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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Herrorrrr! I miss updating my blog although its been only 2 days. Hm.. Ok now. I have some exciting thing to share. SHOP TOUR! *kids cheering*. One of my favorite post to do is absolutely shop tour, why? because I love shopping and I bet you here that are reading this right now love shopping! 

Here in Malaysia, we have this kinda "culture" where Sales Assistance will follow your butt and keep asking you what you want. If you are broke (which I am always, haha) you will just walk away and if you plan to buy something you might just walk out the store with lots of stuff that the Sales Assistance force you to buy and convince you that you need the whole store. Kiehl's does not practice that, to my surprise. Yup! I totally recommend you out there who really want a, kinda "customize" skincare products tailored for you. Here some example, you have acne problem and dry skin somewhere around your face, Kiehl's will help to choose the specific products for your specific needs. They really appreciate your thoughts and they practice "try first before buy". This does not mean that you try by just swapping on your back of your hand and feels for a few second and you can tell that you like it, ending up you just bought the full size product. Here in Kiehl's, you can have some "consultation" time with the Sales Assistance that pretty much look like a professor to me, super cute uniform! They will suggest you a few products that you need and they will give you samples to try. Go back home, try it for a week and if you are satisfied, go back to Kiehl's store and purchase what you like! How awesome is that. They also have a money back guarantee, product not working for you? Within 30 days, you can give it back and have your money back.

As you walk in, or just pass by you can really tell the shop looks like a laboratory. Reminds me of science class during high school. This is because they want to keep the heritage of how Kiehl's started. Back in the days, people get consultation in Kiehl's Apothecary for their skin matter. Well, skincare is basically like a medication for your skin. Kiehl's were created by Burnswick Apotheke, and then it was inherit by John Kiehl and it goes on and on with lot's of invention that till now been used by Kiehls lover. The packaging of product have not chance much, probably just a little more graphical and minimalist. I kinda love how they look tho! Very vintage like. hehe. As you can see in below picture there is a small box just like what you see in clinics and hospitals!

Above picture shows the old bottles back in the days by Kiehl's and that is the first shop that was build in New York. The tree beside the shop is a Pear tree! Also, the original Kiehl's building before it was rebuilt in 1878, courtesy New York Public Library is on the right side picture. 

As you can see there is so much to explore here! One of the oldest product is the Kiehl's Astringent. this one is suitable for people who have acne prone skin. They offer lots of skincare to choose from with any of your skin problem, they have for dry skin, hydration and many more. If you look closely below there is an avacado eye cream. That is missglamorazzi favorite eye cream! I really want to try that! 

On the second shelf is more of a Dermatologist Solution Section. They look more like a medicine bottle don't they! Below are top 5 best sellers product in this section! The sunscreen is really good, it does not leave any white cast, it feels light on the skin and don't not have any overpowering scent! Kiehl's also offer a BB Cream that actually also acts like a CC Cream! It is called They made it first before it was cooler! hehe. Its has a sheer coverage and perfect for anyone who want a minimal makeup that actually helps to take care of your skin. They comes in 3 shades. As you go below picture, that is one of the most rave product I can ever find in most blogs. Its called the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, RM220 and the one comes in a tube is a night eye serum called Midnight Recovery Eye, RM150.

Kiehl's also offers product for your hair and body. For me their product is really focus on treatening, they don't really offers a wide range of "lots of scent bau wangi-wangi type of product' You should check out their bosy care called Creme de Corps. One of a big celebrity here in Malaysia loves it! ;)

Of course, not forgetting the men! But Kiehl's products can be use for both men and women, but if you are a men who want a specific men products, you can go for this one too! Check out their facial + shaving cream. So cool! If you pay Kiehl's a visit, do check that product! It is called Facial Fuel Sky Flyin' Foaming Multi-Gel, RM85.

As you want in the store, you will find TOP 10 favorites product by customers! If you are still new to Kiehls, this definitely be a head ups for you. You can check out full info for all 10 items here, CLICK ME. What? Skeletons? Oh! That is Mr Bones! Heror Mr. Bones! Hehe. Its just a replica. Don't worry! Mr Bones is kinda like a mascot to Kiehl's. Back in the days, of course they use real skeletons, it is not a decoration tho. They really use the skeletons as kind like a dummy to check and show symptoms of the patient who take consultation in Kiehls.

Well that's all! Thank you Joy from Kiehl's Bangsar Shopping Center for having me here. Oh and yes, they do have a gift wrap service, so you can pack it up if you are planning to buy for someone! Soon, I will be reviewing the best seller Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution and the mask. Wait for my review okay!

Have you tried any Kiehl's Products? Any favorites?
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