My Current Skincare Routine with Citra Mulia


Exciting post for you if you have combination skin problem like me. Today I will be reviewing you the skincare products that I used for the past week. Bonus! You will get to see how I use these products at the end of the post because I have done a video on it! Don't forget to watch okay!

Citra Mulia Kosmetik Sdn Bhd is the Importer and Sole Distributor in Malaysia. You can find more products at their official website - . They offer products from skincare, lotions, hand lotion and many more beauty products. They are awarded with Good Manufacturing Practices For Cosmetic for their products.

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Both of THE FACE Supreme Whitening Day & Night has the same consistency only that the Day Gel has gold particles in it while the Night Gel has silver particles in it.
These gel serum helps to brighten your skin as well as giving you this refreshing clean face throughout the day. It has anti-aging properties, brightening, hydration, smooth your skin as well as whitening effect as these gel serum has benefits to reduce the melanin in our skin that cause pigmentation. It’s also contains vitamin B5, antioxidants that protects your skin from harmful radicals.

Functions of both Gel Serums:
Reduce acne scars
Makes your skin fairer
Reduce pigmentation/ dark spots
Brighten dull skin
Tone up your skin
Reduces pores
Smoothen your skin
Firm up your skin

How I use it:
I use the Day Gel Serum during my morning skincare routine as the Night Gel Serum during the night. After cleansing my face, using my eye cream and sunscreen I use the Day Gel Serum. The gold particles in it helps give me this nice glow and healthy skin effect even when applying makeup on top of it. During the night, I use the Night Gel Serum after pat dry my face.

The Face Supreme Whitening Day Gel Serum 50 ml | Price : RM69.90 (link)

This Day Gel Serum is suitable to be worn under makeup. It has a gel like consistency that melts to my skin nicely. It does not leave my skin feels sticky or greasy. The fine gold particles makes my skin looks more radiant and my make-up becomes more nicer! I love this! This gel serum does not have any overpowering scents. I use this after using my eye cream and sunscreen.

The Face Supreme Whitening Night Gel Serum 50 ml | Price : RM69.90 (link)

After cleansing my face, I straight away use this gel serum. It is not thick and it leaves my skin smooth when I woke up in the morning. it has the same texture as the Day Gel Serum but this one has a silver particles in it. It is moisturizing and easy to blend.

Dr Herbal Whitening AB Cream 2 x 20G | Price : RM99.90 (link)

This is the DR. Herbal Whitening AB Cream that comes in 2 jar is one of a kind. Cream A is recommended to be use during the Day while cream B is for night time. Cream A has a thicker tinted moisturizer kind of texture and it gives me a layer or color correcting. The Cream B has a sorbet kind of like texture that gives my skin feels smoother, I love how it leaves my skin feels velvety. Cream A has a slight tint to it so it is perfect to be use during the day and it will gives you a thin layer of color correcting. It is like a BB Cream to my opinion and it will gives you this glow and even skin tone. Perfect for daily wear. It comes with 2 spatula and it is super convenient and hygienic!

The DR. Herbal Whitening AB Cream is made 100% from Herbal ingredients. So you may notice a herbal-ly scent when using this product. But it is not too overpowering. It said that this cream is suitable to be use on any skin type. This cream target to enhance and fix up your dead skin cells. It also contains collagen to help make you skin smoother and firmer.

Benefits of Dr Herbal AB Whitening Cream :
·         Fairer looking skin
·         Whitening
·         Reduce Pigmentation
·         Firming effect
·         Reduce pores
·         Reduce acne scars
·         Softer Skin texture
·         Anti Aging properties
·         Hydration

Watch my video on how I use these skincare products in my daily basis and at the end of the video I will show you an instant different by using this product and not using these products! I hope you enjoy! Like, Comment, Subscribe <3

More info / shop : 
**Disclaimer : This product were sent to me for product review.

Leave a comment down below and let me know what you think!

