But do not fear my people! Now you can order it easily from PinkPoutSG! Weee!

Now can we talk about the packaging pretty please? Look at that rose printed design on that sweet metallic red box. I am sooo gonna keep the box! For what reason? I don't know. This lip stain packed inside this cute box with its description. The lip stain has a packaging just like the ordinary lip gloss bottle. The body of this lip stain are made from matte glass. Pretty classy. Did you notice the rose print and the unicorn print on the wand? Super cute right. Now I in love!

Now lets talk about the product it self. I still remember when a lot of these bloggers were raving about this, I was skeptical as I thought, naahh this gonna be just like any other lip glosses. Man I was wrong. As I open this lip stain, a sweet vanilla cupcake scent lingers on my nose. This lip gloss definitely has a scent to it. It is pretty sweet, and make me wanna take a sip on it. Cray cray me. This is called lip stain, I might say this is a lip stain + lip gloss + lip stick - lip pigment. If you are looking for a good red matte lipsttick and willing splurge? I really recommend this. Ok now, why? This is seriously THE BEST red matte lipstick I ever tried. On first application I cant stop staring it on my mirror. It super pigmented, super hydrating and last so long! If you notice it gives my lip a 3D effect although its matte. Most matte lipstick I tried gives a nice color but its kinda flat. Thats why you need a lip gloss on the top. But with this red baby, you don't need anything. Only that I recommend using a lip balm before application. It glides so nicely on your lip and just suttle into your lip nicely. It does not bleed, does not crease and just stays there like a good girl! The best part of it is that I can barely feel like I am not wearing a lipstick. I can't believe this but I really want to collect the other colors. This does leave your lip stained even after removing it. This last for hours and after a few sips of drinks and meal, a re application is needed. I wish they came out with a more nude colors and it will be perfect!

Look at me enjoying my mak kiah kenduri kahwin red lip. On first application it will be a bit wet, after a few seconds, its turns to be a nice matte finishing. Rock this lip color with a winged cat eye look, and it is so classy!

Name : Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet (available in 6 shades)
Price : RM70+ (30SGD)
Where To Buy :
Made in : Los Angeles
Net Weight : 2.6ml
Ingredient Highlights : Vegan/Cruelty free. Free from animal derivatives
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

** PLEASE READ! I don't sell this lip product. I only REVIEW it. Don;t email me asking to buy it. I got this lip product from below stated link. I'm sorry as the shop has close down. Please seacrh for other seller, we have this thing call GOOGLE. You can also find this at eBay that provide international shipping or any Spre Seller in Malaysia.

To purchase/order go to

** Use code  <SUGAR2014> (valid until 4th April) via email with your Sugarpill eyeshadow purchase with your Order Number and your paypal charge of (S$3) will be waived/deducted.

**Free Registered mail for all purchases above S$80. :)

Have you find your true red matte lipstick?
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Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow | Diamond Eyes


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Remember my teaser photo in my Instagram? I got some awesome goodies from PinkPoutsg. Its a Singapore beauty online store that carries awesome brand from around the world. One of the item I got is this Pressed Eyesshadow from SugarPill. If you have not heard about SugarPill, it is a funky colorful brand that has mostly bold statement colors. Looking for sun color to wear, definitely Sugarpill. Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow colors offers more than 10 colors to choose from. They comes in a compact case with a transparent lid on it. Easy for you too differentiate in the drawer right. Points to that. The pressed eyeshadow also packed inside a box with its description. Sugarpill claims that their eyeshadow are unique, dramatic with long-lasting wear that remain flawlessly bold, day and night

The name of these eyeshadow are written at the back of the case. The size of these eyeshadow are bigger than the standard MAC eyeshadow. This gonna last you forever! I love how the compact case does not look tacky. The base is actually a black matte case that does not easy stained. 

As I first swatched it I can see a little bit of fall out but not chalky. This has a light shimmer in it. The eyeshadow is also builable. One swipe will gives you a nice hint of shimmer while on a few swatch it builds up into an opaque white shimmer. Both brush and finger has a great pickup to this eyeshadow. So far I have been loving this color for my inner corner highlight. If you wanna go for a full base with this color, you also can, just put a little bit darker shade probably matte brown on your crease.

Name : Sugar Pill Pressed Eyeshadow in Diamond Eyes
Price : RM40+ (17.90SGD)
Made in : California
Net Weight : 3.5g
Ingredient Highlights : Vegan/Cruelty free. Free from animal derivatives
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

Here are an example how you can rock this eyeshadow everyday, it suits with most eyeshadow color. I use it as a base for my inner corner lid as well as highlighting my brow bone and below my inner corner. It gives me an illusion of a bigger and brighter eyes! I combine with a darker eyeshadow color for the outer lid. This is such an essential eyeshadow color. A must have!

To purchase/order go to

** Use code  <SUGAR2014> (valid until 4th April) via email with your Sugarpill eyeshadow purchase with your Order Number and your paypal charge of (S$3) will be waived/deducted.

**Free Registered mail for all purchases above S$80. :)

Do you love white eyeshadow for highlighting?
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Before & After using SK-II


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone . I am finally on to my last chapter of reviewing a most-raved about product, the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I have been using this for almost 3 months now and I am going to share my thoughts and overall conclusion on this set. If you have been following my SK-II journey post, you might have read about my first impression on the Pitera Essence set that I got, if you haven't here is the post (link). So yes, that is the product I have been using throughout these past three months.

