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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Now to the second review! Now I am going to review the Velvetine Lip Stain in Red Velvet. If you have been in the YouTube world you might know this brand because at lot of good raves about their products. I am attracted by how cute their packaging it as well as facinated on the color of lipstick they offered. I wanted to try them but I just don't have the effort to ordered it since its a international brand that may cost my shipping higher than what I wanna but. But do not fear my people! Now you can order it easily from PinkPoutSG! Weee!

Now can we talk about the packaging pretty please? Look at that rose printed design on that sweet metallic red box. I am sooo gonna keep the box! For what reason? I don't know. This lip stain packed inside this cute box with its description. The lip stain has a packaging just like the ordinary lip gloss bottle. The body of this lip stain are made from matte glass. Pretty classy. Did you notice the rose print and the unicorn print on the wand? Super cute right. Now I in love!

Now lets talk about the product it self. I still remember when a lot of these bloggers were raving about this, I was skeptical as I thought, naahh this gonna be just like any other lip glosses. Man I was wrong. As I open this lip stain, a sweet vanilla cupcake scent lingers on my nose. This lip gloss definitely has a scent to it. It is pretty sweet, and make me wanna take a sip on it. Cray cray me. This is called lip stain, I might say this is a lip stain + lip gloss + lip stick - lip pigment. If you are looking for a good red matte lipsttick and willing splurge? I really recommend this. Ok now, why? This is seriously THE BEST red matte lipstick I ever tried. On first application I cant stop staring it on my mirror. It super pigmented, super hydrating and last so long! If you notice it gives my lip a 3D effect although its matte. Most matte lipstick I tried gives a nice color but its kinda flat. Thats why you need a lip gloss on the top. But with this red baby, you don't need anything. Only that I recommend using a lip balm before application. It glides so nicely on your lip and just suttle into your lip nicely. It does not bleed, does not crease and just stays there like a good girl! The best part of it is that I can barely feel like I am not wearing a lipstick. I can't believe this but I really want to collect the other colors. This does leave your lip stained even after removing it. This last for hours and after a few sips of drinks and meal, a re application is needed. I wish they came out with a more nude colors and it will be perfect!

Look at me enjoying my mak kiah kenduri kahwin red lip. On first application it will be a bit wet, after a few seconds, its turns to be a nice matte finishing. Rock this lip color with a winged cat eye look, and it is so classy!

Name : Lime Crime Velvetines in Red Velvet (available in 6 shades)
Price : RM70+ (30SGD)
Where To Buy :
Made in : Los Angeles
Net Weight : 2.6ml
Ingredient Highlights : Vegan/Cruelty free. Free from animal derivatives
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

** PLEASE READ! I don't sell this lip product. I only REVIEW it. Don;t email me asking to buy it. I got this lip product from below stated link. I'm sorry as the shop has close down. Please seacrh for other seller, we have this thing call GOOGLE. You can also find this at eBay that provide international shipping or any Spre Seller in Malaysia.

To purchase/order go to

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Have you find your true red matte lipstick?
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