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Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit in Light Medium Review


Well hello there beautiful people. Do mind that I relize that I have not blog for a very long time. Things around goes on and on. I wish I can just freeze the time. Phew. I felt so bad on leaving my blog like this. There are tons of product I need to share and review to you guys and let me try to blog about it as much as I could. Today I am going to review a brow kit that I tried a few months ago and it is the Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit in Light Medium. I lovee brow products and trying our new brow stuff. I also have been diving into a non-pencil type brow products lately just to experiment with different stuff.

This Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit comes with a tweezer (to pluck your eyebrow if needed), a small angled brush (to fill in and shape your brows), 3 powders (2 light colors to highlight I believe), 1 medium color (to fill in your brows) and a wax to keep your brow hair in place/shape it right.

What I like about it. I love how this comes in a kit with a brush and a tweezer. The brush is pretty convenient especially when I forgot to bring my brow brush around. I really love the wax. It works so well on taming my brow hair and keeping it in place. Price wise, a borw kit that only cost not more than RM20.00. How cool is that.

What I don't like about it. A few hours of wearing the color fades. The powder is a bit "blurry" to me and its really hard to make a sharp edge with it. Also I don't really use the other 2 light colors in this kit, I don't think its needed in this kit. It does not really have a brightening effect to be put under my brow bone.

Overall & Recommendations. A great brow kit for you beginners out there who are looking for a brow kit with a wax. Since wax/brow gel (to set brow) for brow is really hard to find in the market. Especially if you have thick brow hair. A wax is a must to keep everything in place. The kit also stores 2 tools that is very useful to bring along. The brow powder is okay to me. I am much loving the wax out of all the powder in this kit. 

Name : Focus & Fix Brow Kit Light Medium
Net Weight : 5.8g
Price : RM19.00
Where to buy : Makeup Revolution Malaysia Official Store
**Disclaimer : This product were sent to me for product review consideration

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Hayaanaqa Jane Satin Skirt


Excuse for my hiatus. Been busy and everything has been a bit chaotic. Bare with me. :( But let's keep moving on! Today I will feature a skirt that I recently got! I hope you like it! <3

Satin shows elegancy and feminine. Pair it with any casual top and I'm off to go! Today I am featuring skirt from Hayaanaqa . An exquisite drape flare details slits on the side that is comfortable to wear. Hayaanaqa also offers this in many other colours for you to check out. It is well made and the best part is it is not sheer. If you are looking for a simple skirt that fits on formal and special occasion. Check them out!

Name : Hayaanaqa Jane Skirt
Price : RM80.00
Where to buy :
WhatsApp : 0122512834
**Disclaimer : This product were sent to me for product review consideration

How do you style a satin skirt?
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Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer Review


The hunt for the best concealer is not yet complete. So I splurge myself for a high end brand concealer. All these years I only tried drugstore brand. So far I am not impressed but I do find some that woks well on me. I love trying out different concealer to really find THE ONE that I would lift this up and say "Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba!" Ok I'm just kidding. I love Tarte since I tried their Amazonian Clay Blush. I also love the concept of product that they have that they are all formulated with no Parabens, Sulfates & Phthalates  ( chemicals that can cause cancer). At first I wanted to get the Amazonian clay waterproof 12-hour concealer. But when I saw it at Sephora, it is so small and I don't think it worth spending on it. This concealer is said to be full coverage, waterproof and creaseless.

What I like about it. The coverage is amazing and the consistency is thick but easy to blend. It has a little bit of brightening effect so it works great for covering my under eye circle. Yes, it does not really crease, By what I mean "does not really" crease it that with the right blending technique. A little goes a long way so if you apply the right amount under your eye, it sets nicely there all day.. I use my Zoeva 110 Face Shape brush to blend it in.  I love the design of the packaging. The lid is made out of this wood which I find sleek! It has this a bit of a sticky consistency which leave my skin moisturize and dewy. I usually top it off with loose powder and it sit nicely all day on my skin.

What I don't like about it. The plastic tube! It is so hard to control how much I want the right amount of product to be dispense out. I always end up with way more than I need and lastly result in waste. Because I don't really need that much. It is a pricey concealer so i do feel that I waste a lot of money if I just swipe it off and throw it away. It is great for under eye but not really on spots. At the end of the day, my undereye makeup looks pretty good but on the spots that i try to hide just starts to fade and leave my spot more noticeable. Because after all this is suggested to be use and best to be use fir your under eye.