So here is my current skin condition. I feel that my skin is brighter, more radiant, with less obvious pores. Makeup application has become easier. I also took the Magic Ring Test before using this set, you can read it here (link). So let’s see below if my score has increased or decreased since... Let’s see! *wink* [click to enlarge image below]

Score % (BEFORE)
Score (AFTER)
Texture Refinement
Firmness Power
Wrinkle Resilience
Spot Control
Radiance Enhancement
Total Score

I took the Magic Ring test again to look for my “after” results. So here it is.

Starting on the Texture Refinement, well... No change at all. Next, is the Firmness Power. Alhamdulilah, increase +18%! The next most improved score is the Wrinkle Resilience, +19% . My highest score before using the SK-II is the spot control and this increased by +9%. Lastly Radiance Enhancement increased by 10%. With an overall total score of 39% which saw a total overall increase of 12%.

So far I am happy with the result since I am focusing on just one product – the Pitera Facial Treatment Essence. I have recently read a post by a blogger who used a wider range of SK-II products that the beauty consultant recommended to her...and she got an average of 90% score, which is amazing!

I am planning on repurchasing the Pitera Facial Treatment Essence and include it in my daily skincare routine. Overall I am happy with my skin; the only thing I am concerned about now is just my eye bags. I need a good eye cream next! I read that SK-II just released the Facial Treatment Essence-Eye. Who knows, I might even get to review that in the near future!

You can read more about the SK-II kit I used here and ask the SK-II team any questions on their Facebook page.

Leave a comment and your thoughts on my SK-II journey below!
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Visiting Paul Penders Lab in Ocean Residence Langkawi

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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Now this post is going to be packed with lots of pictures! There too much to show here. hehe. So Thank you Tammy for inviting me to this awesome experience. Me and the other butterfly get to say 2 days and 1 night there in Langkawi to witness ourselves how Paul Penders product are made. Di you know all of their extract are made by them! The research, the discovery. It is truly an authentic touch to their products. Lets read!

We went there by plane, this is where the time the news about the MH370 were on news. My mom were so freaked out and I receive a tons of miss call from my mom as soon as I arrive to the airport. She said she was worried about me. Aw, I know you love me mom, but I am going to Langkawi, not Beijing. I was so happy and a lil bit jakun because the plane that we were in has a tv and contains shows like Glee and How I meet your mother. haha! Awesome! As we arrive, we were welcomed by Bas, Bas Pender the son of Paul, Paul Penders. He is a really cool and funny guy and he knows Langkawi well than us! Haha. As soon we arrive, we were all excited. The place that we got to stay is beautiful. We went to the lobby and get out keys. Each of us get to stay in one room of our own. A room that I might call a small house. Its super spacious and ending up me and Nanie stayed in one room sharing beds becausee... er? Afraid of the dark! Pfffttt! =P

After we have placed our bags in our room, we went right away for the lab tour. The lab is located just right next to the lobby. As we entered, we can really smell the herbs and ya know extract stuff in there. It reminds me of a spa. As you can see below, this is where all Paul Penders ingredients are made. All of them are naturally exacted by that man in the blue shirt. He has been working with Paul Penders for 7 years! There were a lot of essential oils, extracts and other ingredients in that lab. It is proven that Paul Penders products are 100% natural and free from animal derivatives and chemical! We had a quick chat and tour inside. It reminds me of my school lab! Then we get to do a little activity of trying out the Paul Penders skincare product which I have blogged about here (CLICK ME).

Right beside the reception desk at the lobby we get to see all of the products that Paul Penders offers. They also offers makeup stuff, skincare and hair body care! I have tried the lipstick that I got from my February MIVVA box. I got to say that the lipstick is pretty awesome! Look at the mineral eyeshadow, so pretty!

They also have Baby Body Lotion, Skincare Range for all skin types, and much much more!

Now, the best part. Tour around the Ocean Residence! Paul Penders office and lab located here, along side that Paul runs this awesome resort that you must visit if you are going to Langkawi! It is still new and some of it are still under renovation. Now let's stroll around!

The infinity pool that looks reminds me of Greece Santorini! We had so much fun during the night here! Wink wink! Below are a picture of one of the room that I mention. Room? YEAP! More like a small house to me! Super Spaciaous!

Below pictures shows one of the rooms that is actually comes with a sharing pludge pool. This is still under renovation. Super cool right!

Now we are just chilling out at Tammys balcony! 

And this is me and Innanie chilling out dont know what other pose we should do for a selfie. haha.

Thank you Caroline for your awesome camera or else we wont have a nice picture during the night! Here we are by the beach gonna get our dinner.

Here is Fishie, Bas, Caroline, Celine , and Anne!

The next day, after we had our hearty breakfast, we went for chocolate shopping. I don't bother to take picture because my chocolate shopping need a total focus and concentration. Haha, then we back to the Ocean Residence and pack our bags. Its time to go home. We had lots of fun and thank you Paul Penders, Bastiaan Penders, Anne and Celine. Be sure to check out Paul Penders product that is now proven to be such an amazing products that strictly no animal testing, chemical free and Halal. Also thank you for my butterfly geng! Be sure to check out what they have to say about this trip!

(thank you for the pictures! <3)


(the products)

(place we stayed)
(review on Paul Penders Skincare)

Thank you for such an amazing experience!
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