W7 Cosmetics Africa & Honey Queen Bronzer Review


I am not home when this publish. Muahaha. It's the weekend so, I need so things to be settle. Wish me luck. W7 Cosmetics are a brand from the UK if I am not mistaken. It is a drugstore brand over there. I heard it from YouTube but they are not really raved about. So for you who are reading this. Let get on to what I am going to say about these products.

What I like about it. Benefit Cosmetics made me fell in love with boxed blushers. All I can say is yes, they might be inspired by Benefit Cosmetics Boxed Blush. The size is the same too. But these are only £2.99 in the UK which if we convert it to ringgit, it would be around RM30.00+ while the Benefit Box Blush are around RM90.00. I got it for only RM15.00 from MySale. You  might not find it there because MySale always change their Sale. But they do come back from time to time. SO check them out. So yes, I got it for only RM15.00 which is a bargain. Love the price I pay for such a cute packaging blush. The pigmentation of these blusher are also lovely. The shimmer are just nice and looks just right with just a little swipe on the cheeks. Honey Queen has a nice peach undertone that I find looks great on my olive skin tone. Africa is pretty nice,but does not really looks good on me.

What I don't like about it. The brush serve no help. It is soft but it is my first time attempting a brush that does not pick up any product out at all. Although I keep swirling it around it just does nothing. There were no color appear on my cheeks when I try it with the brush and I nearly judge that these blush have awful color payoff. Which is not. It is the brush fault. Haha. 

Overall & Recommendations. These are just blusher that would be in your collection if you are a packaging freak like me. It is not the best but the shades are pretty nice. If you have the chance to grab W7 cosmetics I would recommended Honey Queen because I would say it suits most skintone. You need a good blush brush in order to use these properly, especially Africa. You really need to blend all color together before using it. 

Name : W7 Cosmetics Africa & Honey Queen Bronzer
Net Weight : 8g
Price : I got mine for RM15.00, actual retail price - £4.95
Where to buy : Bought mine at MySale.my These are also available at http://www.w7cosmetics.co.uk/ (check list of stockist)
**Disclaimer : This product were bought with my own money

What are you thoughts?
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  1. Bile tgk gmbr fikir Benefit, rupenye product lain. Yg africa nmpk cntiklah. :D


    1. blusher dia cantik kan! tp kene swril2 dlu baru ok

  2. Literally thought for few seconds before reading the post that they're new products from Benefit because of the packaging haha.

    Najlaa 'Aqilah

    1. haha! me too! rupanya its from a UK brand when I first saw it.

  3. wow, both seems like the colour i'd wear rather than pink blushes, hehe! the packaging definitely reminds me of Benefit punya blushers, and I'm not surprised if we buy it just for the sake of packaging kotak-kotak, hehe!

    1. They are pretty nice because both have this kinda "earth warm" tone to it. So it suits on warm skin tone most of us have in Asian countries. It gives this nice glow too!

  4. I heard about this brand from IG and was wondering whether this is like Makeup Revolution.
    I think I'm gonna love Africa. I think it'll be nice on my medium skin tone.
    Thanks for sharing, Sab!
    Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com/

  5. Wahhhh...
    i ni dah la mmg suka gila ngan benefit!!!
    1 sbb packaging yg xtra cute tu....
    tp hrga Ya Ampun pitam...hoho

    But this one nice nyaaa lah