Overall & Recommendations. This is a great concealer for your under eye. For my opinion, this need to be set with powder. Or else it can look pretty dewy looking. great for people who have dry to normal skin type & combination. May not suitable for oily skin type. Do mind that it has a sticky consistency and you need a good loose powder or powder to set it in. I heard Ben Nye Powder works great with this. This is still not the best concealer that I would repurchase again because I might want to try and find other brand that worth investing in. 

Name : Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer
Net Weight : 8g
Price : RM79.00
Made from : China
Ingredients Highlight : Maracuja Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E & Mineral Pigments
Where to buy : Sephora outlets
**Disclaimer : This product were bought with my own money with Sephora vouchers that I got.

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3CE Lip Pigment Issue & Electro Pink Review


I don't know why but I got to admit that I am one of a beauty junkie who love 3CE products. I don't know why. I am not a K-Pop fan or whatever. I just love 3CE makeup concept. I just love and would love to have all of them. Well not all of them Haha. One of them are these lip pigments. Been seen this thing everywhere. And I can't just hold myself back for not trying these. The lip pigment looks like a paint. Which I find interesting. Also I heard these lip pigments can be mix up so you can customize your own lip color. Super Cool right!

What I like about it. A little goes a long way. Super pigmented and I love the size of the tube. They are creamy and easy to work with. They have in many shades and the shades I got is this Shocking Pink color #ElectroPink & this fiery orange color #Issue. Both are super pigmented and looks good on its own.  I love how each tube is differentiate with its own shade. 

What I don't like about it. It can be a little bit streaky sometimes and  lot of mess when applying this. because if you want to mix your own colour, you got to mix it somewhere firt right. I usually mix it up at the back of my hand. So washing is needed after that and sometimes the pigments leaves stain on my hand. You also need a good lip brush for application. You can also use a finger too, but for precision application, I might say you need a lip brush. Finger method are more applicable on gradient lip method. Lastly this can be a little bit of drying because it has a matte efect, so make sure to moist up your lip before application!

Overall & Recommendations. I love these stuff and I find it is a find lip product to have in my collection. #ElectroPink have a cool tone to it. Might be nice if you have a cool tone skin. #Issue is very bright and I might need another shade to tone it down so its a wearable for casual days. I might consider to get more shades especially #MinkBeige & #ModernWhite. So I can tone down the shade and makes varieties of nude lip color. Since it has a matte finish, I find that it also works well as a cheek tint! Also this works very well if you love to create gradient lips effect. 

Watch the video below to see multi ways to use this pigment. *Side note, turn down the volume, the intro music is pretty annoying and shocking.

Name : 3CE Lip Pigment
Net Weight : 11g
Price : RM52.00
Where to buy : Supermodel Secret Store
**Disclaimer : This product were sent to me for product review consideration

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W7 Cosmetics Africa & Honey Queen Bronzer Review


I am not home when this publish. Muahaha. It's the weekend so, I need so things to be settle. Wish me luck. W7 Cosmetics are a brand from the UK if I am not mistaken. It is a drugstore brand over there. I heard it from YouTube but they are not really raved about. So for you who are reading this. Let get on to what I am going to say about these products.

What I like about it. Benefit Cosmetics made me fell in love with boxed blushers. All I can say is yes, they might be inspired by Benefit Cosmetics Boxed Blush. The size is the same too. But these are only £2.99 in the UK which if we convert it to ringgit, it would be around RM30.00+ while the Benefit Box Blush are around RM90.00. I got it for only RM15.00 from MySale. You  might not find it there because MySale always change their Sale. But they do come back from time to time. SO check them out. So yes, I got it for only RM15.00 which is a bargain. Love the price I pay for such a cute packaging blush. The pigmentation of these blusher are also lovely. The shimmer are just nice and looks just right with just a little swipe on the cheeks. Honey Queen has a nice peach undertone that I find looks great on my olive skin tone. Africa is pretty nice,but does not really looks good on me.

