How am I? Baby Journey.

Gosh. It is December guys. 2015 is ending! And I am about to turn 25 this coming weeks. Time flies as well as how things changes a few months ago. If you still don't know, I just got pregnant a few months ago. I am on my 14-15 weeks now. I thought of sitting down and probably talk about what has been going on and what really happen lately. I could say, it has been a real roller coaster ride for me as I am experience everything for the first time of my life. Surprise by surprise and confuse in many times.

I knew I was pregnant when I was in my 4th weeks. I did a pregnancy test using the thing that I bought at the pharmacies. What is it call? Not sure haha. Me and Mr T was so happy as we have been dreaming of having our child as soon as possible. We basically can't wait to be parents. So we went to see the doctor for some confirmation and yes, I am pregnant. As soon as September ending, as far as I can remember my last "healthy" state were during the Raya Haji celebration. Suddenly something weird happening to me. I feel sick, not well and nausea. I knew this was coming. And yes, from that very day, I was not my self. I was sick and I could not describe how weak I am during those months. I got a pretty serious pregnancy symptom. Tell me about it, nausea, headache, back pain, fever, and the most serious part was, I could not eat. I will at least throw up 2-3 times a day on every single day from the end of September till November. If you realize that I rarely blog, I rarely post selfies (haha! will talk about that). From 55kg to 47.5 kg. Crazy! How did this happen, oh pretty well said that I could not eat. It was a really crazy time for me. My nose were so sensitive, I hate most of my favorite body wash and skincare products, I hate how my perfume smells and I also don;t like how my hubby smells haha. Pretty weird. I could not eat anything that I love. Basically what I eat everyday is bread, biscuits and milk. I'm so weak, I could not drive, I can't stand the sun, and I can even look at my laptop more than 10 minutes. Which I am a person who can work on my laptop for straight 12 hours. My vision was getting blurry too. People said that it is because I am sharing nutrients right now and hormones are getting new to my body. 

Two month past and I was praying hard for all this to go away when I reach my 12th -13th weeks. Alhamdulilah, since the last 2 weeks of November I realize that my health is improving. Still throw up but not as frequent as what 2 months past has become. I can already start to eat rice and proper meal. The only thing was I had a problem with consuming the folic acid. It is a supplement given by the doctors for my child development. Then now I move to this supplement called Obimin. It is better than Folic Acid and it does not cause much allergies to my body. Along side, as you know I live in JB and it has been 4 months now with this water rotation thing. It was so hard for me as I always consume outside food instead of cooking it my self. It is so frustrating as I am pregnant and we only had a small amount of water to use. Oh God! Bersabar sahajalah *cries*.

I really hope that my health will improve more. I have a big thing going on this December. Will be in KL for the whole month a few weeks coming. Will reveal it soon maybe? I don't know. Maybe some sneak peek in my Instagram if you are keen to know about it. A lot of plans have been out of the list since I got pregnant. I thought I want to share about my wedding but it has been 4 months and I think it wont be an exciting story to tell anymore haha. Also I had a lot of problems with the Videographer. This is what happens if you are a nobody in this world. People treat you so differently and take for granted on what you have paid. Ugh, I wish I have the guts to reveal them and how I did not recommend their service! I really wish I could share my wedding video with you guys but until now I sill have not get the share link. Also yes, I have a lot of pending videos to share with you guys, I really want to film my Makeup Collection video but a you know I got sick and things have been delayed. Will try to film it soon! Can't wait to discover the baby's gender! Aaah! Pray for my health and journey. <3
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