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From my previous last post I mentioned that I am going to highlight the top 3 apps that I love by using on this new ASUS TP300CHI. I like simple apps that keep me going. As a blogger who loves beauty and fashion, keeping up-to-date with trends can be time consuming. An app that is simple and with just a few clicks can help me get things done in just a few minutes. The long hours have been reduced and I have more time to do other stuff! Here are some of the apps, available on Windows 10, that I love and I think every beauty & fashion lover should discover it!

1. Photo Editing
I have a full version of Photoshop in my old laptop. I use it when I need more advance editing for my photos. But after discovering how Photoshop has an Express app, I realize it has helped me so much in saving time. Especially when I am on the go, I can edit my pictures that I took on my phone and save it to my OneDrive. No cables needed! All it takes was just cropping, re-sizing, exposure leveling and sometimes I use some filter to make the pictures look nicer. From my phone, to OneDrive, to my laptop and I can just straight up upload it in my blog and publish it.

2. Inspiration
What else other than my favourite site to go to. Pinterest! I have a full organize board there from Makeup looks, Makeup pictures, DIYs, fashion pictures and more. When I am relaxing or simply want to have some inspiration, I can just unplug the ASUS’ screen from the keyboard and now it is a tablet and it let’s scroll though my Pinterest, with my finger, through this app called Pinspiration. Believe me, when you get into this app, you will never stop scrolling. There are so many things to learn and guess what. I learn most of picture product photo taking from here. I usually will pin some makeup product pictures to get me inspire on how should I took my blog photos. 

3. Shopping
What else! Beauty and fashion lovers have to shop the latest trends! You know how much I love eBay. eBay is one of the market place where I get to know the latest stuff, the rare stuff and especially the ones that you cannot get here locally. I’m so glad there is a Windows 10 app for easy access to eBay. For example the famous Maybeline age rewind concealer that is not available here locally here in Malaysia. I can get it though eBay. Korean makeups and more! Oh also, the best selling Morphe eyeshadow palette! It has been a breeze with the awesome processing speed I get from the ASUS TP300CHI.

There are more apps that I wish I could share with you! Don’t want to run out of topic but some of them include games. I love how this has helped me so much during my busy days and a whole lot of travelling this month. Getting things done anytime is not impossible for me anymore.

Stay tuned for more. More info about making magic everyday like I do, visit the Make Magic website!
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