What I don't like about it. The brush serve no help. It is soft but it is my first time attempting a brush that does not pick up any product out at all. Although I keep swirling it around it just does nothing. There were no color appear on my cheeks when I try it with the brush and I nearly judge that these blush have awful color payoff. Which is not. It is the brush fault. Haha. 

Overall & Recommendations. These are just blusher that would be in your collection if you are a packaging freak like me. It is not the best but the shades are pretty nice. If you have the chance to grab W7 cosmetics I would recommended Honey Queen because I would say it suits most skintone. You need a good blush brush in order to use these properly, especially Africa. You really need to blend all color together before using it. 

Name : W7 Cosmetics Africa & Honey Queen Bronzer
Net Weight : 8g
Price : I got mine for RM15.00, actual retail price - £4.95
Where to buy : Bought mine at These are also available at (check list of stockist)
**Disclaimer : This product were bought with my own money

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Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in the One & Nude Review


More Make up Revolution review for you guys! And today would be on the Amazing Lipstick. Amazing. Really? Let see. So here is an introduction, it claims to be a lipstick that you will be amazed at the quality of the lipstick.Over 20 shades of creamy, long lasting lipstick with high colour payoff. From nudes to brights, and mattes to creamy there is something to suit everyone. So here what I thought about it.

What I like about it. I love how they are very affordable. It is called the £1 lipstick over the UK. They have like over 20 shades you can choose from. I love how they are differentiate each shade with different bottom shade swatch. The colour suit my preference wearing it on a daily basis kinda shade.

What I don't like about it. Well... It is not amazing as it should be. Since the name is Amazing Lipstick. I am not impressed with these lipstick. I do love how affordable they are and I love how they have the shades on the bottom of the lipstick. It pretty cool but the pigmentation is just.. off. They look so beautiful on the tube it self but and as I swatch it on the back of my hand. It is so beautiful. Love the nude but as I apply it on my lips. It is just dry and I need to go back and forward just to get the colour really appear on to my lips. Sometime it can be streaky and kinds sloppy sometimes. I need to blend it with my finder in order to really make it looks nice. The packaging are also a but tacky, the twist part on the tube looses it glue, and I can't twist it properly. It actually broke when I first got it. 

Overall & Recommendations. But hey! What can I say. It is a RM8 lipstick. Don't expect this to be a YSL Rouge Volupte quality. They are pretty good, great for people who just trying out different shades of lipstick. They have wide variety of color. You could look forward to this if you are planning to create an occasional make-up maybe if you are celebrating Halloween or going to a costume party, doing a special act at a theatre and need a one kind of shade that you may only use once. They even have in blue, green, purple and more special shades in the collection. They are not in the best quality but they are workable. Some shades may be okay but some shade may not be.

Name : Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick in the One & Nude
Price : RM8.00
Where to buy :
**Disclaimer : This product were sent to me for product review consideration

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Scented Macaroon Necklace


How can you not love macaroon. Even if you don't like to eat it, but by just looking at it it can bring excitement to your life. I don't know why I talk like that. Haha! But seriously, I loveeee macaroon. Not that i like to eat it but I like to look at it. I wish I can buy macaroon and just out it on my table for decorations. Would not be possible right? So how about a macaroon, that does not "expired" as an accessories. Super cool right? Yep! Today I am going to show you these adorable cuteness overload, made with lots lots and lots of love. A scented macaroon necklace. You heard it right. A necklace that looks like a macaroon and smell like one!

