Visiting Paul Penders Lab in Ocean Residence Langkawi

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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Now this post is going to be packed with lots of pictures! There too much to show here. hehe. So Thank you Tammy for inviting me to this awesome experience. Me and the other butterfly get to say 2 days and 1 night there in Langkawi to witness ourselves how Paul Penders product are made. Di you know all of their extract are made by them! The research, the discovery. It is truly an authentic touch to their products. Lets read!

We went there by plane, this is where the time the news about the MH370 were on news. My mom were so freaked out and I receive a tons of miss call from my mom as soon as I arrive to the airport. She said she was worried about me. Aw, I know you love me mom, but I am going to Langkawi, not Beijing. I was so happy and a lil bit jakun because the plane that we were in has a tv and contains shows like Glee and How I meet your mother. haha! Awesome! As we arrive, we were welcomed by Bas, Bas Pender the son of Paul, Paul Penders. He is a really cool and funny guy and he knows Langkawi well than us! Haha. As soon we arrive, we were all excited. The place that we got to stay is beautiful. We went to the lobby and get out keys. Each of us get to stay in one room of our own. A room that I might call a small house. Its super spacious and ending up me and Nanie stayed in one room sharing beds becausee... er? Afraid of the dark! Pfffttt! =P

After we have placed our bags in our room, we went right away for the lab tour. The lab is located just right next to the lobby. As we entered, we can really smell the herbs and ya know extract stuff in there. It reminds me of a spa. As you can see below, this is where all Paul Penders ingredients are made. All of them are naturally exacted by that man in the blue shirt. He has been working with Paul Penders for 7 years! There were a lot of essential oils, extracts and other ingredients in that lab. It is proven that Paul Penders products are 100% natural and free from animal derivatives and chemical! We had a quick chat and tour inside. It reminds me of my school lab! Then we get to do a little activity of trying out the Paul Penders skincare product which I have blogged about here (CLICK ME).

Right beside the reception desk at the lobby we get to see all of the products that Paul Penders offers. They also offers makeup stuff, skincare and hair body care! I have tried the lipstick that I got from my February MIVVA box. I got to say that the lipstick is pretty awesome! Look at the mineral eyeshadow, so pretty!

They also have Baby Body Lotion, Skincare Range for all skin types, and much much more!

Now, the best part. Tour around the Ocean Residence! Paul Penders office and lab located here, along side that Paul runs this awesome resort that you must visit if you are going to Langkawi! It is still new and some of it are still under renovation. Now let's stroll around!

The infinity pool that looks reminds me of Greece Santorini! We had so much fun during the night here! Wink wink! Below are a picture of one of the room that I mention. Room? YEAP! More like a small house to me! Super Spaciaous!

Below pictures shows one of the rooms that is actually comes with a sharing pludge pool. This is still under renovation. Super cool right!

Now we are just chilling out at Tammys balcony! 

And this is me and Innanie chilling out dont know what other pose we should do for a selfie. haha.

Thank you Caroline for your awesome camera or else we wont have a nice picture during the night! Here we are by the beach gonna get our dinner.

Here is Fishie, Bas, Caroline, Celine , and Anne!

The next day, after we had our hearty breakfast, we went for chocolate shopping. I don't bother to take picture because my chocolate shopping need a total focus and concentration. Haha, then we back to the Ocean Residence and pack our bags. Its time to go home. We had lots of fun and thank you Paul Penders, Bastiaan Penders, Anne and Celine. Be sure to check out Paul Penders product that is now proven to be such an amazing products that strictly no animal testing, chemical free and Halal. Also thank you for my butterfly geng! Be sure to check out what they have to say about this trip!

(thank you for the pictures! <3)


(the products)

(place we stayed)
(review on Paul Penders Skincare)

Thank you for such an amazing experience!
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