Planner & Stationary 2016 Haul

Just a few weeks till 2015 is about to end. As usual, new resolutions, pending resolutions or basically recycle resolution. That is normal. I had that situations too. So I am on to my new year I have so many things to do as normal. This year I did a little shopping. Most of them are through online. I got more washi tapes, few stickers, some sticky notes and of course, a new planner! I am going to feature these online shops as below. Some of the stuff I got are from normal stationary shop such as MPH and Popular. Not much, just some pens and paper for my planner. So let see what I got and where I got them.

1. LoveDoki
Last year I did a video haul and showing you guys that I am using the Plum Paper Planner. I love that planner but as for now, I am working full time at home and travel a lot, I need a smaller and adjustable planner. Don't get me wrong, if you ask me about Plum Paper Planner, I totally recommend it to you. I think that planner suits people who work in the office as the layout are much more suitable. Me, I have alot of things to juggle. Business, Blog, Personal stuff and family. So I was eyeing on the Kikki K Planner actually I wanted the Lilac gold one, but that is last year collection. They did not produce it back. So I got a cheaper option and this is the LoveDoki Planner. I got the Dokibook Lilac Small. Similar to Kikki K personal size planner. Be noted that LoveDoki planner only comes with the cover only and some dividers only. You have to buy the paper refills separately. So I add a few accessories such as Gold 5 Section Dividers as you see below, Translucent Dividers, Zip Lock Envelope, some washi tape holder, and for the refill I only bought their monthly refills. The monthly refills has no date in it, so you have to manually insert the date. I love the fact where I am flexible to decorate the monthly section and put my local holiday in there. The other section i just use plain note refills that I got from MPH. They are only RM8.00+ for a whole lot of papers.
I ordered my LoveDoki on 26 October and I receive it on 12th November. It takes about 2 weeks plus to arrive with no custom problem. Shipping cost me around 10USD, My total purchase was around 43USD for all product mention above. So with our current currency 4.00+, I pay all of these around RM160+. It come in a box, super pretty and all of them are well packed. These planner are shipped from China if you are wondering.  I could say I am pretty impress by the look of the planner. The foil are very sturdy and they are nice to hold. I really love the size of this planner, the paper may be a bit small but still they are just nice to be kept around when I am going here and there. If you are wondering how big this planner is, it feels like holding an iPad mini. exactly around the size of it. The cat pen holder are from last year haul, I got it from Stickerrific-Store.

2. PeoniesPaperie
These cute clips are from a shop called PeoniesPaperie  ! They are handmade and I freaking love them! Especially the Marc Jacobs inspire flower. It's pretty pricey after converting but this is  pretty rare stuff so I just have to get it. These clips can be use to decorate you planner. Ya know, just want to look a bit fancier. Haha ngada ngada. It takes a bout 2 weeks to arrive as they are from the US, but they came in nicely and she even give me some free stickers. <3

3. Stickerrific-Store
Of course, I just has too. I bought a lot of sticker last year, so this year I just bought one set from them and this time I bought more washi tapes! They already have an online store with the add cart features which I really love. Much more convenient and easy to browse. They have lots of pattern to choose from and this time I got more color hues such as blue and green and some oranges. I got too many pinks for now. The sticker I got are just plain black and white PVC with 6 different styles in one pack. You can check it out at their sticker sections.

4.  Craftmates
This shop called Craftmates are accessible though Shopee. The phone apps that I talk about before. They had this amazing 40% sale and I just could not resist my self. Washi tapes that are usually RM8-7, are just RM3-4 during the sale. Arrghh! So I got more washi tapes and sticky notes and stickers. I got a lot of blue hues washi tapes that I am in love. She also gave me some free washi tapes and  the cute frog pen. So cute!
Here I got some cute sticky notes and more stickers. Love the perfume stickers, if you look closely the perfume stickers looks like some of the popular designer perfumes. So cute!
So that is all for my haul. Sorry I did not manage to do a video for this. As soon as I got these stuff I immediately use it because I have so many things to schedule and plan. So it would be funny to do a haul when everything is used or opened haha. Maybe, just maybe I will try to do a review on my planner which is the LoveDoki planner and hos I plan and set up the planer to give you some of my own tips in organizing stuff. I will try ok! If you have any questions, let me know in the comment section below and I will answer it as soon as possible. Toodles.
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  1. Your stationary are so pretty! Love the custom designed personal planner you have :)


  2. U can get cheaper accesories from MR DIY shop or daiso

    Save a lot

  3. I got mesmerized by your planner kak sabrina..can't wait to buy mine too :)

  4. so kawaii !! so excited to start my own journal for 2016 :)

  5. It's too cute!!! I need more stuff for my planner!! As if i need it all but still the washis are too cute!!!

  6. Thank you Nzrahun! Hehe happy planing!

  7. Wow so cute! Kena beli jugak ni.. Btw sis can u show how u decorate ur planner with all this cute stuff 😬 hehe

    1. Thank you! Plan to do a video on it, like a updated planner revirew, in shaa Allah soon ya <3