Fanbo Gold Compact Powder Review

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Since a we all have to stay at home when we can and stay safe, why not we have a little makeup chit chat today. I know most of you guys are looking for something that is quick and easy for that zoom meeting you have later on. I would like to introduce to you a compact powder from an Indonesian brand called Fanbo! This is the Fanbo Gold Compact Powder, you can use it alone or as a setting powder for that neat matte finish look.
Each compact comes with a sponge pad that you can use it while on the go. The compact also comes with a mirror! The weight of this compact is pretty sturdy compare to standard compact powder in the market.
The texture of this compact powder is very fine and very powdery feeling. It definitely oil controlling & gives you a matte finish. 
The main 3 ingredients are : 
Corn starch - This helps to absorb excess oil on the face & helps to make your makeup last longer. Also it helps your skin from direct sunlight.
Zinc Oxide - Protects your skin from UV Rays & harmful sunlight.
Zinc Stearate - Provides natural finish to the skin.
To my surprise the compact is really big compare to the other ones in the market. Usually compacts are between 6g-10g. But this compact is 20.5g! That is a real value of money

How I apply it on my face : Don't drag! Gently pat in on your face until all blends out. Best used on well hydrated skin. Which means pre your skin with your fav moisturizer. You can also use this as a setting powder on top of your liquid foundation.

There are 6 shades available. From here I have it with me are the Top 5. Top Row Left to Right code No 1,2,3 & Bottom row from Left to Right are codded No 4 & 5. I use the shade No 1 as I am more of a Yellow Skin tone. No 2 are suitable if you have Fair with Peach cool undertone.

01 Kuning Pengantin
02 Natural
03 Sawo Kencana
04 Janur Kuning 
05 Kuning Langsat
06 Sawo Matang

From Left to Right : No 5,4,3,2,1. Below is my finished look using the Fanbo Pancake Gold Compact. I use it on top of my daily liquid foundation. This compact is suitable for Suitable for Skin Type Normal to Oily, with skin tone yellow undertone & red undertone.

Promo code of FANBQ4INF to get a 20% discount with a minimum purchase of RM20

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