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We all have hairy legs, armpits and... You know what I mean. So yes. As a female is no easy task. We need to take care of every single part of our entire body. But, the beauty regime we do everyday is fun. Taking a bath is fun, brush you teeth is fun, applying moisturiser is fun, applying makeup is super fun but... getting rids of that hairy parts on your body? Tiring + Painful + No fun. Agree? Or you just love doing that. Hahaha. Methods that I have tried to remove all those wanted hair are shaving, plucking and also waxing. But using epilator? My reaction,

There are many types and price range on epilators. This one, I would say the standard one. Not too affordable but not to expensive to my opinion because there are more expensive epilator out there, This is my first epilaot experience and I will let you know what I think about it later. First, let me give you a brief on what this epilator offers. This epilator has 36 tweezer-action discs that ensure rapid, non-irritating and virtually painless hair removal from the root. It's also claims to help pull out/remove short hair as 0.5mm from the upper lip, chin, legs, bikini line and underarms, leaving skin silky smooth for up to 6 weeks. This epilator is also battery-operated with 3 AAA batery (does not comes with the set).

It is my first time and I am going to review the epilator tool that I tried few months ago that I got from Supermodel Secrets. Brace yourself. I actually did a lot of research about this because I am always hunt for a good product to removes ma hareee. I already get used to shaving but shaving cause my skin to dry and darken. So sometimes when I have the time. I use plucking method, but it is so tiring and time consuming. So epilator is actually acts like plucking but in a "faster way". If you still can't imagine how epilator works, here is a clue. Have you seen a machine that harvest the paddy? It is sometime like that. The epilator is the machine, and your hair is the paddy. Get it?

When I first turn it own, I am a bit shock. The sound of the machine is like... I don't know. Like very intimidating! haha! This Emjoi epilator has 2 different types of speed. I started using the first speed and after I get comfortable with it, I increases the speed. I do feel the pain but not that "pain" that I would die or something. Maybe I already used to plucking. So the pain is very bearable to my opinion. The curve of the epilator also helps to reach certain areas of my armpits. I also love the size of this device. It firm to hold and handle.

Overall & Recommendations. For my opinion, this works when your hair is a bit longer. So the downside would be, you have to wait till it grows back again and then use the epillator. Sooo... There is some days where you might have a "hairy" day. This is also battery operated, so I don't think its waterproof. So you can't bring this in the shower, there is one tips where I read that if you want to reduce the pain you can do it under running water. I'm not sure because I never tried. But this device definitely can be use during shower time. If you never experience plucking/waxing or any forms of pulling out the hair. This might be a bit painful on first attempt. If you try to be patient, and try get use to it, later or sooner you will find good benefits through this device. It definitely pulls out the hair but as I said, the longer ones.

On different parts. I might say that I prefer to use this for my armpits only. Why not my legs and bikini areas. Not for my leg is because my legs are usually dry and I experience more pain using there. I'm okay with shaving for my legs. For bikini area. Sorry. No can do. I would not dare myself to try that. haha!

All I can say is this device helps the hassle of plucking my underarm hair. It's quicker and easy to use. For the short hair part, I usually just pluck it manually. The time consume is lesser because the epilator already removes most of the hair under my arm. So I just finish it off with a lil but of plucking. I can't believe my self this week. A few days I was talking about nip-nip, now I'm talking abut my armpits. Oh well. XD

Name : Emjoi Divine Epilator (USA)
Price : 199.00
Where to buy : Supermodel Secrets Store
**Disclaimer : This product were sent to me for product review consideration

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  1. Hahahaha mak aihhh. Sakit tuuuu. I rather use cream, then again in long run its dangerous T^T

    from nip-nip to armpit to bikini area. Lol

    Hana Blurbs

  2. bikini area + epilator? noooo hahaha sounds so scary.. i just got myself an electric shaver and its so good! better than using a razor

    1. i know right! hahaha! i wont dare myself. you mean the one men use for beard? I heard about it too. and some said better than epilator. hehe

  3. Dh biase pluck, x prnh lgi shave armpit. Mcm best je product ni. :D


  4. sounds scary..the painful part i mean...:o

  5. Naaahh, I think I don't dare to use at bikini area too.. ehhehe..

  6. I know nothing about epilator before . This is my first time know about it n still can't imagine how it's works.

  7. Oh. Got philips epilator. Hadiah kawen. I asked for it frm my cousin. Hehe..scary at first, but now, tak sakit pun

    1. sounds nice! i should practice more using it. hehe

  8. Omg, this emjoi is very cool, I'm just going to buy one today.