The Body Shop Italian Summer Fig Eau De Toilette Review

Happy Friday. It's my birthday today! :P Today Fragrance Friday featuring  Italian Summer Fig Eau De Toilette from The Body Shop. It is describe as a fresh, fruity fragrance of Italian Summer Fig. I never seen a fig before. But from my little research these are fruits found in the western Asia. The figs that re hand picked are said from the emblematic of the Puglian coast in Italy. There is where the sun-baked soils produce them in abundance and with a juicy scent that fills the warm air in summer. During the summer where the figs are the richest and this is where they create this succulent green scent.
It comes in a very black and white chic designed box. Love the green neon detailing inside. The bottle are made out of a very high quality glass that looks like a half dome shape with a normal pump spray. Looks like the Viktor & Rolf flowerbomb but just half of it haha. First impression towards the scent to me is sweet and warm ~ musky. To my personal preference, this is a pretty strong scent for me. I like something light and flowery. It is pretty sweet but not that overpowering, and I think suitable for day time use if I want to go for a more stronger scent on that day. This fragrance last on me about 3-4 hours, it is pretty handy and travel friendly.

You can purchase this online at The Body Shop Malaysia Online Store or any outlets nationwide. This retails for RM109.00 (50ml) each. They also have other similar varieties such as Japanese Cherry Blossom, Atlas Mountain Rose, Fijian Water Lotus & Indian Night Jasmine.

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  1. Hi Dear! If you see and taste fresh, sweet juicy figs....head here when you are in Selangor! (◕‿◕✿)

  2. happy Birthday Sab.... Kita kongsi bulan birthday yang sama.
    ME 9/12/15

    1. yeke? hehe #babydecember! happy belated birthday!

  3. Fida selalu beli pencuci muka body shop botol warna hijau..tapi utk suami..sekarang ni muka dia tak la mcm dulu..jerawat tu kurang dah