Scented Macaroon Necklace


How can you not love macaroon. Even if you don't like to eat it, but by just looking at it it can bring excitement to your life. I don't know why I talk like that. Haha! But seriously, I loveeee macaroon. Not that i like to eat it but I like to look at it. I wish I can buy macaroon and just out it on my table for decorations. Would not be possible right? So how about a macaroon, that does not "expired" as an accessories. Super cool right? Yep! Today I am going to show you these adorable cuteness overload, made with lots lots and lots of love. A scented macaroon necklace. You heard it right. A necklace that looks like a macaroon and smell like one!

I get super excited when I receive these. They are just adorable to the max. Another thing is that it smells so delicious! Make sure to not show this to kids or they will eat it. hehe. These are handmade accessories. I really adore these kind of things. I not only watch Beauty videos or cats videos in YouTube, I also spend sometime adoring people making these kind of this in YouTube like Toni Ellison to name a few. These kind of accessories are made with a lot of TLC. There cute macaroons are from AmorSweet. Although they are hand made, I find that these accessories are very high quality and well made. If you don't like necklace, they also have it in earrings, bracelet and also rings. It's a perfect gift to anyone. These accessories also comes in a box. Find out more it all at : .
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Name : Scented Macaron Necklace
Price : RM45.00
Where to buy :
**Disclaimer : This product were sent to me for product review consideration

Do you love these miniatures accessories?
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  1. Wow can't believe it is scented.. How they do thatt

    1. They mold the clay with scented oil before baking it <3

  2. Oooh these are so cute! Now I'm tempted to get it to match my macaron bracelet. XD

  3. Omg, nmpk sedap and cute sngt !!!! ><

  4. wahhhh..tak pernah tahu pon pasal necklace ni..thanks share info ni ye

  5. wow and wow.. scent like macaroon.. just by looking at it make me wanna hev a bite of it..
    hehehe.. tapi tak boleh lak kan.. :D