I get super excited when I receive these. They are just adorable to the max. Another thing is that it smells so delicious! Make sure to not show this to kids or they will eat it. hehe. These are handmade accessories. I really adore these kind of things. I not only watch Beauty videos or cats videos in YouTube, I also spend sometime adoring people making these kind of this in YouTube like Toni Ellison to name a few. These kind of accessories are made with a lot of TLC. There cute macaroons are from AmorSweet. Although they are hand made, I find that these accessories are very high quality and well made. If you don't like necklace, they also have it in earrings, bracelet and also rings. It's a perfect gift to anyone. These accessories also comes in a box. Find out more it all at : .
Follow thier Instagram! -

Name : Scented Macaron Necklace
Price : RM45.00
Where to buy :
**Disclaimer : This product were sent to me for product review consideration

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Emjoi Divine Epilator Review


We all have hairy legs, armpits and... You know what I mean. So yes. As a female is no easy task. We need to take care of every single part of our entire body. But, the beauty regime we do everyday is fun. Taking a bath is fun, brush you teeth is fun, applying moisturiser is fun, applying makeup is super fun but... getting rids of that hairy parts on your body? Tiring + Painful + No fun. Agree? Or you just love doing that. Hahaha. Methods that I have tried to remove all those wanted hair are shaving, plucking and also waxing. But using epilator? My reaction,

There are many types and price range on epilators. This one, I would say the standard one. Not too affordable but not to expensive to my opinion because there are more expensive epilator out there, This is my first epilaot experience and I will let you know what I think about it later. First, let me give you a brief on what this epilator offers. This epilator has 36 tweezer-action discs that ensure rapid, non-irritating and virtually painless hair removal from the root. It's also claims to help pull out/remove short hair as 0.5mm from the upper lip, chin, legs, bikini line and underarms, leaving skin silky smooth for up to 6 weeks. This epilator is also battery-operated with 3 AAA batery (does not comes with the set).

It is my first time and I am going to review the epilator tool that I tried few months ago that I got from Supermodel Secrets. Brace yourself. I actually did a lot of research about this because I am always hunt for a good product to removes ma hareee. I already get used to shaving but shaving cause my skin to dry and darken. So sometimes when I have the time. I use plucking method, but it is so tiring and time consuming. So epilator is actually acts like plucking but in a "faster way". If you still can't imagine how epilator works, here is a clue. Have you seen a machine that harvest the paddy? It is sometime like that. The epilator is the machine, and your hair is the paddy. Get it?

When I first turn it own, I am a bit shock. The sound of the machine is like... I don't know. Like very intimidating! haha! This Emjoi epilator has 2 different types of speed. I started using the first speed and after I get comfortable with it, I increases the speed. I do feel the pain but not that "pain" that I would die or something. Maybe I already used to plucking. So the pain is very bearable to my opinion. The curve of the epilator also helps to reach certain areas of my armpits. I also love the size of this device. It firm to hold and handle.

Overall & Recommendations. For my opinion, this works when your hair is a bit longer. So the downside would be, you have to wait till it grows back again and then use the epillator. Sooo... There is some days where you might have a "hairy" day. This is also battery operated, so I don't think its waterproof. So you can't bring this in the shower, there is one tips where I read that if you want to reduce the pain you can do it under running water. I'm not sure because I never tried. But this device definitely can be use during shower time. If you never experience plucking/waxing or any forms of pulling out the hair. This might be a bit painful on first attempt. If you try to be patient, and try get use to it, later or sooner you will find good benefits through this device. It definitely pulls out the hair but as I said, the longer ones.

On different parts. I might say that I prefer to use this for my armpits only. Why not my legs and bikini areas. Not for my leg is because my legs are usually dry and I experience more pain using there. I'm okay with shaving for my legs. For bikini area. Sorry. No can do. I would not dare myself to try that. haha!

All I can say is this device helps the hassle of plucking my underarm hair. It's quicker and easy to use. For the short hair part, I usually just pluck it manually. The time consume is lesser because the epilator already removes most of the hair under my arm. So I just finish it off with a lil but of plucking. I can't believe my self this week. A few days I was talking about nip-nip, now I'm talking abut my armpits. Oh well. XD

Name : Emjoi Divine Epilator (USA)
Price : 199.00
Where to buy : Supermodel Secrets Store
**Disclaimer : This product were sent to me for product review consideration

More info go to :
Email (For Enquiries/orders):

WhatsAPP/SMS/Viber: 016 2801990
LINE|WeChat: Supermodel2u
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