My 2015 Makeup Collection & Vanity Tour

Wrapping up y 2015 with my long awaited video which is my Makeup Collection video! I love watching these kind if video. I could say that I am a bit nosy as I find it is fun to watch how people organize their makeup stash and beauty products and also what are the makeups they are collecting. I have stated a bit of disclaimer in the video just to give you an overview n these type of video. I understand that not everyone will understand you interest and hobby. So they will end up judging you. Oh well. It is what they say the most impossible things in life is satisfying everyone right! The point of this video is just to give you a behind the scene and idea on how I organize my beauty products. I start collecting makeup years ago. I love makeup products. I love try new things and this is my happy place. I don't spend on fashion items that much. So you get the point. Most of the products were sent to me for product review consideration. I am very very very grateful to have those opportunities but do keep in mind that there is work and hard work on every product receive. We beauty bloggers risk ourselves to try new things. So let just enjoy this video and get some inspirations shall we!

I got my vanity years ago from a local furniture store around Johor. It comes with the mirror as you can see and 5 drawers. I use the first on the left small drawer to store my everyday essential such as my makeup remover, tissue, facial wipes, deodorant, shaver and others. The bottom first big drawer I use to store all of my extra beauty products such as skincare, body care and my pampering stuff such as facial mask and sheet mask. Move along to the left side which is the book case. The book case if called BILLY and it is from Ikea. I use to store my books, accessories, perfumes, of course my makeup which is in the drawer that I am going to show you guys below and other stuff such as my craft stuff at the bottom part. The lipstick holder are from eBay. You can just search lipstick holder in eBay and you can find tons of offer there. Some of the container I got from different Daiso outlets.

Here is the drawers! I have a lot of questions about this. I got these drawers at The Robinson, Garden Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur. It is located in the home section near to the kitchen cooking essential. It is located at the back, try to look closely. (keep in mind I bought this 3 years ago, I am not sure if the have change the layout of the store, try to ask around as I believe these are their permanent line products, they are always out of stock but they do always restock it back). These drawers comes in many different sizes and tiers. Mine is in the A4 3 tiers. Each drawers (3 tiers) retails around RM29.90. I think they are really affordable! I have been using them ever since I got them. They are still good just maybe a bit cloudy cause by the residue of the makeup I have stored in. I have five of these and I use each drawer to differentiate each type of makeup.
Watch my video for the whole tour! Hope you find this post helpful and you are excited to organize your vanity too! Organizing things helps to make sure everything is safely protected and help to ease your daily routine better. Let me know in the comment section below how you organize your beauty stash! And if you have a post/video about how you organize your beauty products or makeup collection video. Don't forget to share! I would love to read or watch it! I always get asked things that are already stated it explain in my every post. Would really appreciate if you carefully read it first before asking <3 Don't be lazy ok sayang sayang ku. All details of the drawers are listed in this post. Read carefully ya! <3
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